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We Need Allies

Day 1,813, 12:39 Published in USA USA by Twon2012

We need allies and we need them now. We need people to be on our side and this war with Chile is proving it. They have Mexico on their side..MEXICO! They should be our allies that's always how it is. Then of course as I said in a past article about the dangers of Poland, they are allies with Poland, and Serbia! Although we have some good allies its proving that we need to find out how to win. We need to fight together as a country, and fight together as allies. We have not lost Hawaii, but right this instant we are. Maybe its due to elections being today but that does not take that long to go vote.

Lets either get allies and fight on the same side to win this war, or keep Hawaii and back out. Once we figure things out then we should move on to taking care of Poland and Serbia, they are threats to the U.S. The people in the U.S that are Serbs need to know that they are in our country therefor you need to fight for us. This will also help keep the thought that all Serbs in the U.S are "bad" I don't think this is true but there is a time to prove it and if we go to war with Serbia (which we should consider, not necessarily do!).

And also we need Gandalf, lol
Vote Sub, and Join Team America, for America!

Team America!



Dandart Day 1,813, 12:41

Love Gandalf.

Sgt. Flatt
Sgt. Flatt Day 1,813, 12:43


destroyer17 Day 1,813, 12:46

We do need Gandalf, he would make things much better.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,813, 14:10


Van Belisario
Van Belisario Day 1,813, 15:28

Come on guys, you started this. Chile is defending their interests.

Twon2012 Day 1,813, 15:46

I gave the option to give up the war in the article.

Joaquin R. Gonzalez
Joaquin R. Gonzalez Day 1,813, 16:24

Come on guys, you started this. Chile is defending their interests.x2

Oceania has become "Chile & Pal's empire"...You only need to stay away of own territory.

Twon2012 Day 1,813, 16:28

Says the person who is attacking one of our own territories, hmmm odd isn't it. "You only need to stay away of own territory. "

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,813, 17:50

eUSA is just about to help out their allies eAustralia
eChile is no match 🙂

silfumus02 Day 1,813, 20:01

Come on guys, you started this. Chile is defending their interests. x3

Juanin Gonzales
Juanin Gonzales Day 1,813, 21:28


bigcdizzle Day 1,813, 22:05

a lot of this is true....except the part about Mexico. Since when are they our ally? We had an MPP for a while, but they're a traditional enemy.

Joaquin R. Gonzalez
Joaquin R. Gonzalez Day 1,814, 23:26

The attack was automatic, since you became own NE because of your invasion to Oceania. We don't have anything againt you, this is just a consecuense of your previous actions.

I think this war will not stand for long. In general, we don´t have any interest in you. Never was, probably never will...again, we are just defending own interests.


Helldarr Day 1,814, 00:06

USA NE Chile
Chile wins battle.
USA cries they are being attacked by "enemy"


Viarizi Day 1,814, 01:18

Dont care, I am here for the bonuses.

Viarizi Day 1,814, 01:19

V12/old sub

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,814, 04:26


Dandart Day 1,814, 05:41

Mexico thing is prob based on RL

Twon2012 Day 1,814, 07:07

The Mexico thing was based on RL and how we should try to strengthen our relationship with them since they are so close, and big.

Manrod78 Day 1,814, 14:19

USA NE Chile
Chile wins battle.
USA cries they are being attacked by "enemy"

Priceless + 1000

aravanal Day 1,814, 14:44

Don't worry

stop crying, Chile only want that Obama was reelected

So, we back to our strohoold

Padeiradealjubarrota123 Day 1,814, 16:10

USA in this game is pathetic. A pale shadow of its RL power

Pedro215 Day 1,815, 11:40

Well, where was this need when you kicked your old ones away?
Now work to bring them back! Even now you're looking for allies to help you out. Instead you should be looking for countries that need your help. That's how it works

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