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What Americans Think - The Survey

Day 1,639, 18:09 Published in USA USA by GloveisLove


I am curious as to how you stand in a variety of issues, and it is my hope that you take my survey so we can compare what the American people, not just the ruling government, thinks. It is through these results that I hope we can develop a coherent policy for the future.

I urge all eAmericans to take the survey, results will be posted but your names will be kept anonymous. Please shout and vote this article, I want to generate as much data as possible so we can see what the nation as a whole thinks.

You depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the table cloth.

Again the survey can be found here:




GloveisLove Day 1,639, 18:21

You are the change in the world, remember that.

Tenshibo Day 1,639, 18:25

There's an error in the survey.

You state, "Do you believe the former U.S government made the correct decision in choosing eChile (a Terra member at the time) over eArgentina (ex-Terra member), therefore losing eChile & eBulgaria as an ally to ONE? *"

when they choose eArgentina over eChile.

Tenshibo Day 1,639, 18:26

Also, there's no "no" answer to this question "Do you believe there exists a monopoly of the U.S presidency by an elite few? If so, which party do you think is most responsible for this trend? *:"

Sleeve Day 1,639, 18:28

I like to think that I'm that old pre 1976 quarter thats a bit more shiney than the new ones, with a little bit of actual silver in them. 😉

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,639, 18:29

Glove Is Love

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,639, 18:30

I think Glove is sexy. What did I win???

Kutluk Bilge Kul Isotrk
Kutluk Bilge Kul Isotrk Day 1,639, 18:30

Glove is love

Cerb is war

thats all amk

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,639, 18:32

Same comment as Tenshibo:

Do you believe there exists a monopoly of the U.S presidency by an elite few? If so, which party do you think is most responsible for this trend? *

Lacking another option. Good survey though.

kev2969 Day 1,639, 18:32


GloveisLove Day 1,639, 18:32


Thanks, fixed.

Tenshibo Day 1,639, 18:34

Still a small error. Chile was the Terra member, Argentina was the ex-Terra member that the eUS chose over Terra member Chile.

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,639, 18:34

And I hope you die, fgt.

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,639, 18:35

I agree with both statements. There were a couple of others the wording could be better on, but all in all a good survey....

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,639, 18:35

Speaking of which, can another option be added to the last question. Like 'I don't know you very well but I think you are a good player.'

GloveisLove Day 1,639, 18:39


Lol thanks again, fixed.

Tenshibo Day 1,639, 18:41

Alright cool 🙂

Now, I shall fill out your survey 😃

GloveisLove Day 1,639, 18:41

@Kell Draygo

Option added.

Tenshibo Day 1,639, 18:47

Finished filling it out.

mohe3439 Day 1,639, 18:54

GLove is Love

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,639, 19:08

A lot of these questions are structured for certain responses, and don't give people the ability to actually express an opinion.

For example, in the question of "Are you satisfied with Eden?" you only allow people to choose from three points of view:
1. I am 100% satisfied with Eden
2. I want to separate from Eden
3. I want to kill Eden

Why is there no, "I'm unsatisfied with Eden and feel we need to work on some difficulties" or "I'm neutral" option?

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,639, 19:08

Overall, this survey reeks of you trying to validate your own opinions instead of being an objective source of information, and it is therefore inherently biased.
Argumentum ad Populum (popular appeal or appeal to the majority): The fallacy of attempting to win popular assent to a conclusion by arousing the feeling and enthusiasms of the multitude.

GloveisLove Day 1,639, 19:14

@Civil Anarchy

Thanks for the feedback, I know the survey is not perfect, that is why I am making edits/additions as you provide feedback. I am truly trying to create the most impartial survey I can make. But alas, I too am human. I'm trying my best.

OutSmarter Day 1,639, 19:16

This proud amurican has just completed the survey.

GloveisLove Day 1,639, 19:24


If you kill me, then we can't make cute Dioist babies ;_;

chickensguys Day 1,639, 20:18


Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,639, 20:38

You know I like you Glove, but your agenda is horrible. I disagree with almost all of your aims.

Jason Darby
Jason Darby Day 1,639, 20:47

Glove = love.

Fielding Day 1,639, 21:07

Needed more options for the immigration policy.

playa566 Day 1,639, 21:09

voted did my poll glove is love !!!

Survey was great to me I wasnt going to do it if I had to type a bunch of crap in it hit on the right topics going around atm in the country.

Tiamati Day 1,639, 21:29

Amusing; voted.

Regarding the survey; the citizenry wants substance, not surveys.

Further, if you are serious regarding your candidacy you'll prevent me from agreeing with Kemal by displaying demonstrative change within the eUS flowchart in an upcoming article.

3mBaRg0 Day 1,639, 21:58

Heh... a bit slanted towards the answer(s) you want to see, but all in all an interesting survey Glove.

JyM22 Day 1,639, 22:31

Choosing sides in RL based conflicts is the sure way to get wiped from time to time. Terra must play EDEN and ONE against each other while still maintaining it's integrity by not jumping in on the winning side to grab bonuses. Bonuses can be negotiated and swapped for instead.

GloveisLove Day 1,639, 22:38

I don't know how it is slanted, the questions and responses, I feel, have the effect of producing a wide range of answers.

But I did make it, so maybe I'm just blind to any subtle bias there may be.

And @Kemal Ergenekon

I don't know what you mean, this doesn't show any of my aims, the intent of this survey is to understand what Americans think, in hopes that future leaders will consider the public's opinion when making a decision. If that makes my agenda horrible, then whats agreeable?

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Day 1,639, 22:50

I explained the logical fallacies and problems with the survey, and proposed more neutral/objective questions:,18535.msg303666.html#msg303666

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,639, 23:50

Cerb is back, we are dead now...

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,640, 02:54

Kemal Ergenekon
'You know I like you Glove, but your agenda is horrible. I disagree with almost all of your aims.'

...and I disagree with you being Economic Advisory in a game with no Economy....

Anwnimos Day 1,640, 03:37

i am already anwnimos = anonymous 😛

Pety Day 1,640, 04:41

the question where u ask the chile-arg sit...
bulgaria was lost coz teden choosed turkey and chile was lost coz teden choosed arg....2 diff cases

Jemkira Day 1,640, 04:42

people tend to see their own views not others so a survey made by one person is'nt going to have the options to satisfy everyone I think glove is doing a great job adding n editing it though also survey's are limited it can't get into the detail that some of the questions require

PipiliBalik Day 1,640, 05:05

bu oç de inci amerigaya gelince direk ortalara çıkıyo aday oluyo amua goyim. Beyin bedava adamda

Aersidius Day 1,640, 05:10

I don't know you very well but I think you are a good fgt.

Reggle Day 1,640, 06:19

U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.

Bid0narme Day 1,640, 06:28

Those questions are not objective. And makes me think you are supporter of one. Just sayin..

3TAGZ Day 1,640, 06:38

Hello americans i would like to join your country and act as a active member of your country serving it and doing tasks on a operational level i would like you americans to consider my citizenship so that i can join and add to your highly looked succes

Pety Day 1,640, 06:57

3tagz start a character in USA, its much less time

dimthreesum19 Day 1,640, 07:02

This is a good start to realigning Terra with ONE Glob

Garmr Day 1,640, 07:12

So much suggestive and untrue shit. We didn't lose Bulgaria over the Chile issue, nor are we slaves of EDEN. Foreign policy question was also kinda shitty, it's so much broader than that.

eGervassen Day 1,640, 07:12



Genius Dude
Genius Dude Day 1,640, 07:34

this survey looks like some proONE member wrote

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