Week 2 - Swiss' Diary

Day 4,826, 15:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Scott Swiss
Diary Entry 2 - Week 2

Overview -

A lot has happened this past week I need to write about. First off I moved back to my homeland in Scotland. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with lovely people, and the Lithuanians really have livened up the culture. I have missed the smells and nightlife of the city I call home. Over the week, I have learnt much about the history of the new world from reading old papers and guides about the world wars gone by. The co-operation between nations in training wars and strategic occupation of territories now achieved is an incredible feat. It's fascinating how game mechanics have been optimized for maximum output in the past ten years despite a declining population. Otherwise, I managed 325 air kills in my first week, which isn't too bad considering I have no idea what I'm doing. I also bought my first house in Edinburgh, which I'm benefiting off nicely.

The Political Section -

I became an adult citizen two days ago, so I was able to help re-elect President JiminyChristmas. I believe as President JiminyChristmas has achieved much of what he promised in his creative manifesto. I am considering joining a political party to vote in the Party President elections in ten days, however I have some time to think about that. I was of course instinctively drawn to the Unity Party, but it is better I take some time to research before jumping straight in. For now I am level 23, the priority is to keep working on kills and learning more about this new world I find myself in.

About Me -

I am Scott Swiss, or simply Swiss - Level 23 - Military Rank: Lieutenant - Air Rank: Staff Sergeant *** - No Political Party