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Wednesday Strike 50 million plus damage

Day 1,814, 13:24 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Prince Harry.

The British Army a.k.a The Bulldogs took part in a Strike on the 7th November at 11.00 eRepublik time 7pm UK Time, around 20 men took part.

Location : Scotland
Target : German Front line
Op Brief : Drop behind enemy lines take out as many Germans as you can.
1 man must recover a P.O.W

We dropped behind lines and within 1 hour done 50 million damage and over 1300 kills .

The POW has saved by Div 1 Legend Jimmy Miller winner 50 q6

Top fighters of the strike

Div 4
Alan Warwickshire 25.5 million winner 15 q7
Eiss 13 million winner 10 q7

Div 3
Don Dapper 1.7 million winner 15 q7
Just Another Fool 1.3 million winner 10 q7

Div 2
Kulinero 770,994 Winner 15 q7
Zokamegacar 629,973 Winner 10 q7

Div 1
Fairbringer 230,000 pus Winner 15 q7
Sancteandrea 157,005 Winner 10 q7

Well done to all top strikers here , your prize's are on there way!

Want to be part of this action ? Then join the British Army today

Check us out !



Alphabethis Day 1,814, 13:38


xenophob Day 1,815, 09:42

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