war games again (w/instructions)

Day 535, 16:05 Published in USA USA by scrabman

I would like to take this opportunity to remind some of the new players how war games work. First I suggest you read this article about the mechanics of fighting.


Here is a real example that I gave someone just today ... a new player who, unfortunately, will not have the 25 XP needed to fight tomorrow. Nevertheless, I explained to him how fighting would work if he could use it. He is in Florida (which has a Q5 hospital) with 47 wellness today.

Tomorrow at 12:00 eRep time (which is Pacific Time) the President of Ireland will open a battle against Rhode Island. You will have all day until 0:00 to fight in that battle and then when 0:01 hits everything will be reset and you can get up in the morning and fight again and use the hospital again (you can only use the hospital once per day).

Here is what you need to do. You are at 47 health. So when the battle opens tomorrow you need to fight once against Ireland. This will put you at 37 health (you can't fight below 40 and should try not to fight below 50). You should then use the hospital to heal for 50 wellness points leaving you at 87. You then work, train, and you're done for the day. The next day (Sunday) you should be around 85 health or so. You fight 4 times before the battle closes and end at 45 health. You use the hospital and go up to 95 health. Work, train, and you're done for the day and you now can ask your employer for higher pay because you make more products when you are at higher health which will be around 93 at the end of the day.

Thus you would get 6 free fights and could have 10 if you were starting at high wellness on the first day. You don't need weapons. A Q1 weapon will more than double your battle damage but you don't need to have one ... it won't hurt you but will only help. Don't waste money on higher Q weapons.

The benefit of war games are many. First you get to have free health which helps your employer and you do more damage when you fight from a higher wellness. The more damage you do the more your combat experience increases allowing you to do even more damage multiplied by your strength. Many people saw their combat rank increase 2-3 times during the last month of Baja war games. My own rank went from Colonel to General and now I'm on the very slow climb to Field Marshall.

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