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In my previous article, a survey was launched on topic which country, our citizens, would like to see as a new member of the ORION alliance, and now we have the results.

On topics why do our citizens have a positive opinion about Sweden, how Sweden has positioned itself internationally and whether there is a chance that Sweden will join us in the future, I talked to the Country President of Sweden, zzzingo, and this is his point of view:

"Probably due to the fact we haven't attacked you in 2 years now. Jokes aside, I think relations between our countries has been mostly good for most of this game, which likely helps. About internationally positioning, I would say leaning towards pro-Asteria,but chances for joining into ORION are petty slim I think, with the simple reason that I view Pacifica and Orion as relatively similar alliances."

Lithuania v Slovenia

Last week, we had a very interesting and somewhat unexpected (at least for me) war between these countries.

Lithuania appeared at the border of Slovenia by landing in Italian cores. A week ago, Lithuanian Congress voted on Slovenia as a natural enemy and Lithuania conquered Tyrol and Carinthia.

Slovenia successfully defended its first original region, Styria and Carinthia, and then by re-conquering Carinthia and conquering Friuli-Venezia Giulia wiped Lithuania from this part of the Europe.

Last week (damage)

Last week (opponents defeated)

Croatia v Serbia

This war started with the Croatian conquest of Vojvodina, and this war still last. In nine battles, Serbia succeeded only in the liberation of Eastern Serbia. If you take a look at the map, you'll be able to see a total mess in core regions of Serbia, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and neighboring countries, since in meantime, more countries are participating in war in this areas.

This war has shown the vulnerability of Serbia and the entire alliance of Asteria, which was dominating the New World for years. Seems like Asteria was sleeping until the second block of countries was actively preparing counter actions.

Therefore, this war forced Serbia to affect on activity on its citizens and to start with reorganization of the army. Probably other members of the alliance will have to act in the same direction.


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