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Wat te doen met al mijn goud? / What to do with all my gold?

Day 2,034, 12:05 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ElGorro
[English version below]

Zoals bij sommigen bekend zit ik in de laatste fase van mijn tijd hier op eRepublik. En dan komt de vraag, wat te doen met het goud wat ik in de loop der tijd heb kunnen verdienen.

Eerst dacht ik dit altijd te storten aan de staat, zoals wel meer spelers gedaan hebben in de afgelopen maanden. Maar aangezien de staat nog geen goudstuk heeft besteed van de meer dan 500 Gold en 75000 NLG (die ik zo snel in de finance sheet kon vinden, misschien is het zelfs wel meer), besteed ik het liever aan de gewone Nederlandse speler! Daar ga ik de komende tijd mijn tijd aan besteden!

Nu de eerste actie. Aangezien ik altijd veel met mijn eigen krant heb gewerkt, wil ik graag anderen hun eigen krant laten oprichten. Heb je nog geen krant, stuur me een berichtje en kan er één op mijn kosten aanmaken! Deze aanbieding geld alleen voor Nederlandse burgers.

Tot nu toe hebben de volgende spelers hier gebruik van gemaakt. Achter hun naam, vind je de naam van de krant, indien deze al is aangemaakt. Ik zal het artikel regelmatig updaten. Ik kan niet wachten op de eerste artikelen in deze kranten!

Reinier Claeszen - nog niet aangemaakt
Piet Heyn - nog niet aangemaakt
Walhallah - Haec libertatis ergo
Almachtigheid - Mighty Times
Hygao - Kingdom of Erepublik
Xibbard - New Dutch Times
GurkhaRifle - Spitfires
Wind Energy - nog niet aangemaakt

As some may know, I am in my last time here in eRepublik. I wondered what to do with the gold I earned in my time here.

I always thought I should donate it to the state, like others have done in the last months. But as the state did not spend any of that gold, (over 500 gold and 75000 NLG, maybe more but that is what I found in the finance sheet) I decided to better spend it directly on the Dutch players!

The first thing I came up with is paying the costs for creating a newspaper. I always enjoyed working on my paper, therefor I would like to have more people with a newspaper, to do the same thing. Don't you have a newspaper at the moment, send me a message and you can create one on my costs! This is only for Dutch citizens.

The people below already joined this project. Behind their names, you can find the names of their papers. (if they created them). I cannot wait to see their first articles in their papers!

Reinier Claeszen - not yet created
Piet Heyn - not yet created
Walhallah - Haec libertatis ergo
Almachtigheid - Mighty Times
Hygao - Kingdom of Erepublik
Xibbard - New Dutch Times
GurkhaRifle - Spitfires
Wind Energy - not yet created


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,034, 12:19


SpikyJade2700 Day 2,034, 12:26

Very nice idea!

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,034, 13:03

You can always give it to me 😛
but sad to see you go soon. eNL will loss an active and experienced player 🙁

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,034, 13:11

Getting people to write newspapers always get's my vote!

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 2,034, 13:37

Nice idea, I was just thinking of creating my own newspaper, but I'm always out of gold, because I never buy the stuff. P

ElGorro Day 2,034, 23:16

donated, you can create your paper.

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 2,035, 10:09

thanks! I'll start a newspaper soon. 1th I have to come up with agood name, that's very important for a good paper.

Shibitah Day 2,034, 14:00

Good luck!

Nakbula Day 2,034, 15:22

Good idea. Voted.

odan Day 2,034, 15:50

keep it and continue playing 😉

WhiteTemplar Day 2,034, 23:27

That's a huge gesture bro, respect!
You really can't ignore 800 pound gorilla 😃

pieper126 Day 2,034, 23:48

I don't think, someone would read what I write so.
still a nice idea!

Dexter Ward
Dexter Ward Day 2,035, 01:04

a nice gesture indeed 🙂

jend70 Day 2,035, 01:27

heel jammer dat je gaat, k ben hier nieuw, maar je bent toch mijn meest gewaardeerde speler, en ik ben niet de enige

SKYJACKED Day 2,035, 01:41

nou hebben we onze menings verschillen gehad , maar zou t jammer vinden als je er mee stopt ....
Dus gewoon in je zak houden en door spelen gekkehuis 😉

Walhallah Day 2,035, 02:12

created! Newspaper with only two purposes: to entertain and to help liberate our beloved country whatever it takes.

ElGorro Day 2,035, 08:04

Great! have fun with it!

Hygao Day 2,035, 03:10

Mooi idee, ik zou graag wel wat goud willen ontvangen!

ElGorro Day 2,035, 07:58

Alleen voor het aanmaken voor je krant? Ga je dat doen of wil je goud ergens anders voor?

Hygao Day 2,035, 08:58

Ja voor de krant.

ElGorro Day 2,035, 09:00

Bij deze heb je mijn donatie ontvangen. Ben benieuwd naar je krant!

Hygao Day 2,035, 12:05

Heel erg bedankt!

ElGorro Day 2,035, 12:28

Geen probleem, veel plezier. Ben benieuwd naar je krant!

FlorisW Day 2,035, 05:14

How does one create a newspaper?

ElGorro Day 2,035, 07:58

On your profile page, just below your MU membership. Do you want a paper?

