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What guys think of us - the results!!!

Day 1,603, 12:08 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Zeeuwsmeisje

Sorry it took me a while, but unlike 21% of you seem to think (see question #7), I do have a RL and some obligations that come with it. Nevertheless, it’s been again great fun analyzing your (52) and our (19) answers on what the men in eRep think of us, girls. I hope you enjoy!

Let me start with my biggest surprise. How can you form an opinion if you do not know who the women in this game are??? 44% of you know zero to 5 women, another 33% up to ten. Only 10% of you guys know 10 to 20 women, and another 13% know 20 or more...

Interesting to hold this against the women’s answers: 6% - zero to five, 11% - five to ten, 44% - ten to 20, 39% - 20 or more. In conclusion:77% of the male responders know at the most 10 women playing eRep, while 82% of the female responders know 10 or more.

I was genuinely surprised about this outcome. Against (if I may speak for the others) our own experience, we seem to be hardly noticed or you just don’t believe we are indeed women in RL.
It does however shed a different light on the quiz, as it seems fair to assume you based your answers on very, very, very little experience and a lot of prejudice...

Still, let me analyze the answers as if you knew what you are talking about:

Oh dear, we are not as welcome as we were hoping for. On the positive side: you are not as biased as we were afraid of. So you do believe we are not just here looking for attention - and - you take us for brighter and more ambitious than we thought. Nice! (especially knowing that the number of answers 1 and 2 cover almost all guys knowing 10+ women)

Perfect, we are being recognized as the better soldiers - fighting for the cause and more likely to fight coordinated. Then again, ooh, too many of you think we are in it for the shiny medals. Projection, perhaps? Surprising to see you do not underestimate our strategic skills, which we were seriously expecting (39% of us!). Girls, I think we can relax a little here...

But this, guys, come on... this hurts. Mascottes to your party..? If you represent the entire eRep population, one third of the guys does really not take us any serious. Luckily, another 38% see our qualities in functions like ministers or party president, as we were kind of anticipating. Funny detail: you know us better than we thought. Indeed, we are not the following types. Let’s be honest girls: we ourselves seem a little biased here.

It was to be expected. As you, yourselves, probably are the brighter types too, you kinda see right through us. At least the 27% - a little less than expected though - that noticed we are vicious enough to let you think you came up with our ideas. (Don’t spread the word - still 67% are in the dark here...) On other issues, we girls seem once more fighting our own shadow, as only 9% - and not 28% - thinks we are too afraid to attack opponents. We also didn’t see this one coming: 18% takes us for the better debaters (we are). Makes sense, if you are the brighter types...

Honestly, how can you not see that most articles written by women are totally different from the ones written by you? They are! In fact, as I was checking for my first quiz on supposed females, the first thing to do was read their articles. I can only conclude one thing: you just don’t read our papers (thank you for reading this one, though). Still, shame on you, as the guys that do read our articles at least acknowledge that we do not lack technical insight nor vision, are a little on the soft side but equally good news to the moral.

Thank you for noticing we do sparkle up the conversations on the IRC. Furthermore, I guess my analysis should focus on the answers given by the girls. Ladies: of course we force them to stay women-friendly! Would you accept it if they didn’t? Secondly, stop overrating us as a reason to check in everyday, we are obviously not. On the other hand: don’t worry about them thinking we talk too much about non-issues or ask stupid questions. They are, well, men. And as long as they get female attention, all is well.

Considering the fact that not one answer is really standing out, I guess you had a hard time choosing here. Probably, because you imagine that we spend our days in bed, playing eRep, dressed up like Xena Warrior Princess, while shaving our body hair. I can imagine this being a nice image in your head (besides the last part), but I find it a little hard to combine with the 18% believing we are troubled men pretending to be women. But, ok, everyone is entitled to his own fantasies.

10 Q6 Thanks
Thanks again, you all, for entering the quiz! To me this one was actually even more fun than the first quiz... I would love to give you all 10 Q6 tanks, but unfortunately I am not that rich. I randomly picked 5 extra winners though: nr. 17, 35, 49, 52 and 68 in order of time stamp. The lucky ones happen to be:

Piet Valken
Vladimir Czenishkov

Though this whole thing cost me a lot of time, I would like to do it again some time. Prizes may not be involved then, but maybe I am overrating them as a reason for you to enter? If you want more of this, please post a comment to this article and let me know what you would like me to investigate. If not, it’s been great fun, nice to get to know you and I’ll meet you on the battle field!


With special thanks to my incredible sponsor who made it possible for me to hand out some real prizes!


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,603, 12:17

^^ nice quizz 😛 and lol answers ... i need to study my lesson about it now :DDD

Viglius Day 1,603, 12:36

Great article and great quiz again! ^^

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,603, 12:37

You put a smile on my face 🙂

Ex Banned'it
Ex Banned'it Day 1,603, 13:00

\o/ Goeie artikel,/me sit 'n vrou op van Spicjk se gesig he he he

ChiNyax Muad Dib
ChiNyax Muad Dib Day 1,603, 13:02

After all, just to be me :

1) Dangerous and suspicious (I am pretty sure you are just here to disturb me, and this is not fair to disturb a cucumber, and I ain't no psycho !)
2) Different answer => who really cares about military module ?
3) Different answer => equal
4) Different answer => equal
5) Are no different from the ones by male players
6) Different answer => human beings
7) Different answer => like playing the game (which is slighty different from "have no life outside")

Did I win something ?

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,603, 13:06

@Nya Muad Dib: you win the Disturbed Cucumber Award 😁

Olv007 Day 1,603, 13:29

Next article: famous eCouples in eRep? Or about important eWomans in the eWorld?

Mattio Day 1,603, 13:41


kameroool Day 1,603, 13:49

I don't really care we're erep enemies. It's amazing what you do. V+S

Leo Belgicus
Leo Belgicus Day 1,603, 13:55

Keep it up, always fun to read.

Shrubbery Day 1,603, 14:10


kuckuck Day 1,603, 14:45

Nice article, V+S

Princess Emily
Princess Emily Day 1,603, 17:02

great article, and a very interesting quiz ^^

JohannesLautour Day 1,603, 22:59

Great article and very interesting indeed.

How women vote and do they vote differently from men could be an interesting topic as well.
is there something as a female voters public a candidate has to appeal to ?
can this swing a vote ?

ChewChewShoe Day 1,605, 02:35

Conclusion: there are no women on the internet.

ChiNyax Muad Dib
ChiNyax Muad Dib Day 1,605, 08:36

You know what ? I'm happy ^^

Nico Costello
Nico Costello Day 1,610, 06:47

Nice articles 🙂

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