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We need an American-Canadian alliance

Day 1,956, 22:12 Published in Canada Canada by Randy Casey

It's no secret that there was an alliance before. I wasn't part of the erepublik world when the "broliance" was formed, but for whatever reason, it stopped.

I know there is an effort right now to renew it, and if you ask me, this is exactly what eCanada needs.

We all know that our population isn't extremely large, but we have very many dedicated members, who will keep fighting, no matter what

Reading this article showed to me that, some Americans truly want us to be free. They want to work with us, and why should we not want to work with them?

eCanada needs to prove to the eRepublik world that it is capable of standing on its own once again, that it is capable of working with other countries, and being a selfless ally.

It's worked before, why wouldn't it work now?



Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,957, 02:43

"eCanada needs to prove to the eRepublik world that it is capable of standing on its own once again....."

Kind of contradicts what you said in the article i.e. we need the US for us to be free.

"...., that it is capable of working with other countries, and being a selfless ally."

That's exactly what we have been, and are, doing in Asgard.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,957, 02:46

In saying that, I do agree with us getting closer with the US again and that is what we have been working on.

Good to see a new player getting involved, keep up the good work


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Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,957, 03:14

As it looks from the latest polls in the eUS, they are not so happy about the CoT and probably a new alliance will come with countries such as eUS, eBrasil, eRussia, eAlbania and why not eCanada...

Shoob D
Shoob D Day 1,957, 07:02

I hope so, I'm also a noob at this game, but am able to realize the situation eCanada is in. I hope an alliance that will bring eCanada back to her normal self will come soon.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,957, 09:12

*American's point of view*

Our country's population is pretty much divided 3 ways

-some want CoT but most don't like that we would be rolling over and playing puppets to TWO
-some want EDEN but most think that they're too yesterday
-some want the eUS to just not have an alliance and wait for a better option but most people want something, even if it's not perfect

I personally would like to see the our government seriously consider Asgard XD it probably won't happen though because most Americans think that alliance is too small for us.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,957, 09:13

also, voted

Sir Kanye West
Sir Kanye West Day 1,957, 10:24

America would help make it bigger. America could be the viagra of asgard. Think about it.

Ryanxc23 Day 1,957, 12:43

I've been looking at the articles there and while you obviously have better grasp on it there has been some talk on joining asgard correct? You just need some more people to promote it.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,957, 18:22

Hmmmmmm, I didn't want to say anything much, but you got a good track of mind. Let's put it gracefully and nothing is guaranteed but anything is possible. Elect the right person and doors are possible to open.

Randy Casey
Randy Casey Day 1,958, 10:51

I'm for sure going to elect the right person, Homer J 🙂

Randy Casey Day 1,958, 10:52

Comment deleted

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,958, 18:48

Eh, would be nice. But do we really want to burden them with the mess we are in? More importantly would they want to even bother cleaning it up?

I'm not sure anti-Spanish sentiment runs in eAmerica anymore.

Personally i want to see American, Irish and Bulgarian MPPs

Dozzer_x Day 1,959, 09:03

A very well-written article. Congratulations!

Voted and subbed. o/

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