Almachtigheid Day 2,035, 06:52

Created: Mighty Times 😉

ElGorro Day 2,035, 08:03

Great! have fun with it!

Weekstrom Day 2,035, 07:35

First of all; I still hope you stay.

About the donations; You could simply donate it to the state for a specific goal. That's been done before as well what is the main reason why there isn't money spend.
And as you know I like to plan ahead and once you're state company is transferred upgrading it to Q7 will be one of those goals that will be financed. But you already knew that, but now the public knows as well 🙂

ElGorro Day 2,035, 08:04

This is one of my specific goals. I prefer to share it myself.

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 2,035, 09:43

Never give your gold to GPN for they will waste it on stupid and uneventful RW's.

Xibbard Day 2,035, 11:04

I have an idea for a Newspaper, Do you still suport players in that way?

ElGorro Day 2,035, 11:06

Youve just got your gold to start your paper. I look forward to your first article!

Xibbard Day 2,035, 11:19

New Dutch Times Created

ElGorro Day 2,035, 11:45

Have fun with it!

Xibbard Day 2,035, 11:18

Comment deleted

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,035, 13:21

This is a great idea monkey, love to see the media more full. Sad to see you leave though.

SKYJACKED Day 2,035, 16:09

Kan je geen loterij beginnen en mij het winnende lot verkopen LOL, ......., zo niet heb ik toch liever dat je blijft spelen hoor ........

Nictefa Day 2,035, 22:48

Sorry to see you go. You're a media tycoon that will be missed. This action fits that of course and I support it as well. That is if it will be quality papers, not garbage.
On the other hand I'm wondering how much money/gold of the amount you have is actually yours. I expect a lot of it being actually state money. So it's money you're not allowed to give away unless the state allows you to. Do they?

ElGorro Day 2,035, 23:16

?? Are you accusing me of something ?? If you need to know I sold my own personal Q5 company some weeks ago. This kind of reactions is one of the reasons I am quiting.

Nictefa Day 2,035, 23:32

No, I'm WONDERING as I don't know. I'm sure you know what part of the money/gold you earned is part of gov property results and which part is you're own. But I have never seen an account about it. Most likely because its some sort of gov private section or something as i never seen any accounting from state comps.
The fact that you see an accusation in it, as you seem to see in many things (you're not the only one though) is just making it hard for yourself. Or as it is with my kids, a confirmation of guild. (To be clear; I'm NOT accusing you...)

ElGorro Day 2,035, 23:58

Pfff how to misunderstand the word expecting. Well have fun! o/

Nictefa Day 2,036, 12:44

I will ElGorro. In time most likely more then atm.
To go a bit further then, still without accusing;
As far as I know you own a (Q6) weapons company ElGorro. As I understood those comps are paid for by the state and given to a player that lets people work in it for the state/their supplies. Along with that go raw comps. So you have let's say 10 raw comps of Q4 what was as I understand the standard comp at the time. 10 raw comp provide 1750 WRM a day and as your XP rises much harder per day then the amount of health you have daily its safe to assume you work in those WRM comps daily. That has been for say 500 days. That gives a total of 875k WRM that is most likely sold gaining an instant profit (You're the top seller in eNL) or processed into Q6 tanks for an even higher profit. Do notice I didn't take into account the bonuses that applied. The price of raw has dropped, but lets calculate with a low average price of 0,06cc a piece. 875k WRM at that price gives 52,5k cc. Money that is, in my definition, state property. But I have never seen that recorded. Hence my wondering....

ElGorro Day 2,036, 12:51

I use them personally since they are not used in the commune program until the gov wants them back or so. Some time ago the gov decided not to use the companies anymore. The gov never requested them to be transferred or dissolved. Also its unclear how many of my raw companies are state property as it never has been documented. I know for sure some of them are personal property. Before the admins crashed the economy I had many companies for the market. Sold some of them since that.

ElGorro Day 2,036, 12:54

But I assume the MoF is working on something now as I am planning to stop. I will wait on his answer.

Nictefa Day 2,038, 05:57

So that's as I thought then. But if you use them personally wouldn't it be logical that the result goes to the state? Or even better; To Dave as he needs the raws for the commune and it's seems we are struggling to get that to work. Since you can't donate raw's you would need to donate the money made from it. As I don't hear you did so my point stays the same; Part of the money you own is imo state property.
The fact that not seems to be recorded how many comps were paid for you strikes me as odd, but on the other hand it seems common that say 18 months ago or so recording things wasn't a common habit.

ElGorro Day 2,038, 06:45

See tab State Properties.

Nictefa Day 2,038, 14:57

Yeah I know that file. I check it regularly. But that specific tab is old and outdated as you know.

Weekstrom Day 2,038, 15:06

I've been asked to respond here. I will, but won't go in depth.
As for the # of raws there is also other intel as there is in the finance tab. MoD had a file of it's own a lthough no one was able to answer questions about it. That file states the # of comps and WRM farms clearly. Also the ones of ElGorro. Also the people working in communes were recorded.
As for the analyses of Nictefa; You're line of thought is, imo, correct.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,036, 02:44

Think before you throw accusations like that around.

james janeway
james janeway Day 2,036, 00:06

Goed idee! Meer kranten maakt het spel een stuk leuker, zeker als ze komen met interessant nieuws..

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