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Weekly Power Rankings #31; This is the End!

Day 1,937, 23:58 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Welcome to another edition of the eRepublik Power Rankings! Here are the rules; the efforts of the top five countries this week will be recognized, and the five worst performances will be mocked, no exceptions! Countries are recognized for many things, including successful defending, securing strong alliances, and, of course, conquering rivals. Without further ado, let's begin!

Updated as of 23:55 New World Time, Day 1,936


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1 (4) Turkey

The calm before a storm, there were few major region gains this week. The South American fronts have fallen essentially to a standstill, and the Polish-Russian war has only just begun. That being said, however, there were still interesting wars to be had, and Turkey was the main benefactor here. Tagteaming with Romania against Bulgaria, the Turks regained solid chunks of home territories and made an advance into the southern regions of the CoT leader. The regions have been falling relatively unopposed for the Turks, but with a relatively slow week before the action-packed excitement of next week, that's all it really takes to get a top 5 here.

Week rating: 9.3/10

2 (NR) Romania

While Turkey cleaned up its regions near the Dardanelles (look it up you backwater uncultured buffoons), Romania cleaned up the scraps, taking over chunks of northern Bulgaria while the Bulgarians were off camping elsewhere. Alongside their Turkish friends, Romania has helped reduce Bulgaria to one home and foreign region each, taking two of the original six regions under their regime. Although Romania has not seen much resistance, as stated before, they'll happily essentially wipe Bulgaria from the map, or at least play a part in it. However, with Ukraine being liberated from its Polish regions, it may be time to bury the hatchet and face Hungary together. Maybe? Please?

Week rating: 9.1/10

3 (NR) France

The wonderful benefit of Poland being involved in a costly war? All their prior victims get a faint chance at liberation and glory. And what better victim than France? After a slew of tried and failed treaties, France's latest agreement gave them three regions and an NAP with UK as well as the Polish. When the Polish struck Russia, however, France was quick to start their usual shenanigans, freeing Lower Normandy from Polish oppression. However, due to Poland's business in Russia, UK's training war with Ireland, and Belgium generally not attacking at all, France is free to send whatever revolts it wants. Before they can defend their regions, they must conquer them, after all.

Week rating: 8.8/10

4 (NR) Japan

Well, things got a lot harder for the Taiwanese, huh? Without a single act of war, Japan has completed their half of the infamous Gangnam Style plan to wipe out Taiwan. Through heavily funded RWs, Japan has finished liberating all of their formerly occupied regions, leaving Taiwan clinging onto only their few South Korean regions. Unlike the South Koreans, who have been struggling to win back their regions with blood, sweat, and tears, Japan has had a relative cakewalk, winning their regions back with little commotion. Japan can now sit in peace, fully free for the first time in forever.

Week rating: 8.4/10

5 (B3) Iran

While all the drama is going down in Russia, the now-forgotten occupied Iranians can get to work. With FYROM also busy partying with the Greeks, Iran can sneak away their provinces from Russian control without fear of Macedonian repercussions. And this has indeed started, with a couple of Iranian regions already liberated from Russian control. With the Russians busy keeping themselves from being wiped, it doesn't appear as though it will take much to free the Iranian province, a distant memory for Russians. Iran merely needs to work on regaining territories. Slow and steady wins the race.

Week rating: 8.2/10

Honorable Mentions: Netherlands, Sweden


Just barely good enough: Colombia, Greece

B5 (NR) Poland

Okay okay okay. Before you throw torches at me and hang me for bias and treason, let me explain. Poland has indeed won its battle for Kaliningrad, for which I applaud them. It was a well-fought battle that was won by the better team. Yet, look at the price they suffered. They lost regions to Ukraine, France, and the Netherlands. This may seem like small price to pay, as those nations are weak and could easily be recaptured. However, they have been forced to completely relinquish their claims in Sweden and Finland, realizing that they simply can't win em all and cut the ties quickly. Poland may have won its battle in Russia, but it has been a Pyrrhic victory.

