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What a Weekend, Presidential Comments

Day 951, 16:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
Wow what a weekend. Will have to update a little bit of the Wiki history when this is all over. Like every great War campaign we had it all so far. There were Heroes, Great Military Strategist, Secret code words, Villains, Profiteers, Trolls, Great allighies, and angry citizens. When this whole thing started Nail H said to me that I would go down as the greatest CP in Ireland or the worst depending on the outcome. I think if you talk to handful citizens you will get both responses. But then all the fun times in our pasts were always like that, I am sure Edana and Nith can attest to that.

The original plan did not involve Ireland getting invaded. There were several things that went wrong that contributed to it. First the Canadian could not retreat when we attacked because of a bug. Next the admin fixed the bug when we were not expecting them too, and third Woldy pushed the attack button literally 3 seconds before me. So we were faced with being attacked every where. We called a meeting Saturday afternoon with three hours notice to decide what to do. We had to get Dade, the Canadian CP to log in from work along with his team, After several text messages the American team got Choc to log in on short notice, despite suffering from a bad hang over. Ariakis, the Polish CP is a gentleman, and on line what seems like 24 hours a day. He brought his top leaders a long with several other country presidents and a plan was hatched to get us where we are now. All countries had to give up a little but the end result was worth it for all those involved.

Not going to explain in detail every move we have made and why, IB did a great job of that already. Can not explain what is next, but can tell you that there is more fun to come. So what am I going to write about? I want to say some thank you and give credit were credit is due. Still a lot more work to be done but it is time to acknowledge a few things publicly. This is a tough thing to do because so many people did a great job this weekend I could miss some. So before I start, if I miss you do not get offended.

All our ministers did and continue to do a great job. Even with our country being invaded and attacking the normal business of government is still going on so they get the first thanks. Some of there jobs might not be in spot light right now but are just as important. I had to skip out of the cabnet meeting last night early but the reports I got back on the Economy, Information, immigration, Healath, baby boom project, new citizens and community are all great.

First, a big thank you has to go to the whole IDF. To think where we were as a nation a couple of months ago militarily to now is amazing. Orders went out and every one followed them. Weapons were manufactured and deliver to the soldiers. No confusion, No distribution problems, every one knew there job and did it. Credit for this goes to a lot of people. Great job, the nation is proud of you. Just as a measure of how good we did the total damage done by Irish citizens in the 6 battles yesterday was 338K compared to the uk which was 264K. Think that says it all. O7.
The FA team did a great job. JSK organized support, evacuation efforts, and worked hard at anything I asked him to do, which was a lot. He is also the only person who knows how to contact me in RL and got a hold of me a couple of times. Others wrote articles and contacted our friends. But I got to give a big thank you to Irish Boy. Quick story first,, I am personally a drafts man (checkers for the Americans) in real life and not that good of one. My son is under 10 South Monahan community games champ, and regularly beats me. That shows my strategic skill. I think Irish Boy on the other hand plays a little Chess. But maybe not just a little, he must be a grand master up there with the Polish and Americas. I think that describes it pretty good. He worked his but off this weekend and gave a huge amount of his personal and family time to this game. The country owes him a big thank you and I owe him a personal thank you for a great job this weekend.

Saturday I started on line at 7:30 in the morning and ended the day at 1:30 at night. Sounds like a lot. right. CPL was on line organizing and directing the military what seemed like 22 hours a day. At one point I asked him if he slept and he said he just took a quick nap. With out the work and organization he and his team put in this weekend we could all have the union jack on our citizen page. He is also the type of person that would get annoyed at me praising him and would not take credit. Great job.

Thank you to all the citizens who tanked this weekend. I think the battle heroes in most of the battles were Irish, along with the top fighters. When other small countries get invaded, some times when you look at damage totals it is big countries doing all the fighting to protect them. This weekend WE defended Ireland. Most of the gold that was spent tanking was from private citizens. A couple of citizens who tanked had reservations about our plan but still did there duty and beyond. Thank you.

