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Dear Citizens of eIreland,

I welcome everyone in the name of the MoFA team of the new Irish government. The MoFA is Rainy Sunday, and her assistant will be me.

The new year has started with a great war, initiated by the Asteria, that has evolved into a global conflict with all important countries participating.

1. The beginning: Asteria attacks on Chile and Venezuela

Romania sent NE,
Bulgaria sent DoW,
Serbia sent NE, against Chile.
(France sent NE against Chile too, but it was rejected.)
Serbia also sent DoW against Venezuela.

In these wars
Romania conquered New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware from Chile.
Bulgaria conquered Massachusets, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine from Chile. These wars have been closed.
Serbia conquered Llanos and Venezuelan Capital from Venezuela. This war has been closed too by Cuba taking Venezuelan Andean, the last bordering region with Serbia.
Serbia conquered Guayana, Orinoquia, Northern Low Amazon and Chimor from Chile and removed Chile from the Colombian, Venezuelan and Peruvian core regions. Than attacked and conquered Central Taiwan and the war has been closed because of no borders (Eastern Taiwan was under attack by Chile, but Chile didn't have regions in Taiwan for some time).

Day 4070. Romania attacking Chile in Delaware, Greece attacking Romania in Maryland. The war between Romania and Greece was closed because Greece conquered Maryland earlier. Bulgaria attacking Chile in Maine and Cyprus in Connecticut.

Day 4070. Serbia attacking Chimor and Venezuelan Capital. Mexico attacking Caribe e Insular.

2. Anti-Asteria counterattacks on Romania

As counterattack, the anti-Asteria countries attacked one of the biggest country of Asteria, Romania.
Chile sent NE,
Croatia sent AS,
Cyprus sent AS,
Thailand sent AS,
Greece sent AS,
Hungary sent NE,
Argentina sent NE,
Albania sent AS, and
USA sent NE against Romania.
(Turkey and Australia sent NE too, but these were rejected)

In these wars
Croatia landed in Nunavut,
Cyprus landed in Connecticut,
Thailand landed in Gujarat,
Argentina conquered Illinois,
Albania landed in Otago,
Greece landed in New York, conquered Pennsylvania and Maryland,
Hungary conquered Maramures and Crisana and these wars have been closed.
USA attacked British Columbia, but it was defended by Romania. Romania conquered Idaho, New Jersey and Delaware and the war has been closed.

Day 4070. Hungary after taking Maramures and Crisana. The Asterian defence strategy was Bulgaria taking Romanian regions before Hungary. Bulgaria took the last bordering Romanian region so the war has been closed.

3. Mexico and UAE

Mexico joined the war by proposing NE against Serbia,
As answer from the Asterian side United Arab Emirates sent AS against Mexico,

In these wars
Mexico has attacked Caribe e Insular, but lost the battle,
UAE landed in Southeast of Mexico. After that borders have been lost and both wars have been closed.

Day 4070. UAE in Mexico. Turkey took Oacaxa so the war with Mexico has been closed.

4. Anti-Asteria attacks on Canada

Greece and Croatia proposed DoWs against Canada.
(Croatia also proposed NE against Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), but this was rejected.)

In these wars
Greece lost border with Canada before attacking,
Croatia conquered Northwest Territories and Yukon, and because of no more bordering regions the war has been closed.

Day 4070. Croatia attacking Yukon, Serbia attacking Northwest Territories (Croatia) and Manitoba (Canada). USA attacking British Columbia.

5. Asterian attacks on Thailand and Cyprus and counterattack on Bulgaria

Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) sent NE against Thailand, and
Bulgaria declared war on Cyprus.
As answer Thailand sent NE against Bulgaria.

In these wars
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) conquered Gujarat from Thailand,
Bulgaria conquered Connecticut from Cyprus,
Thailand attacked Maharashtra, but didn't conquer the region. These wars have been closed.

6. Asterian attacks on Croatia and Chile, counterattack on Poland

Serbia declared war on Croatia,
Poland sent AS on Chile, and
Portugal sent AS on Thailand.
From the anti-Asteria side Turkey sent NE against Poland and DoW on Georgia.