Week rating: 4.2/10

B4 (NR) Switzerland

Yes, Switzerland! Such an obscure nation has been the subject of much grief and suffering over the last few months away from the public eye, as the nation finally succumbed to a long-standing PTO threat. Now, the nation is in complete discord as they have left CoT, as well as sending MPPs to EDEN nations despite the public distaste. Simply put, the nation is a complete disaster. Long a part of CoT, their sudden departure leaves the Swiss completely directionless, and with few outside connections to other nations to speak of, Switzerland isn't in a very good spot. Tough days ahead for the Swiss.

Week rating: 3.9/10

B3 (NR) Bulgaria

Bulgaria's been...honestly, I have no idea what Bulgaria's been up to. Defending their own lands certainly isn't what they've been doing. Romania and Turkey have continued their adventures through the Balkan nation, Romania taking northern chunks and Turkey southern. Perhaps a little too focused on moving to Egypt, the Bulgarians have all but abandoned their home. Certainly, their tiny isolated empire in the Middle East will be relatively well protected, but as Greece's empire did before, Bulgaria will have to be on constant alert. With Israel coming back on the map, Bulgaria will have to eye the wars carefully.

Week rating: 3.7/10

B2 (NR) Taiwan

No, this has nothing to do with their everlasting battle with America in South Korea. Surprisingly, Taiwan has outmaneuvered the Americans and Koreans, staying one step ahead of their counterparts and successfully holding the war to a stalemate. Then why the low score? While South Korea has been relatively stable, their attempts to keep a hold of Japan have been disastrous. Now, with the fall of their last Japanese colony, Taiwan is facing a much worse situation. The attrition has worn off on the Taiwanese, as they are now susceptible to a simple wipe by merely losing their South Korean regions, with no safehouse to run back to.

Week rating: 2.1/10

B1 (3) Russia

Well, what can you do? Sure, it's nice to get American and CoT support against the Poles, but at the end of the day, the Russians are still losing the battles where it counts. Issued an ultimatum by the Polish, the Russians' gusto to spit in Poland's face was admirable, but the Russians lack the military strength to hold off the Poles. In two relatively close battles, the Russians lost both their outpost of Kaliningrad and aptly named Northern Russia to Polish forces. On top of that, Iran has taken the opportunity presented before them to steal back their own regions. Russia isn't wiped, but they're certainly on their heels.

Week rating: 1.6/10


Welcome back: Egypt, Sweden, Ukraine

Sayonara: Austria, Canada, Colombia, Switzerland

Other notable events:
Ireland-UK training war
Chile rebuilds landbridge
Slovenia parties with training wars

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I'm sorry, but I had to 😳 IT'S SO GOOD

Recommendation: 10/10

Until next time, take care!

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I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,937, 00:04

Waiting for it to be finished 😛

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,937, 00:04

Also, First 😁

klop123 Day 1,937, 06:24

Also waiting for it to be finished ^__^

GameChanger Day 1,937, 07:34

Not sure why Poland is on the loser list. They've won all the battles they need to win.

Shoi, you are getting a little too biased. Give credit where it's due.

CptKaydee Day 1,937, 09:21

They are a loser for losing their colonies and just barely winning the Russian battles. They have also decided to give up Sweden and Finland.

Madacaion Day 1,938, 02:04

Thats like saying a man that wins the lottery is a loser because he bought 20 tickets.

In fact quickly giving up those regions (which they can take back p much whenever they want) was a good strategic decision.

Also...France on the winners list. Surely thats like giving the fat kid a medal at sports day...

GameChanger Day 1,938, 04:10

I think it's been Bulgarias goal for a while to move its capital south. It frees CoT from always having to waste damage on pointless wars with Turkey

klop123 Day 1,938, 15:42

Macedonia is about to suffer the same fate (Turk-Romanian tagteam)... Greece will be freed and then it will all start over.

Like we expect from the Balkans. ^__^

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