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We shall never surrender

Day 1,892, 01:29 Published in Romania Romania by direct x

I`m playing this game for almost 4 years. Not much of an anything i am. Not a tank, not an politician and not to much of an entrepreneur.

I`ve played this game mostly for a few short moments when i was proud of my flag.

The fight in Dobrogea against LoLand can be the mean to be once more proud.

Let`s take a few moments, chill ourselves out, take a deep breath and give LoLand hell.

This could be the turning point for the Romanian community to act as one, to protect it`s interests and to be proud once more.

Romanian Army shall never surrender!


Regele DECEBAL Day 1,892, 01:31

Today we are fighting for something that they will not have never and ever. Today, we fight for honor!

buru Day 1,892, 01:36

Fight for honour!!!

Sky.Hawk Day 1,892, 01:41

It's true patriot time!!!!

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 01:41

at least use some proper romanian ex soviet tanks not the m1 ambrams

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 01:44

Ernst - at least we have some, modified, NATO compatible, your military, rl, use just water pistols.

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 1,892, 01:50

OMG! They have water pistols?! I think they modernized their army...

Rondy Rondy
Rondy Rondy Day 1,892, 01:52

Ernst von Jacob in rl life is using what we use 🙂 ... e de al nostru

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 01:53

Raul, their rl army is fighting in eRep, ours in Afganistan, Iraq....

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 01:54

stiu Rondy, da` daca tot se crede ungur....

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 02:08

So you really want to talk about irl issues? You think you can compare Romania to Hungary? Your country even with the rich natural resources has weaker economy than Hungary, what about the highways?roads?hospitals? environment?education? salaries? Are you proud about your country? Teh highest corrupcy in Europe? At least Hungary is in schengen area. Every western country are talk about you with disgust. Look at yourserlf and your proud army in Afghanistan.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 02:09

Nation of capsunari and ciobans.

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 02:20

ernst - are running out of water for your pistol? oh, i`ve remembered we are giving you water. in 20 years you will vanish from my land like a stain that you are.
so kiss the bottom of a "capsunar".

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 02:23

in 20 years half of the romanian populatin will live in Italy,Spain and Great Britain and do the slavework.

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 02:34

like you do in Hu? baby, i`m not proud of the infrastructure that we have, for the environment we have to thank to your pall verestoy and regarding the corruption mr borbely can do some homework of his own. the next election for the parliament will be funny bro, go to balaton to fish or something. you are to tensed.

JohnCV Day 1,892, 02:50

@Ernst von Jacob kissing somebody's asses for centuries really makes you a great and proud nation, rich and desired by many to live in.

JohnCV Day 1,892, 03:02

@Ernst von Jacob cat despre numele tau atat de sugestiv (probabil mama unguroaica, tata evreu nascut in Romania) cred ca notiunea de "munca" nu te onoreaza; asa ca lasa tu romanul muncitor in pace si vezi-ti de gulas.

CHANGEIT Day 1,892, 03:11

They are full of envy because you can and they cannot . Keep on Ernest

Ernest von Jackob will become Mihoc2 - will fall in love and ask RO citizenship because he did care
He care more than most of us, he know our highways situation, the infrastructure and the agriculture.
Do not loose him, i ask all Romanians here to talk gently with Ernest and ask his advice for our problems...

CHANGEIT Day 1,892, 03:12

Ahh and i forgot

You fought today at your master command? (Loland) - do not forget to do it!

The GoT
The GoT Day 1,892, 03:14

@ernst - with all your hospitals, highways, roads, infrastructures etc. - YOU ARE A UGLY NATION, all huns smell of sweat.

daniels22026 Day 1,892, 03:18

@ Ernst von Jacob

All civilized countries are getting older and older, every year. This is something new. It never happened in history.

You seem to know something about Romania and Hungary. Which country, language and culture have greater chances to survive?! Don’t hurry, be objective with your answer. Maybe you can tell us what makes Hungary weak. What are hungarians afraid of?

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 03:27

Older nation? Romania exist since 1862 24th of january...but still a vassal state of Ottoman Empire.
About licking asses the romanian principalities changed sides every 10 years you were under mongol, cuman, hungarian, polish, turkish, russian occupation for 1000 year.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 03:30

I live in Romania and i see where this country goes. Since 2001 almost 3 million ppl left the country because they just cant live here. And you are proud of this state. Not to mention that i live in Crisana which is more advanced than Botosani or Oltenia.

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 03:31

well hungary as a state is because of trianon, and in 1919, a delegation of your grandma`s came to Bucarest to learn how to govern itself. so go kiss austrian bottom.

Cosmin Obreja
Cosmin Obreja Day 1,892, 03:33

de ce ii dati fratilor atata atentie ungurului/roman sau romanului/vrea sa fie ungur?!?

Sanatate si la revedere!

JohnCV Day 1,892, 03:40

@direct x nu numai ca au venit pentru sfaturi, dar se gandeau serios la o unificare a ungariei cu România sub numele de România Mare, atat de sedusi si abandonati se simteau : )))

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 03:42

dap, dar n-am vrut sa mai rasucesc cutitu` JohnCV.