In these wars
Serbia conquered Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut in Canada and North Eastern Venezuela in Venezuela. With this Croatia has been removed from the American continent and the war has closed.
Poland landed in Northern Cyprus, and this war has been closed,
Portugal lost the AS. Since Thailand had only two regions, from which Aland was taken by Turkey and Gujarat by Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), the Portuguese tried to liberate Eastern Thailand from Lithuania but couldn't do it before Thailand became deleted.
Turkey has taken West Georgia and Abkhazia and the war with Georgia has closed,
In the war against Poland Turkey conquered Northern Cyprus, Inner Kartli, Lower Kartli, and Kakheti. The war has been closed.

Removal of Poland from Georgia. Turkey attacked West Georgia, than Inner Kartli (right) and Abkhazia (left).

7. South Korea, North Korea

South Korea sent NE against North Korea.
In this war South Korea was in queue to attack Kangwon but Romania has taken the region before them and the war has been closed.

8. Croatian NE on Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Croatia sent a second NE law against Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), but this NE has been rejected too. Instead Croatia set the NE on Serbia.

9. Asterian airstrikes against Cyprus, Cyprian NE against Serbia

Slovenia and France sent AS against Cyprus,
As answer Cyprus sent NE against Serbia, but this has been rejected.

In these wars
France landed in Southern Low Amazon, and this war has been closed.
Slovenia lost the AS, because Cyprus's only region Santa Cruz was taken by Chile. Previously Hungary sent DoW on Cyprus in order to take Santa Cruz, but this has been rejected.

Day 4071. Peru under occupation by Serbia, China and Cyprus. France is trying to land in Southern Low Amazon. The other Cyprian region on the picture is Santa Cruz under RW by Bolivia. Later the region was taken by Chile.

10. Iran against Albania

Iran sent NE against Albania.

In this war Iran conquered Otago and Albania has been removed from New Zealand.

11. Asterian attacks against Hungary and Cyprus

Bulgaria proposed DoW against Hungary,
Poland proposed DoW against Cyprus.

In these wars
Bulgaria conquered Southern Great Plain, Southern Transdanubia, Central Hungary and Northern Hungary.
Poland lost the DoW which was sent to conquer Southern Cyprus from Cyprus. Since Poland has been removed from Northern Cyprus by Turkey, Poland didn't have border with Cyprus.

12. Reopening the war between Greece and Romania

On Day 4070 when Romania and Greece got border,
Greece sent NE against Romania (two seconds before Romania sent NE against Greece). With the liberation of Delaware Greece and Romania lost border again and this war has been closed without attack.
On Day 4072 Romania sent new NE against Greece.

In this war
Romania conquered Pennsylvania and New York.

13. Greek DoW against Serbia

Greece proposed DoW against Serbia. This law has been rejected.

14. Croatian DoW to Hungary

Croatia proposed DoW against Hungary in order to prevent Bulgaria conquering every Hungarian regions.

In this war
Croatia has taken Western Transdanubia and Central Transdanubia, and the war has been closed.

Day 4074. Hungary after Bulgaria conquered Southern Great Plain, Southern Transdanubia and Central Hungary. Croatia has taken Western Trandsdanubia and Central Transdanubia. Slovenia attacking Bratislava.

15. Reopening the war between UAE and Mexico

When Mexico and UAE got border again
Mexico sent NE against UAE (two seconds before UAE sent NE against Mexico). Serbia has taken Southeast of Mexico from UAE and the war has been closed without attack.

16. New Asterian attacks against USA and Hungary, Argentinian attack against France

Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) sent NE against USA,
Slovenia declared war against Hungary,
From the anti-Asteria side Argentina sent NE against France.

In these wars
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) conquered Alaska and the war has been closed.
Slovenia conquered Bratislava and Burgenland.
Argentina couldn't attack because with the liberation of Southern Low Amazon the border with France was lost.

17. Anti-Asterian attacks on Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania and Serbia

Croatia sent NE against Bulgaria and DoW against Slovenia,
Turkey sent AS against Lithuania,
Mexico sent NE against Serbia.

In these wars
Croatia in the war against Bulgaria is in queue to attack Southern Transdanubia which is under RW by Hungary,
In the war against Slovenia attacked Bratislava,
Turkey attacked Central Thailand,
Mexico has not yet attacked.

18. Serbian attack against Croatia

Serbia sent NE against Croatia.

Please follow the allied prios and help our allies in the wars!

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