Every great story needs a hero and we had one. We need to start a RW in the NW yesterday. It need to happen in a split second. If we did not start it and the Polish attack the NW the UK could have opened up another front. I could not tell any one we were retreating from the NW. So I contacted Grainne and said I need her to be on line and do something for me with out asking questions. She saluted and did her duty. Our alliges wanted one of there citizens to start the resistance war but I insisted it had to be an Irish citizen. She got stuck behind enemy lines because of it. She also tanked like mad and was doing more damage by her self then all the brits fighting from home for the first 8 hours or so. I can not think of a more respected and honourable soldier then her. She represents the best in our soldiers and had a lot of fun doing it. I praised her afterwards and she told me it has been a long time since she got any praise in public in Ireland. Finding that hard to believe, Maybe we take her for grant, so I would like to ask citizens to Show her some love in the comments below.

Two more thanks left. Thank you to all the other countries that came to our support. We heard from military organizations from around the world. Our newest MPP Peru did a ton of damage. The Croatians seem to always have our back and we owe a great deal to them. We will not forget.
Last thanks goes to the Irish citizens. At the end of the battle when we need everyone on board I was told there were 84 people on line in Ireland which seemed to be a record for us. There were record amounts on the IRC. Private business and party business kept prices low in the market. Everyone made this weekend a success, thank you.

That article sounds like a wedding speech with all the thank you’s. Almost forgot, one last thank you and this is not sarcastic. Thank you Mr Woldy for attacking us, you gave us the most excitement we have had in a long time. One day we will have to return the favour. Will put out article tommorow on todays events.


Jared Oss
Jared Oss Day 951, 16:10

Fair play to all who planned this weekends operations.
Big up to Grainne.

CelticTiger211 Day 951, 16:11

Never forget Day 949!
Greatest moment in eIrish history.

Nice Update Boss, you keep doing what you're doing and don't stress so much at updates to the public, we know you're working hard.

moomoohead Day 951, 16:13

its my job to update public, and have been slipping a bit on that. will try to do daily over next couple of days.

Tommy Aquinas
Tommy Aquinas Day 951, 16:13

Round of applause 🙂

l1l1Rayl1l1 Day 951, 16:13

"the greatest CP in Ireland or the worst depending on the outcome"


Chocolate McSkittles
Chocolate McSkittles Day 951, 16:24

>After several text messages the American team got Choc to log in on short notice, despite suffering from a bad hang over.

Took a couple phone calls too 😃

Its been a blast working with you guys, and an exciting campaign. Lets follow through and make this bridge a success!

castaneda Day 951, 16:30

Fair play

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 951, 16:40

I had several pants changes due to the excitement! 😛
Great job moo!

And btw, we take Grainne for granted? I didn't think so. I thought everyone loved her. I certainly do. Fair play to you Grainne!

orangejuicemmm Day 951, 16:43

Lets not give up now and keep fighting. Good man moo.

oohaah10highfields Day 951, 16:44

1 question y is poland attacking cork kerry?

Dylanb9216 Day 951, 16:55


Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 951, 17:16

Good job.

Seriously i'm not one to sing your praises as i think many in IFP are eejits (excluding snake 😛) but this wasn't the clusterfeck i expected. Shoutout to Cpl and Caladbolg who were doing a hell of a lot of work in the military room.

I hope my prophecy comes true for your sake 😛

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 951, 18:30

"i think many in IFP are eejits"
Woah! That's a sweeping statement! :0

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 951, 18:59


Lliam Costello
Lliam Costello Day 951, 19:27

Great update Moo and even greater to see out nation fighting as one!!! We showed the world what we already knew we can do!!!

o7 to Grainne !!!

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 951, 20:16

Battle Angel Grainne strikes with the force of 10000 newbs... :3

Heindrich Gruber
Heindrich Gruber Day 951, 21:09

A brilliant article, friend. I am proud to be a member of this eCountry in its finest hour.

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 951, 21:15

It's not easy doing the unpopular thing is it. I love this, Moo. I truly do. I'm proud that you decided to DARE GREATLY along with the rest of the Irish people.

We will never be amongst those cold and timid souls who never know victory or defeat. We got into the arena and we are GLORIOUS!

