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Weekly Update [13/10/2012]

Day 1,789, 07:57 Published in Belgium Belgium by

Hello Belgium!

Domestic News:

Not much domestic news, only one MPP has been signed which is with the Republic of Republic of Moldova and our CP has published a quick update 5 days after being elected and another article on the "Get to know your neighbour" series should be published soon, plus more updates on how CoT is getting on.

International News:

Article from EDEN:

CTRL security Council:

Croatia having to deal with Economic problems:

Macedonia forms a new alliance:

First update from the British CP:

First update from the German CP:

Financial situation in Germany:

Russia’s MoFA statement about Turkey NEing Iran:

Russia renews the Bohus’ lease:

Slovenian MoFA update:

German MoFA update:

UK cabinet:

Hungarian Cabinet:

If you have any Foreign Affairs articles you wish to share, please post here!

Take care!

eBelgian MoFA

Lily Jayne Summers.
eBelgian MoFA

MoFA Irc Channel: #eBe_MoFA



tommot Day 1,789, 08:07

Voted and shared(facebook)

it's cool 🙂

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,789, 08:08

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

BrunoCND Day 1,789, 08:13

Hail Belgium
Hail CoT

Fail to those who always critisize

Viridi Day 1,789, 13:44

And Fhae wonders why we take away his FoC mask.

Niemand Day 1,790, 08:47

Voted from UK!

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