GregoryG Day 1,892, 03:45

In 1920 you recieved a region with a faily advanced infrastructure, school system and industry. The German regions were way more advanced and rich than most other parts of the Kingdom.

Deporting the intellectual german and hungarian population from many areas resulted in the fast degradation of these regions and its economy. The only thing what remains is what remains architecture.

Theirdie Day 1,892, 03:58

Jakab Erno meny mar a f.@szomb.@....

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 04:01

GregoryG - only hungarians deported people after Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, prior to ww2. after ww2 many of them were free to go. germans and jews for some currency, and they went until the present day. we like our land, we don`t judge people after they ethnic heritage, and btw, we are now an example in EU for the good laws and behavior with other ethnic population. in 1990`s there were some experiments to make an civil based ethnic war in balkans. in romania this was unsuccessful tho we had lot`s of provocation with it. in Yugoslavia succeeded.

daniels22026 Day 1,892, 04:04

@ Ernst von Jacob

You seem not to be afraid about history. In the mean time, romanians are still romanians, regardless of the strong enemy. Also, you are right about being romanian effortless, hundreds and thousands of years. We have a reach country, we could be powerful, so why to hurry living a violent history, dreaming energetically dreams?! Why to be strong by force when someone could be stronger without it?!

Well, good luck hungarian brother! It will be a pleasure to meet you again after 1000 years. We romanians will still be here, speaking romanian, playing electronic games like “Who will disappear forever?”, “Who is hating more the enemy?” and poker. If you can come to the meeting, bring me please some hungarians news, or at list some old hungarians news.

Good luck hungarian brother!

Acornion Day 1,892, 04:12

@ernest. we are here since the beginning, of time/humanity/civilization or whatever, on Earth. no mater how we or our friends/enemies called us. our language related with Sanskrit and links in all eurpean languages roots proves it, our archeology proves it, our geography/resources and glaciation times on Earth are proving it to. and many other. the modern researches (not even one made by Romanians) show that this area is the origin of European nations/civilization. Our "religion" (European are strange, never invented any religion) is ancient and simple and it-s called Omenia.
on the other hand you are Romanian, born in Romania. it is sad to fight against your own. know them, fight for them, make them proud of you. don-t hate others too. that-s a honorable thing to do.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,892, 04:21

Sure you were the first humans on earth...oh gosh such imcompetence from a 'culture' nation.

direct x and what about the death camps of Transnistria?At least dont lie everytime about your history.

Lady Indra
Lady Indra Day 1,892, 04:30

din puținul meu, am dat și eu 1 mil. damage...

noroc bun! : D

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 04:37

we were wrong about it and we payed for it, as you were wrong by sending the entire comunity of jews to poland to be "reeducated". you never payed for it.

daniels22026 Day 1,892, 04:37

@ Ernst von Jacob

Transnistria?! What about it?! It doesn't belong to us. Probably it will, without fight, no need to hurry. Other romanians brother are working on it. Slowly, without violence, we conquer by simply leaving, waiting the body of weak people to float on rivers, on Dunare.

We have time Ernst von Jacob, a plenty of time. And courage, a plenty of courage to wait. And a lot of love, an infinite love.

Are you afraid of death, Ernst von Jacob?

alpho Day 1,892, 05:01

Don't mind Ernst. He is Romanian. And the Hungarian community thinks he is traitor.

Magnettus Day 1,892, 05:40

@Ernst von Jacob
Cill please we are fighting here with Loland, not with your beloved country, the eternal wingman.
As far the real history ... well, you are funny!

UNGURIIafara Day 1,892, 06:20

@ernest von jacob
Use google translate, because what i will say to you is complicated for my and your english.

Am observat de-a lungul comentariilor ca pe langa ce se intampla in spatiul virtual, te-ai bagat si in viata reala.De asemenea, observ ca esti la curent cu unele dintre evenimentele care au avut loc in Romania de-a lungul istoriei.Dar...tu stii doar "adevarul" despre care vorbesc tovarasi tai, istoricii maghiari, a caror credibilitate este nula.O sa iti relatez adevarul istoric pur, incepand cu timpurile antice.

In antichitate(circa 7000-2000 I.H.) in spatiul nord-Dunarean traia un popor din neamul Tracilor de nord.Ei erau numiti de catre greci:geti si de catre romani:daci, astfel s-a ajuns la denumirea geto-daci.Ri erau organizati in triburi si uniuni tribale.Aceste fapte istorice sunt consemnate de catre unii istorici ai vremii(Herodot-dacii in conflict cu persii).Primul rece al Dacilor a fost Burebista in anul 82 I.H. .Teritoriile cuprinse de statul dac in momentul respectiv erau mult mai semnificative decat cele ale Romaniei din prezent(li se adauga o parte din Ungaria, Cadrilaterul, o parte din Ucraina+Basarabia)Burebista a cucerit aceste teritorii ducand o politica expansionista, invingand celtii.In anul 44 I.H. Burebista s-a implicat in razboiul civil de la Roma contra lui Caesar, dar esueaza, iar el moare in acelasi an datorita unui complot al Tarabostesilor(boierimea, nobilii).Dupa Burebista s-au perindat alti regi care insa nu au atins acelasi nivel de expansiune ca al regelui Burebista.Cel mai semnificativ rege dupa Burebista este Decebal.El este cunoscut pentru conflictele cu romanii, obtinand in prima instanta victoria in fata romanilor si o pace foarte avantajoase dacilor.In 97 d.H. urca pe tronul imperiului Marcus Ulpius Traianus, care vazand bogatiile si puterea dacilor ii considera o amenintare care trebuia exterminata.In urma acelei decizii, romanii au dus 2 razboaie de cucerire a Daciei, cucerirea fiind totalizata in anul 106 d.Hr.

