Welcome to eUSA in Erepublik! A Starter Guide

Day 4,470, 18:47 Published in USA USA by Jacob Ferguson

Welcome to our eNation! We're happy to have you here, and want you to be able to make the best of your time with us, so here are a few tips for each element of the game that you may like to know to optimize your time and energy.


One of the early choices you can make is where you'd like to take up residence. Many states in the eUSA are a part of Training Wars (which we'll discuss later), so they're constantly changing hands with our allies. You'll want to avoid these states, as they'll make it difficult/impossible to work in your companies if they're located there while occupied or under siege.

If you look at the world map, under the community heading, you can click on a state, and then look at its info. If you then click the name of the state in that info section, you can see the bonuses to production that the given state has. Early on in the game, spending CC on weapon raw material companies (ideally Q4, which costs $8500) is a good way to invest in your future, so picking a state that has bonuses to saltpeter production would be a decent starting place.

Once you've selected your residence city/state, the first priority should be saving for a house. Once you can afford the Q1 house, buy it and activate it in your residence city to start accruing overtime tickets. After 24 hours have passed, you'll be able to work an extra time per day for your salaried positions, which we'll discuss next.


If you go to the companies tab, under "My places", you'll see where you're currently working. If you don't have a job, head over to the "Market" tab and go to the Job market and select a job. Consider your alliance when selecting the highest paying job; any work you do for an enemy nation could contribute to their growth and power, so try to work for a company that is located in an Allied nation (check the Alliance section under community to see if the country is in the current alliance). Otherwise, pick the highest salaried position and make sure to work every day (and every time you've racked up 24 overtime points from your house).

When you've got enough money, go ahead and spend some cash and start buying Saltpeter mines (Q4 weapons raw material factories) and sell those materials on the market. These materials are used to make weapons that tanks use to dominate our opponents. Don't bother making weapon factories, as the most useful weapons are Q7 and it is expensive to make a Q7 factory, so we'll just be support for the existing corporations for now.

Once you've created your company, you'll need to incorporate a holding company in a state (ideally your home state). After that's done, place your WRM factory under the holding company, and work as a manager to create your raw materials. Do this daily to benefit the most from it.

Training Grounds

These days, strength is only particularly useful for earning super soldier medals for new players. Most current players recommend focusing mainly on Air Combat, and this is unaffected by strength. To optimize your gold growth, do not train using the training grounds that cost gold until you've upgraded the first and second ones to Q4.

Upgrades cost gold, and occasionally these upgrades will go on sale. Save your gold for these upgrades and focus on getting the free one upgraded to Q4 first and then the cheapest gold one to Q4. Do not upgrade any of the other ones; these will not optimize your gold growth in the long run.

Air Combat

Given that players that have been playing consistently for over a decade are likely to overpower any ground efforts you may be able to make, veterans recommend focusing energy on Air Combat to rank up as quickly as possible. The quicker you get through the air ranks, the sooner your efforts will start to have a good impact on wars. Lower ranks only get 1% of their damage applied to the war influence. It starts ramping up at rank 20 (Aviator) and maxes out at 100% at rank 39 (Chief Master Sergeant😉.

Air Combat is recommended because even long time players have a capped influence on combat since there is no way to level Perception yet.

The only exception that should be made in terms of ground combat being avoided is when there is an Epic ground battle that is for your division. Check Discord or National Feeds for callouts of epics.

Resistance Wars and Revolts

Each day on the national feed, there is a list of authorized revolutions that will be scheduled for a specific time. If you're level 25, and present in the area that's called out at the specific time called, and you have 1000 CC, you can contribute to support a revolt. These revolts are guaranteed by an agreement made with allied nations to trade territory to earn gold and defend the countries through Training Wars (which we'll discuss next). The supported revolts are often supported and started fairly quickly, so try to be present right at the precise time it starts.

The benefit of starting these wars is that when they are completed, you'll receive a Resistance Hero medal (which comes with a 5 gold reward).

