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We are F**king ANGRY.... AGAIN!

Day 2,224, 00:39 Published in Canada Canada by Pat Harper

Okay, you all know me, you have all worked with me and fought with me. I was elected as a congress member last month and made the party president of a top 3 party. I am the ex-Country President of Canada and considered a 'hero and patriot'.

This month I have not received one official PM about congress aside one that fell foul with insults from a CPF member. There has been very few official articles explaining what is happening, there is constant promise of war yet nothing happens, we watch battle after battle go by with wasted damage against our allies NL + Switzerland. We have wasted too much time, we have wasted too much damage. A war should have come at the start of the term, rallying articles should have been made, organisation and tributes KEY.

Over the last week I have been the most bored I have ever been on the game, with no contact from the government at all I decided to try and wake you up with some rogue proposals - still nothing - then today I get a PM from Klop:

'You've proposed the NE, so I did not include you here.

I've asked Oinyo to tell your members to vote no. My apologies if you take offense, but I deemed it the correct move at the time.

klop o/'

Yes I do take offence. Firstly Oinyo is not the leader of the party, nor is he vice. If I was not included Dr Hugh should have represented the party.
Secondly, with no contact from congress I don't see the NE as a 'rogue proposal' As far as I can see the government is doing F*** all so I offered the country a chance to get some TP damage.

It's getting beyond stupid now, I have nothing against ED and I don't hold him soley responsible, however I do blame the government as a whole. Lack of communication, lack of taking control of the situation, lack of pretty much everything.

I demand a riot.
I also ask Rylde to run for CP because if there's a man who will give us a war it's him.

Remember Rylde's article on the zombie apocalypse? Well it's happening.

- Pat Harper



Saiwun Day 2,224, 00:42

What ever you do.... Don't make Pat angry!...

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 2,224, 00:46

Voted for Truth!

Binda33 Day 2,224, 00:48

Point me at those zombies and we'll have at them!

Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod Day 2,224, 00:53


Niko Jones
Niko Jones Day 2,224, 00:55

You go Pat..Raise Hell. o7

Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath Day 2,224, 01:23

Once could say...

He is a Pat Out of Hell...

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,224, 01:32

Don't get mad, get even. : )

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 01:37

Get both!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,224, 02:25

Got to be honest but this is the most bored I have been as well, which surprised me as my recolections of eCanada was a blood and thunder nation built around the fight.

As for war, well Pat I know Claire Louise has war as one of her policies in her manifesto \o/

WayneKerr Day 2,224, 03:16

my version was better...

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 03:37

no doubt, you can't perfect perfection

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 2,224, 03:46

I've got the plane warmed up and will meet you on the island

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,224, 03:54

...oh and I am very disappointed with Klopp that as VP of the CCP I was looked over for someone who isn't even a party officer.

It makes me sad, hungry, angry, a little horny but mainly vexed. For shame...FOR SHAME!

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 04:26

Only a little horny

klop123 Day 2,224, 06:41

We'll Dr. I included Oinyo because he is a member of the exec in your party.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,224, 06:44

You just use me for sex...admit it

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,224, 05:14

Wasted time?

What about your waste of time by moving illegal motions? Everyone else is responsible for the fun factor and you get to judge?

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 15:22

Illegal motions? Since I havnt heard a peep from any congressional post I assumed it was out the window

Tyrael.Snow Day 2,224, 20:30

what makes them illegal? Just because some ferries post on a forum you think it makes things illegal in game? This proposal should have been voted based on in game merit and not because it went against some silly meta game rule.

klop123 Day 2,224, 06:34

And that's why I sent a PM to you Mr. Harper, I thought we could deal with it privately since I consider you a friend.

I am disappointed, I felt a former CP would understand, but apparently not. And I included Oinyo and not one of your other party leaders because he is part of the Exec not because he isn't a party leader.

Stay classy...

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 15:25

The PM was just a straw on the camels back, you had no right to remove me from a part of the game the mechanics has placed me in, I have done nothing 'illegal' because there is no such thing. People shouldn't make the rules, the game should.

Tyrael.Snow Day 2,224, 20:28

Black list Pat Harper!!! ahhh

JonathonEdwards Day 2,224, 20:39

Actually, eCanada has had these rules, as far as I can tell, from way back in V1. And generally speaking, immigrants are expected to conform to the rules of their new society, not demand that everyone bend over backwards for them.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 20:43

Immigrants? It's a game you arrogant tart

JonathonEdwards Day 2,224, 20:56

True, we we are a community of gamers here in eCanada, just as you came from a community of gamers in the eUK. Each community, I would assume, has its own, often unique, set of standards of play. We should just drop our standards of play because you don't like them? Who's arrogant now?

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 21:01

I've been eCanadian longer than I have eUK. Don't talk to me like I've freshly arrived from overseas, I've done more for Canada than you can dribble. If CPF standards are set to insulting players from different fields, racism and arrogance, it really is a shame.

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,225, 23:21


klop123 Day 2,225, 07:42

I guess eCanadian politics got to you too. Cheers and happy holidays Pat.

Ralph Kline Day 2,224, 07:07

Comment deleted

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,224, 12:42

Pat Harper is angry? I'm gong to try pushing that damn button again. I feel like a cruise director in charge of your entertainment. Maybe I'll make a video or something in the mean time. 😛

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,224, 15:36

Women and alcohol... And a big brass band

Oinyo Day 2,225, 06:22

yes.. make a vid 😃 Oinyo demands it!

Folphjorg Day 2,224, 16:54


Rylde Day 2,224, 19:15

I'll run for CP Pat.

Endorse me and I'll give you the entertainment you crave.

Verzus Day 2,225, 23:15

Cordis F Die ready!

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,225, 23:18

Come on Pat, crying like a 14 year old girl is beneath you.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,225, 01:05


John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,225, 06:38

i hate to see old friends fight, obviously the common goal is to have a TP war , can we organize something with the UK? or the US?

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 2,225, 13:33


Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 2,225, 13:36

How the hell did I pass Ralph and Rylde in level...? HOLY FK BALLS!

megabird Day 2,226, 07:55

I'll go get me tricycle,spork and backpack,*note to self : don't forget to pack lederhosen , I'll meet you at the island

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