UNGURIIafara Day 1,892, 06:36

Dovezii arheologice care afirma cele spuse de mine si de catre istorie:Tropaeum Traiani.
Bun.Acum ca ai ajuns sa stii despre daci, sa iti vorbesc despre formarea poporului roman.Romanizarea spatiului nord-dunarean a avut loc intre 106 d.Hr si 270 d.Hr. (este vorba despre etapa romanizarii propriu zise).A fost o romanizare foarte bine inghegata si organizata cu ajutorul unor factori:prin functionari-administratie, care vorbea limba latina, prin armata:numeroase legiuni stationau in Provincia Romana Dacia, militarii clar ca intrau in contact cu populatia.Alt factor este constituit de catre veteranii romani, care au ales sa ramana in P.Romana Dacia.La orice romanizare a Imperiului Roman participau si colonistii care erau vorbitori de limba latina.Ei au fost adusi in P.Romana Dacia si si-au ales neveste din poporul dac.Toata povestea asta a durat 163 de ani, fara sa mai vorbim de faptul ca a fost contact si inainte de romanizarea asta serioasa.CONSECINTA:formarea civilizatiei daco-romane.In anul 270 d.HR. , datorita amenintarii imperiului Roman de catre migratorii germani, are loc retragerea Aureliana(denumire provenita din numele imparatului).Acesta a constat in retragerea legiunilor imperiului Roman.Romanizarea continua in zonele in care locuiau dacii liberi, astfel tot spatiul romanesc de azi si nu numai a avut stramos pe daco-romani, fapte dovedite de nenumarate dovezi istorice, arheologice, epigrafice, asezari romane, castre romane,insciptii etc.
ACUM:AJUNGEM ACOLO UNDE DRAGII DE UNGURI(scuzati-mi inversunarea) MINT CU NERUSINARE, DESI STIU CARE E ADEVARUL ISTORIC.DA, ESTE VORBA DE TRANSILVANIA.Este vorba de disputa in jurul continuitatii romane.Prima data o sa spun povestea ungurilor si a austricecilor, reprezentati prin isotricii Sulzer si Enzer(ambii austricei, dar ungurii, ca de obicei, s-au alaturat corabiei).Ei, din interesele politice ale Austro-Ungariei neaga formarea poporului roman.Mai pe sleau zis, ei spun asa:

BodiTheGreat Day 1,892, 06:44

un singur lucru am sa iti transmit bozgore ca asta esti un om fara tara visezi la ungaria si traiesti in Romania. E Romania este tara noastra si ne pisam pe ungaria voastra. Am ajuns in cateva zile in Budapesta se poate intampla lejer si a 2-a oara si a 3-a oara in unele contexte asa ca ciocu mic 🙂

UNGURIIafara Day 1,892, 07:07

Din pacate, am mai scris un comentariu care sa te lamureasca, la fel de lung, dar am fost deconenctat si comentariul s-a pierdut.Nu mai stau sa scriu...dar iti dau un cadou.FOR IDIOPATICS HUNGARIANS:

vali71 Day 1,892, 07:36

Dati-i mai jet panaramei asteia, s-or crede si hunii germani sau austrieci, mancatori de carne cruda ce sunt. Jet daaca nu-ti convine de romani!

Ple001 Day 1,892, 08:27


Krontzo Day 1,892, 10:08


Nukeru Day 1,892, 10:44

Pacat de comentariile deplasate ale lui Ernst von Jacob de mai sus. Pana acum a avut numai comentarii de bun simt. Acum s-a trezit cu comentarii despre RL, de parca el stie tot si noi n-avem idee despre istorie.
Sper eu ca a vandut contul sau a avut un moment de ratacire.

Infatulus Day 1,892, 12:20

...Si cand te gandeşti ca retardul cu avatarul unui amiral de Balaton era o prezenta frecventa pe chatul #SMR acum vreo 2 ani...

direct x
direct x Day 1,892, 12:25

eu cu ernst ma tot impung de vreo 3 ani si jumatate. poate poate unul scapa ceva si celalalt ii da report. is obisnuit, tura asta ar trebui pt caracterizarea natiei sa i-a 1 fp. am luat-o si eu de la la el. e un report guy.

oxygene Day 1,892, 13:23

@Ernst: Un nebun arunca o piatra in apa si 99 de intelepti nu reusesc sa o scoata. Asta se intampla daca se coboara la nivelul lui (de hun).

Stolch Day 1,892, 15:20

"We shall never surrender"

Too bad your allies did it for you....

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