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We Have To DO SOmething

Day 1,901, 04:18 Published in Israel Serbia by ISForce

We Have To Do Some Rebel, some Ideas?



danis1982 Day 1,901, 10:16

Yes, you can read my platafor for the presidency. We are going to arrange a massive RW with supplies to our soldiers. We will open a few batlle fronts in all Serbia, so they canot resist all the battles, and we will kick them out!

Xenophanes Day 1,901, 15:20

This strategy is found not to work, even with full EDEN support and coordination. The only reason it worked in Jerusalem was because eSerbia was engaged directly in a battle, AND had 7 RWs going at once. The timing was flawless. In this most recent engagement in Beersheba, they had no direct battle, so devoted their many, many MUs to stomping every single RW, 7 in total. They won every one. We supplied our troops, hired mercenaries, and coordinated with EDEN HQ, and still lost.

ISForce Day 1,902, 11:54

Hmmmm , Denis's History looks pretty good , I think that he is great player....
Danis For presidency....

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