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Weekly Power Rankings S2 #5; Cake

Day 2,147, 22:06 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Welcome to Season 2 of Weekly Power Rankings!

Anyway, this, for all you newer players, is the Weekly Power Rankings! It's where I dissect the week in review, and show who pulled off great feats and deals, and which countries didn't do as well as they'd hope to. It's not just a warfare analysis, though that's a big part of it, but there's also noting treaties and long-term security, not just short-term happiness.

Various house rules: don't be a prick. I won't judge your opinion if you don't force it upon me, so I ask the same of you.

And in regards to that green country north of Greece, when they do well it's Macedonia, and when they suck it's FYROM. Got it? 😛

Without further ado, let's get started! 😃

Updated as of 11:24 New World Time, Day 2,146


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1 (NR) Netherlands

TL;DR: They exist, successful airstrike into Canada

Totally fair? Perhaps not. But hell, this is well deserved, despite the little fanfare that went with it. Although winning just two battles, these most likely saved the country from losing its remaining population. An extremely struggling nation that has been permanently wiped to the fullest extent of the word because of its oil and harsh relations with Poland, the Dutch have been wiped for around 6 months. However, Netherlands and Poland negotiated a peace treaty for the Dutch to get congress. Though ultimately Poland blocked the resistance war, it was sign of things to come, as Netherlands benefited from a group RW against Poland, finally liberating the country. Now that Netherlands has AS'd into friendly Canadian territory, it may be that the Dutch are free at last.

2 (NR) Australia

TL;DR: Successful RWs to defeat FYROM

Having been at war for the last few months, Australia hasn't had much success. With Indonesia threatening from the west, having FYROM fly in certainly didn't help their cause. With momentum swaying to CoT's side, Australia seemed a bit stuck in limbo. However, with TWO finally able to provide damage, and Argentina's initiative, Australia got the distraction and support needed to take down their temporary occupier. Of course, Indonesia's still nearby, threatening to avenge their fallen ally, but Australia needed the first step. With a now opened front against Indonesia, perhaps Australia can finally be liberated.

3 (4) Poland

TL;DR: Near wipe of USA, support in Mexican defeat

It certainly hasn't been easy, but Poland's made it appear so. With fronts against both USA and Mexico, Poland had a bit of difficulty taking down the two sides, and rightfully so, being CoT's main focus for the last month or so. However, with well-timed attacks and organized harassment in Mexico's chunk of USA, Poland quickly overwhelmed the two, even supporting Venezuela in fighting the Mexicans down in Mexico prime. Although Hungary seems to have learned its lesson and is thus staying in Asia and avoiding attacking Alaska, it appears that Poland is more than enough to take down the USA. Poland looks to finish off the Americans and Mexicans this week.

4 (NR) Venezuela

TL;DR: Near Mexican wipe

Alongside Spain and Poland in the invasion of North America was Venezuela. Despite not seeing much action since a peace deal with Colombia, the rust has worn off fast, as the Venezuelans stormed into the Yucatan and taken over large chunks of Mexico. Of course, Venezuela is only a supporting role in all of this, but it certainly boosts their economy with a vast array of resources not readily available normally. Although Venezuela is not a particularly powerful nation, it has certainly used its allies and damage wisely, resulting in a much more fruitful nation that previously possible. A complete victory is within sight, and that's just fine for the Venezuelans.

5 (NR) New Zealand

TL;DR: Liberation from FYROM with Argentinian support

New Zealand can't take all the credit for their liberation, since Argentina provided direct support (then again, neither can Australia). But the kiwis are certainly happy now that their pal came by with the assist. To both FYROM's and Peru's chagrin, the Argentinians came to the rescue, liberating the kiwis and providing security for the foreseeable future. Notably, Argentina is absent from this week since though they were the main leader, they gained little from the attack and accomplished nothing out of the ordinary for a nation of their size. For a small country like New Zealand, though, the support and gratuitous help gives them a place up here.

