Welcome Mexico

Day 835, 11:34 Published in Mexico France by Entente Cordiale

I appologise i havent wrote earlier i wasnt here and ...
But i would like now to congratulate you on entering in Entente and showing Neutral alliance is possible in this eWorld.
We feel honoured that you showed us trust and respect and we will work on it, to dont betray your trust you have given us by entering in our Alliance.
It's similar to ALA but we will try to work on all levels such as ecconomy, millitary, social...to become better friends within the Alliance.
Also i would like to ask people of Mexico to give one representative by sending message to this org to represent you, he will be warmly welcomed in our team 🙂
I hope many neutral countries will join us to promote our ideals like you have done now.

Thank you Amigos

Hail Entente

Hail Mexico

Join us also on our chat on rizon #entente.public

Director of Communications and informations in Entente