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Wear The Wounds of Your Demise

Day 529, 13:29 Published in USA USA by fingerguns

It really seems like the wheels are coming off of this thing.

Obviously, I don't know what the strategy is, so I really don't know if things are going according to plan or not. Perhaps the intention from the beginning was to mess up diplomatic relations with a number of countries and try to establish a global reputation as ignorant bullies. I wasn't in on the meeting. I have no idea. I guess I shouldn't be TOO upset about not having any information, though. No one else seems to know what is going on either. We can join the rest of the world in a collective gobsmacked stare, left to wonder what American leaders could possibly be thinking.

Yesterday we received orders to avoid the Baja war completely. Word from the White House was that it was a trap, set by PEACE, to trick us into wasting our time. We were not to fight in that war because we would be handing over Baja to Mexico at a later time anyway and we needed to save our strength for a full blown war (or 'big war game with our allies' according to President Scrabman) that would be coming at any moment.

Today, we are asked to fight in the battle with Baja, on Mexico's side. As of this article, no official press release reflects these new instructions, but Scrabman has said as much in his personal postings (and said the opposite...never changed that last post).

I don't think it is in any way unreasonable or unpatriotic to wonder what the hell is going on right now. All of this contradictory information and overwhelming lack of details should be enough to make any citizen take a step back and ask 'whatchoo talkin' bout?'

I want to boost my stats as much as the next person, but I don't know if I am really on board with any of this. I may have to sit out and just see how it unfolds. It is well within my rights to NOT fight. There is no draft... no conscription. My government has yet to give me one good reason why I should be an accomplice to any of this.



Coetz Day 529, 13:36

agreed. a lot of mixed messages

Scarpa85 Day 529, 13:47

When the romanians gonna say jump, than scrabman can ask how high. Until than he dont know whats gonna happen.

Gaius Julius
Gaius Julius Day 529, 13:50

Well Said!!!

Buck Industries
Buck Industries Day 529, 14:01

you have to remember a couple things... first off all the current wars have been started by different Presidents. the other thing you have to remember is that Wars are very popular in the eUS, and if you are a eUS president it's a good way to get reelected, say a war is coming or something like that...

fingerguns Day 529, 14:03

Yeah, I mentioned before that this whole situation stunk of 'October surprise.' I know some people are very excited by the prospect of war and those people are very vocal in their support of Scrabman.

There are a few good candidates running. I hope they don't split the vote.

Kyle is endorsed by RightCon, so he has my support. I am supporting the cooperation among conservative parties as much as the candidate.

Timrugbyflanker Day 529, 14:19

well....its great to have mexico have baja now...we didn't need it, and we were training PEACE more than ourselves. now we can do the smart thing and have a resistance war entirely supported within the ATLANTIS network, and only train ATLANTIS soldiers.

Emerick Day 529, 14:33

>we were training PEACE more than ourselves

Well, that's just plain untrue

Anyways, this whole situation stinks. I can't really come down on scrabman as hard as I'd like to because I've been in a cabinet with secret plans before, but I can't help but think of what the liberals would be doing if a conservative or Uncle Sam were in charge right now.

fingerguns Day 529, 14:44

@Emerick: Impeachment, obviously.

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Day 529, 14:55

This article seems to be over reacting a little bit, Baja has been returned; there was a wrench thrown in the works by PEACE starting the RW.

I'm guess the President didn't want to move forward with his bigger plans until we achieved peace with Mexico or at least returned Baja (so there wouldn't be multiple battles open if we invade another country). In the end the President's plans probably had to be put off for another day or so, and so he gave his blessing for eAmericans to get a little more training in (Baja RW).

I don't know I'm not in the loop, just my speculations.

fingerguns Day 529, 17:07

According to their official statement, we had to squash the Baja situation immediately because if we have war on our border then we cannot attack other countries.

My question is, why are we attacking any countries? The fact that there are like 5 or 6 possibilities kind of tells you that there was no public lead-in to this war and therefore no ideological support for it. Some will blindly fight for the eUS no matter what they do, and that's fine, but I don't think it is right for our leaders to assume that we are all that way.

Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky Day 529, 19:30

Excellent article, I think you are dead on with most things. It's a lot of mixed messages, it's all anyone who's not "in the loop" is getting.

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