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Weekly Power Rankings #22; Kill It with Greek Fire

Day 1,825, 02:05 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Welcome to another edition of the eRepublik Power Rankings! Here are the rules; the efforts of the top five countries this week will be recognized, and the five worst performances will be mocked, no exceptions! Countries are recognized for many things, including successful defending, securing strong alliances, and, of course, conquering rivals. Without further ado, let's begin!

Updated as of 22:00 New World Time, Day 1,824

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1 (NR) Greece

For 24 hours, EDEN panicked. Greece, the last bastion of might, the heart of EDEN that has the strength to give a what for and the position to make a direct difference, was under attack on two fronts. If Greece fell, only NAP-heavy Romania and strong yet troubled Turkey were left to make a case in the already pro-Fellowship Balkans. But somehow, Greece found a way to survive both attacks, holding off both FYROM and Bulgaria, both of whom threatened to capture key Greek provinces. Instead, Greece remains fully intact, and in fact has made its first breakthrough in Plovdiv. If Greece can manage the two fronts as well as it has, it could be a landslide victory for EDEN forces.

Week rating: 9.7/10

2 (H2) Australia

Now there's a nation that won't stop fighting. Despite losing its last province of Tasmania to Chilean suppressors very early on, the Aussies found a way to revive themselves, taking Northern Australia and moving east to take Queensland as well, successfully splitting up Chile's troops and weakening their opponent's chances in South America while simultaneously slowly rebuilding their own nation. With Chile distracted, it's the perfect time for Australia to quickly expand their nation back to its original landmass, hopefully taking back the entire landmass. Australia should be back in better shape by the minute.

Week rating: 9.1/10

3 (NR) Albania

This is why FYROM is always hesitant to fight wars. Besides the war itself, there's always the scrappy Albanians to deal with. The miracle makers themselves, the Albanians returned triumphantly to the map in a furious battle for Tirana, winning much respect from allies and foes alike (I see that MPP proposal, Belgium ^.^). Albania's continuous harassment certainly weakened FYROM's formidable attempt to capture Epirus from the Greeks, something that all EDEN forces had been gathered to defend. Besides being a team player, Albania's done some good for themselves as well, and looks to recapturing the other 2/3 of their nation very soon. And judging by FYROM suddenly being on the defensive, it's not all that unlikely.

Week rating: 8.2/10

4 (4) Argentina

Alright, this might draw a little confusion. After all, Argentina in fact LOST territory over the last week. But consider this: after Chile's successful landing, Argentina has prevented an absolute disaster. Even though they faced three fronts, they only ceded a grand total of three provinces, and have begun a counterattack while blocking off the Peruvian front with their Bolivian wall. Essentially, after a couple of initial losses, Argentina has been winning all its fronts and slowly clambering to hold down the insurgents. With their fronts being managed with skill and precision, there's no reason to doubt Argentina's vast advantage in the coming days.

Week rating: 7.7/10

5 (NR) Colombia

For a country that had three nations attacking it at any given moment, Colombia's done remarkably well. Despite Spanish and Mexican attempts to permanently wipe Colombia, the teal never left the map for long, and has recently grown back to an extent. Of course, the situation may indeed change drastically because of Brazil's shocking declaration of war, but nonetheless, Colombia should put up one hell of a fight due to EDEN support pouring in from all sides. Is it possible that Colombia may be defeated within the week? Very. But are they prepared as best as possible because of their success this week? Oh absolutely.

Week rating: 7.3/10

Honorable Mentions: Croatia, Iran


Just barely good enough: Malaysia, Peru

B5 (B4) Chile

The reverse argument works for Chile. The Chileans should have come into South America guns ablazin, taking several regions and helping their allies in Peru and Paraguay take a few more. The initial landing was a success, taking a couple of their original provinces back. But since then, Chile has lost battle after battle, failing to make any decent progress in Argentina, and losing large chunks of their base to Australian rebels. Chile's failure to make any sort of gains on either front have at the very least greatly hindered their chances. Though Chile remains in a decent position, they'll need a few breaks to go their way if they hope to come out on top.

Week rating: 3.7/10

B4 (NR) Norway

Normally, battling a nation 10 times your size isn't considered a smart thing to do. Montenegro should have taken notes on the Norway-Russia war to understand the idea. With only a small handful of allies and little support, Norway simply got overpowered by their Russian neighbors, who had already received half of their territory in previous deals and never got a chance to fight back on any sort of level footing. Without any allies willing to bring the Norwegians back and an irrelevant military, Norway will have to negotiate its way out. And frankly, that doesn't seem like the easiest task in the world.

Week rating: 2.5/10


The plan was simple: attack and beat Greece, and set up a situation where they could wipe the last bastion in the Balkans for EDEN. But FYROM couldn't pull off the victory, losing their battle, despite throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the Greek wall. FYROM lost their battle and the advantage, and is now on the defensive, which isn't going any better for them, losing their first defensive battle in Campania, Italy. In addition, the scrappy Albanians have re-seized control of Tirana and look to threaten the other two regions of Albania, by revolt if nothing else. FYROM looks like an empire on its last leg at this point.

Week rating: 2.1/10

B2 (NR) Netherlands

An NAP, or non-aggression pact, is fairly common in eRepublik. It states that the two partners in the pact will not declare war on each other, and it usually helps stabilize relations, even if they are relatively cool. But apparently, the Netherlands didn't sign such a pact, for they were attacked by Poland, who had sworn not to attack. Despite a valiant and zealous effort by the Dutch, as well as an overwhelming amount of support, Poland's vast army managed to stand victorious, the Netherlands completely wiped.

Week rating: 1.3/10

B1 (NR) Bulgaria

Similar to FYROM, Bulgaria learned a valuable lesson: don't waste the first strike. The Bulgarians rushed in planning to knock Greece down a peg and start the invasion that would secure them much land and prestige. Instead, Greek troops supported by the whole of EDEN repelled Bulgarian forces and sent them scrambling back across the border. And the Greeks marched onward, taking Plovdiv as well, leaving the Bulgarians looking for answers. If Bulgaria plans to stay on the map, much less win the war, they'll need to do much better than their first efforts against the Greeks. I mean, seriously! Two fronts, and no wins? Pathetic!

Week rating: 0.4/10


Welcome back: Albania, New Zealand

Sayonara: Finland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway

Other notable events:
Montenegro vs. Serbia (who'll win?)
Canada continues to regain regions
Sweden does likewise
Hi Belgium o/

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Recommendation: 10+/10

Until next time, take care!

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Awesome article, as always

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Awesome article, as always x2

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voted o7..

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GameChanger Day 1,826, 19:51

Of course, Greece is getting EDEN's full and total support. If I can offer one criticism , it would be that you only portray wars as between two nations, and ignore the support of alliance banks

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