Beautiful. I tip my helmet to you. o7

Sizzla Day 951, 22:16

Great article! v + s

Cpl Useless
Cpl Useless Day 951, 23:09

This CPL lad sounds totally useless.

supermaghe Day 952, 00:58

It looks like I've chosen the right moment to move in Ireland. Great job everybody!

edfluff Day 952, 01:27

Wow and a BIG thank you to all who helped me have fun

Bren Reggy
Bren Reggy Day 952, 02:15

i'll throw in my "good job everybody!" and raise a "big thank you" to everyone invloved

Sword Stalker
Sword Stalker Day 952, 02:25

We lovez you Grainne Seoige

Mirek Corporation
Mirek Corporation Day 952, 04:02


nice article moo 😃

ya know , u r getting impeached in beta ? 😛

King Connell
King Connell Day 952, 04:07

"that Irishbhoy would go down as the greatest citizen in Ireland of all time or the worst depending on the outcome."

Fixed 😛

mirek12345 Day 952, 04:53

oh yea,and great job moo 😉

addman619 Day 952, 06:56

o7 😃

gonzo914 Day 952, 07:13

You nimrods have the foresight of a duck. How could you not foresee an invasion the minute those MPPs were cancelled?

This is a disaster for businesses. We've lost a sizeable portion of our domestic market and stand to lose more if Cork and the Southeast fall. And practically every export license worth having is now useless due to trade embargos.

And what did we get for this?

New-goddam-Jersey and its medium iron production. We couldn't even hold on to Connecticutt and its medium wood.

What is your plan to handle the layoffs that will start happening very soon if the domestic and export markets are not restored? Inventories are already starting to build up in warehouses, and if goods cannot be moved, employers have no choice but to reduce staff to cut back production.


gonzo914 Day 952, 08:41

For someone who is supposed to be our friend, Poland is trying awfully goddam hard to take Cork. That's half of our population, and it will be gone within the hour, probably even before I finish typing this. Say goodbye to 50 percent of the domestic market for Irish businesses.

Our leaders, of course, sold out Cork by sending the IDF to Connecticut.

You could not have done a better job of desroying Irish businesses if you tried. Or perhaps you were trying, and the destruction of the Irish economy was your goal.

T1nk3r Day 952, 13:13

"You nimrods have the foresight of a duck." Whoa whoa, hold up! Chill Susan. We ain't finished yet! Still got battles to win, regions to gain, British to bugger over. Besides..

Moo ain't finished. Cpl.Useless is still an ironic name. And Grainne for next CP!

Gotta stop the hating gonzo. Pull together with the rest of the group. Enter the house of fun. Leave the political views at the door. Join the sing song and drink by the campfire. Complain about the burning house after the song.

P.S. Good job lads and ladies. Iceland next.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 952, 15:31

o7, and thank you, though I gotta say I just did my job, like the rest of us.
(Never gonna say no to e-luuurrrrve though 😉
Oh Sennan, you'll be a big-chair-suit before I will, baby, not in my nature at all. Not when we've such good ones 🙂
Campfires, blood, guts, mud n'boots, suits me just fine 😃

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 952, 15:39

Oh, (excuse me, still a wee bit battle-crazed after just walking in the RL door, for t-8, the last few minutes of SE 😃 )
Let me say some thanks too?
(/cue Oscar speech, leave now if easily bored 😛)
Moo, IB, Cpl, Pasch, Donut, and Santa-Claus-Cal, thanks for all the backroom supports. You all know how much you helped, from jobs to gifting, provisioning, and updates. Without your cool heads I'd have not been able to pull it off at all.
And to all Soldiers who fought for Donegal. Beautiful x.
Big up to General Exception and Jared for keeping their cool too.
And a toast to the promise of our hospital return, knowing that Nog will prbly lynch them if it doesnt re-appear 😉
a big MEH to eRep admin, as another bug, OFC.
No RW medal or map, and no response to the ticket. I guess they have SOOOOO many, I'm peanuts in the bigger scheme of things.
A virtue.
And me with a distinct lack of virtues 😛

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 952, 15:42

and Dylan too 🙂

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 952, 17:02

If you don't get that RW medal soon, you know you can contact me and it will be sorted pretty quickly! 😉

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 952, 18:07

It has been fun.


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 952, 18:19


Revelations206 Day 952, 18:44

Go eIrelaaaaand !

master chief unsc
master chief unsc Day 953, 05:25

im stuck in poland because ian told me to deploy there 🙁

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