Honorable Mentions: Serbia, Spain


Dishonorable Mentions: France, Italy

B5 (NR) Ukraine

TL;DR: Collapse of Ukraine-Hungary relations, wipe

There's a disconnect here. Ukraine's decision back at the downfall of EDEN to go pro-TWO was a curious one, considering that a TWO nation, Hungary, had occupied them for months. Citing irreconcilable relations with Russia, the Ukrainians attempted to settle in the group despite a vocal pro-CoT portion of the population. The biggest issue with the Ukrainians was the fact that in order for Hungary to reach Russia and build the dream empire, it would involve selling a large part of the nation over to Hungary. May believed that it was better than perpetually warring with such a strong nation, but it seems that the dream couldn't last. The breakdown between the two nations has resulted in Ukraine being wiped, and with only some former EDEN pals on their side, it's difficult to see a quick escape.


TL;DR: Continued defeat against Poland

Their greatest attempts have been in vain. Despite continuing to receive full priority in the battles, America hasn't been able to muster the counterattack they're desperately searching for. With ally Mexico to overwhelmed to help out either, the Americans found themselves in a cyclical spiral downward, given back regions from Mexico only to lose them to Poland. The Americans are on the edge of glory of being fully wiped off the face of the map, unheard of for years but becoming all too familiar as TWO grows ever stronger. As the resistance crumbles, it may be time for America to shift to focusing on the revolts.

B3 (NR) Mexico

TL;DR: Near wipe by Venezuela

Speaking of North America, Mexico is having quite a tough time as well, being utterly trashed by TWO forces supporting Venezuela. Mexico has lost its hold on central USA, where it had been taking care of regions for ally America while both get pummeled. The Mexicans are almost wiped, and nothing shows any indication otherwise as to their fate. As all their allies have been either defeated or forced into neutrality, the Mexicans will have to pull off a miracle to get back on their feet after the collapse they're experiencing. It'll be interesting if CoT will keep their focus on this region after the wipes.

B2 (NR) Peru

TL;DR: Wipe by Argentina

Or will they aim for Peru? CoT has been overrun on all fronts, and Peru is no exception. The access to Oceania has become more of a curse than blessing for the Peruvians, as Argentina quickly swept in to conquer the nation with little effort simply for a base to invade FYROM. As Argentina borders Peru directly without any special means now that they occupy Brazil, and Chile neutralized, it's hard to see anyone coming to save the Peruvians. Until Brazil can recover from their wipe, Peru will not succeed either, and with Brazil's strained relations with CoT, that may hinder Peru the most. Peru: yet another casualty of TWO's dominance.


TL;DR: Eviction and wipe from Oceania

As Romania demonstrated by invading Bulgaria, TWO has developed a creed: there's nowhere to run...nowhere to go...they'll chase. FYROM succeeded for awhile, with friendly Indonesia giving support in the landing and defeating both New Zealand and Australia. All was good. But of course, nothing ever lasts, and with Argentina invading and a massive resistance war campaign, even the mighty FYROM was defeated, kicking them out of Oceania and wiping them once again. Still occupied in parts by Greece and Serbia, it'll be extremely difficult for the Macedonians to come back from their defeat. Now, the trio of staple CoT powers has been either defeated or nullified.


Welcome back: Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand

Sayonara: FYROM, India, Italy, Peru, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine

Wiped countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria*, Finland, FYROM, India, Italy, Malaysia, North Korea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

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Until next time, take care!

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Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,148, 01:10


Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 01:37

thanks for the update man

JonathonEdwards Day 2,148, 02:24

Wow. It seems CoT is in dire straits. Except for some possible good will, there is nothing really to stop eCanada from being wiped either.

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 05:57

there is nothing productive wiping it either 😃

Wilfie Day 2,148, 08:34

incorrect, Sal

August was a very nice month in eCanada. September turned a bit sour once eCanada was unwiped.

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 10:56


Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,148, 10:29

Yay Canada!

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 2,148, 11:27

meanwhile China sits in Asia, not giving a shit about either side.

Kuzynn Day 2,149, 14:07


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