If you can't manage to start these wars, participating in fighting for the revolting country can go toward Freedom Fighter medals (though these get harder to earn later, because they require a certain number of kills per RW to earn credit toward it, and these become harder to achieve through only air combat).

Training Wars

A semi-controversial topic, Training Wars are set up between the country and a subset of allied countries to achieve a set of benefits for each country.

- Defense of Border States by keeping them tied up in combat
- Generation of gold through medals from combat for high achievers and resistance war supporters
- Giving an outlet for daily orders for Military Units (though if they're set by the default country settings, the Daily Order may be DIRECTLY CONTRADICTORY to the efforts, so make sure to check the country feeds or military unit feeds for instructions, and wait for daily orders to be updated if they contradict)
- Building Cooperation and Camaraderie with Allies
- Giving Allies land on the continent to allow access to resources they may not have and to give them access to our capital to initiate diplomacy

These training wars call out lands that allies are to take and lands we're to revolt to take back. We also have agreements to take lands that other countries may have and then cede them back. The country feed will mention where to focus and who to fight for (occasionally you'll have to fight for an "enemy" country in direct wars if they're losing their attempts to take back the states they're supposed to take).


There is an interesting correlation between monetary efficiency and energy regeneration when it comes to food. Normally, Q2 food is the most cost-effective to use to regenerate energy, but if you find yourself going through a lot of food, and don't have the storage space for it, higher ranks of food can be adequate. The higher quality food you go, the less cost-effective it gets, after rank 2, generally.

Your energy cap regeneration will be higher when at home, so after combat, when your energy is depleted, it is likely worth flying home to regain your energy. When your regen pool will cap your energy, go ahead and refill your energy. You can then wait for your regen to refill, or you can go ahead and use your energy and wait for the cap to refill. This may be appropriate if you're waiting for a particular conflict later in the day. If you are capped on energy, you can still regenerate the ABILITY to regenerate more energy, up to your maximum energy pool. This is like having two energy pools if you refill your energy once it's capped.


The world of politics in Erepublik is an entirely different game within a game. Most politicking happens off the site on the dedicated country and party forums. The political system generally votes to declare wars, donate money, initiate air strikes, raise and lower taxes, and other governmental jobs, as well as negotiate deals with allies and handle alliance relations.

There are five top parties that are responsible for fielding congressional candidates, and this is based on party membership. These parties may decide to sponsor the congressional runs for other parties members, but that is left to their discretion.

Each party has elections to pick a party president who is responsible for assigning congressional candidate rankings, appointing party officers, and the general operation of a political party.

The election process for Party President and Country president are direct elections, whereas the Congressional Elections are based on the vote distribution between the top 5 parties and the candidates they put forward. Check the elections module to see the upcoming election date and previous elections results.


Newspapers in Erepublik aren't just for news. New players may be inclined to discuss their favorite music, real political topics, in-game events, or even write poetry! There's no limit (outside of discussions against Terms of Use, which likely exclude hate speech and the like).

Newspapers are often used for political campaigns, military discussions, and social interactions between players who love this game. Make your paper your own and try to make it readable, so we can consume and interact with you effectively!

Missions in the game may request for you to write an article to get 25 comments. Make it worth it for us! Write about something that interests you, and then ask for the comments, but please don't just solicit the comments. It's a waste of time and space in our news feed.

The game also has a medal for obtaining 1000 subscribers to your newspaper. This is a LONG and tedious climb given the number of active players anymore, so if you're shooting for this, you'll need to be extra active and engaging with your audience, and don't get discouraged!

Military Units

Military units give you direction in what targets to engage with, and a reward for completing a daily order of attacking a set target and obtaining 25 kills. Check the source of the order though, to ensure that it goes with unit or country priority and doesn't violate an active Training War.

Military units are also a valuable form of social networking with fellow players!

If you see an error or omission in this article, please leave a comment below. I will go back and edit this article as a source of starting knowledge for new players and will try to keep it up to date as priorities change for new players.

Your feedback is always valued as is support, through comments, endorsements and subscriptions. Thank you for your time and attention.