WAby Boom!

Day 742, 21:19 Published in Australia Australia by Cottus Arci

In the lead-up to Operation Twofold Bay's premature execution (thank you again, shoot) of getting Western Australia back from the clutches of the Indonesian Imperialists and making eAustralia whole once again, we had approximately 2,800 Aussies.

In just a month or so, eAustralia has swelled to over 3,250 - nearly 12% of our population currently resides in the newly-liberated Western Australia and through monitoring the population of all states from the beginning of November...

While most states have experienced excellent increases, nothing quite matches up to WA -


Sure, a lot of players have moved from other states back to WA, now that it's owned by us and have a Q5 hospital - but an increase of 264 citizens in WA last month can't all be returning veterans!

It kills me to think of the WAby's who joined the game in the past 18 months only to find WA owned by Indonesia and gave up playing primarily based on that fact.

YOU must help the WAby Boom!
With the addition of National Challenges, how about we as Australians spend less time talking bullshit on the forums & IRC and spend more time helping new players!

Personally, I've invested about 1000 AUD into my Q1 Gift Company as a good launching pad for new players.

They start with a generous 3 AUD Manufacturing wage and get a really, really informative PM...

I think this is much more personal than the Standard PM which comes from Admin (or is it eRepublik?) and shows we're here to help. I've had a great response so far as new players really do find this game utterly frustrating as there is nothing to do!

And best of all - I'm not doing this purely to get the WAby boomers to vote for me in the coming months!!! (COUGH PAUL HAMON COUGH!) 😛

How to help the WAby Boom!
eAustralia Beginners Chat
Stop talking bullshit on IRC and actually put some time into eAustralia helping WAby boomers.

Oh IRC is L337 you cry? Shut your face, suck it up, mute those damn speakers and realise IRC is too big a leap for most on their first few days of eRepubliking because IRC is not internal, whereas Chat Rooms can be found under My Places.

With Movembery Love,