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Day 1,875, 05:49 Published in USA Albania by cobra26

Weapons are used by citizens in the battles. Weapons can more than double the amount of damage made in battles.

The effectiveness of weapons in combat depend on their quality. The higher quality weapons will most often perform much better than lower quality ones.
A weapon's quality level determines two characteristics: durability and firepower:
Q1: 1 Durability, 20% Firepower
Q2: 2 Durability, 40% Firepower
Q3: 3 Durability, 60% Firepower
Q4: 4 Durability, 80% Firepower
Q5: 5 Durability, 100% Firepower
Q6: 6 Durability, 120% Firepower
Q7: 10 Durability, 200% Firepower
A weapons durability determines how many times it may be reused before having to be disposed of. For example, a Q1 handgun can only be used once, while a single Q7 weapon can be used to attack ten times. On the other hand, a weapon's firepower determines how much damage it can inflict. On the battlefield this translates into how quickly an opponent can be taken down, and how much influence is added to one's side.

3 Durability, defeat any enemies with 1 hit, and take 10,000 per hit.

Can be produced in your Rocket Factory. The Rocket damage varies according to the level of your Rocket Factory:
1 lvl: 50,000
2 lvl: 250,000
3 lvl: 500,000
4 lvl: 1,000,000
5 lvl: 2,500,000

Nukes are 1 hit promo weapons, that could be obtained after winning a Campaign Hero medal in promo. Nuclear Bomb can be used in battle to deal 5,000,000 instant damage.

Missles are 1 hit promo weapons, that could be obtained after winning a Battle Hero medal in promo. The ASM Missles damage varies according to the division you are in:
Div 1 : 75,000
Div 2 : 375,000
Div 3 : 750,000
Div 4 : 1,500,000

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Jose Manuel de San Martin
Jose Manuel de San Martin Day 1,875, 06:21

Pole, yessssss

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,875, 07:07


Syz2 Day 1,875, 07:20

Nice, vote and sub earned

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,875, 07:36

v+s nice work.

ligtreb Day 1,875, 08:11

Good way to display the info.

cobra26 Day 1,875, 09:03

thanks all

Allea230112 Day 1,875, 09:37

v+s, n1

Sandukaani Day 1,877, 23:12


Plisi64 Day 1,877, 03:30


The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,877, 03:43

Nice little educational piece!

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