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What a close Election for President !

Day 1,905, 02:34 Published in Australia Australia by Martin von Anhalt

First of all this was such a close election you normaly don't see that often.
The congratulation goes to Tim Holtz and also I must say Mr Crumpets did a very good job in this election too but we can only have one winner.

And now we have to look forward and work all together to get Australia back with some power, allies and land.
And I hope Tim Holtz will do a good job.

Thanks, everyone have a nice day.



Tim_Holtz Day 1,905, 03:11

i hope i do a good job too : D not for myself but for the country

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,905, 03:57

Its too close to call, Tim isnt PM yet, Wait for all the multis to be deleted.

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Day 1,905, 04:42

He was a few votes above and it would be sad if we had so much multis...

Tim_Holtz Day 1,905, 07:20

dont worry Martin, James is just a child ; )

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Day 1,905, 07:59

now its offical...
congrats 🙂

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