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War Info + Battle Orders

Day 1,901, 03:36 Published in Austria Austria by II. Dexx

As the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic leaked, we know that we are at a training war with the CR. However, it seems they didn't agree to it, they wanted it later, so it can be still a good question that it is called training war by both sides, or they consider it an unprovoked agression and a real war.

There is a battle for Moravia again as the czech made a resistance and are trying to liberate the region. Still there are no official communication, nor orders by our government about what to do. This country has many players and not all of them are in the Kuruc Sereg or in the Bundesheer, so other military units and the civilians deserve official battle orders about what to do in this situation.

Till we don't get an official order by the government about what to do, I suggest all eAustrian citizens to fight on eAustria's side in the battle for Moravia. One can have many benefits to fight for it. You can collect patriot points to gain the true patiot medal sooner, what means five free golds for you. Winning the war also means cow bonus for austrian company owners. Both the bonus and the richer citizens are good for our country's economy.

Defend our country! Fight for Austria in Moravia region against the Czech Republic!

Good hunting!


jegvillam0922 Day 1,901, 03:39

Good hunting Stalker! 😃

fwdre Day 1,901, 08:39

so...what happened to "this is no hostile attack, and we will give you back your region by next chance", hmm?

Vreath Day 1,901, 10:22

fwdre, this guy is a PTOer, do not take him seriously : )

EnderCZ Day 1,901, 10:25

go czech republic!!

fwdre Day 1,901, 10:36

Vreath: Well, it would be good to see an article from government, orders from ministry of defense maybe, declaring you are giving the region back : )
So far, this guy is the only one who wrote articles in Austria in last few days : /

4NT3R Day 1,901, 10:48

battle in Moravia is everything, but training war...Austria should think better about its behavior...

Mogyi Day 1,901, 13:58


II. Dexx
II. Dexx Day 1,901, 14:26

Thank you fwdre!

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