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Day 4,284, 09:18 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Portugal by Loki.

Hello eWorld

Few hours have passed after the last drama that happened with "multi" accounts.
Gonna try to make this article short.

Let's start from the beginning. We all have read tons of articles about which side has more bots, which bots are stronger etc. and we have all seen the same bots used on the battlefield. However(speaking as Macedonian representative), the first time we tried to gather accounts from real users, and put them on one machine, they didn't survive even 24 hours, even though they were all old accounts played from different users till that day.(write ticket to ask admins to confirm).

Today another drama happened, one of our strongest d3 accounts got banned, and the reason is "administrating multiple accounts". Gonna leave the explanation to golden, since he said he will be back in a few days after final decision is been made.
Even though the account was banned for "administrating multiple accounts", the actual reason of it's banning was insults thrown to admins in a ticket after he was temporary banned for reaching 10 forfeit points. After ban expired, he got additional 3 days shout ban. Furious from the decision he sent a ticket asking: " why did I get temporary ban for reaching 10 forfeit points, when there are players with over 30 forfeit points that get only shout bans + insert golden swears 😃 "

In the morning account was permanently banned, with a reason that didn't even suit the case. We all got angry on the chat and started spamming admins with tickets to unban him. Results were: Those who said "it's my account ban me too" got banned as well. Golden was an account used for hits(technically, nobody's account).

Now, since admins forbid multies, I want to openly ask how did so many accounts with over 260k + str atm, end up in Croatia or USA? How did they suddenly decided it's time to move there? Answer: They were all bought. I've received couple offers myself for the account and refused all. Account trade is something that is happening everyday. Even gold is sold out of the game for real money. Admins know all, but they pretend to be blind.

Also, since admins didn't ban the account in the past 2 years, but they banned it when they said "I'm his account", I want to ask admins if they have checked whose accounts are these:

Both sides talk everyday about bots/multies and what do you do? Only ban Macedonian accounts and nothing else. If none of the members of the MUs I posted, or links of the players above, is a multi accounts of other player, we will publish an article tomorrow claiming ourselves as biggest cheatrs in this game and ask to delete our accounts, since all others are loyal to your rules.

It's not proper to ban only one side accounts, which are not even as much influential as the ones mentioned above. If a problem is dodged, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Golden openly spoke about what is happening in the game, is that the reason he is banned? Because he brought the truth in a public article? Or you got offended because he insulted you in a ticket? How many people offend you on daily basis on shouts, and they get nothing else but a forfeit point? We want a clear explanation why was he banned, and we want to know if you are gonna ban all multiple accounts, because for sure if he is one, there are a lot left to be cleaned!