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West Mids Congress

Day 1,341, 10:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

Yep, I'm running for congress again in West Midlands (my RL home region).

Why am I doing this?

Because I feel that we need more congressmen who are prepared to make decisions and make good contributions to discussions. I'm not afraid of disagreeing with other congressmen or the government. Too many congressmen just go with the flow or avoid debate altogether. I will never abstain on an important vote or simply follow someone else’s vote without considering the implications.

If I feel we're going about something the wrong way, I will raise the issue and start a debate. Here's an example.

I'm extremely active in the game, on the forums and on IRC.

Experience, while useful, can be misleading. Some people have been elected numerous times and just kept their heads down and done very little. Others have done lots (including some relatively inexperienced players). For those who are interested in that type of thing though, here's the short version of some of my past experience:

TUP Party President (x3)
Minister of Home Affairs
Congressman (x15)
Home Affairs Advisor
Congress Advisor

I think it's only fair that I make my position clear on alliances. If you're going to vote for someone, you should really know where they stand on the issue, as it can have very big implications on the future of our nation. If you haven't guessed from the earlier link, I'm not a fan of Terra. EDEN are even more disgusting. And whilst it's very obvious that ONE have contributed massively in assisting us in our battles and the nations involved have individually proven what great allies they are, I still believe that the best position for eUK is to stay as we are.

Not being a part of any alliance block has given eUK the opportunity and flexibility to control our own foreign policy. It has enabled us to ally with whoever we see fit and to direct our damage where we see fit. Of course, we still need to do our bit to help our allies. We are a small country and cannot compete with the likes of Poland or USA but we have shown that we punch above our weight. Our special forces unit, of which I am happy to be a member, is one of the higher ranking military units in the world.

What about Ireland? How about no Ireland?! This last couple of months has been fun for UK, has made us stronger and has been the ultimate payback to Ireland for their betrayals. I fully support the full occupation of Ireland for all eternity. Their delicious fruits are very helpful to our production figures and the Irish can always live on left over potatoes.

So, thanks for reading and if you think I'm worth a vote, please vote for me on 25th in West Midlands. I'm running under TUP as always.

Dan Moir



Invalidation Day 1,341, 12:05

Vote Invalidation in East of England!

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