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Vote for loftedraptor to be S.E.E.S. Party President

Day 935, 15:30 Published in USA Ireland by loftedraptor

Why Vote for loftedraptor for President of the S.E.E.S. Party?

I am a dissenting voice who will no longer be silenced. I feel strongly we should protect what little Democracy that is left in this Country.

The S.E.E.S. Party should disavow all domestic PTO tactics and intimidation. We need to stop behaving like a bunch of goons. We should leave each of all other party's domestic affairs to its individual members. We should never threaten other parties or individuals if they disagree with us. We should do our best to make sure we are not being used as a tool to further some powerful player's personal hatred or agenda against some other individual or party. Some of these hatreds are from a long time ago. Folks learn and change, this is a game and we are all trying to play it, let us enjoy it.

T.A.M.A. (Trade And Military Alliance): I endorse the T.A.M.A. Treaty not the Lib Party, not that there is anything wrong with the Libs. Let's just not let the Libs hijack it as their exclusive property, lol. We should promote T.A.M.A . for the good of the Country. T.A.M.A. is a Win - Win deal for everyone involved. Each individual should become familiar with it, before passing judgment.

I am a 65 year old man who plays this game about 8 hours a day 7 days a week. I am an effective manager and I am familiar with game mechanics. I co-founded the Original Republican Party and served several terms as its Party President. I have also served 3 full terms in the Congress of the Ukraine, and I was an experienced, dedicated, legislator, and a dedicated Party member there.

I bring with me maturity and fairy good judgment. You will not see me behaving like a school yard bully, or being a "loose Cannon" on the American Political scene misusing my power of office to further any personal vendettas or promote any secret agendas.

I am also quite perceptive regarding the spotting of PTO candidates, as I spent six months actively fighting one PTO after the other in the Ukraine.

The S.E.E.S. Party will run only candidates who are proven loyal, responsible, Americans, who mean us no harm, on my watch, I will investigate all unknowns before allowing them to run for Congress.

I will be diligent in the discharge of my duties if elected Party President of S.E.E.S.

If you want a moderate, steady hand guiding the S.E.E.S Party vote for me.

Respectfully submitted,




loftedraptor Day 935, 15:31

Vote for me!

Zack Mack
Zack Mack Day 935, 15:50

good luck man

SergeMan Day 935, 16:14

Its about time someone in SEES wanted to "stop behaving like a bunch of goons". Good luck!

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 935, 17:18

good luck

Candor Day 935, 17:27

Loft: I love you man, and really respect you. But SEES isn't set up to be a democracy, it's a dictatorship (backed by Committee).

There are 75 other parties who DO run more or less democratically. But the people who CHOOSE to be a member of SEES agree to the form of leadership in place, different from all other parties.

The COE and Emerick would have to endorse your PP attempt. And it is my understanding they have chosen JP for PP. Which means you are leading a hostile PTO attempt on SEES.

Which is neither here nor there, not my business. But let's call this what it is, really. You are attempting to PTO SEES.

loftedraptor Day 935, 18:32

Candor, My Amigo, Friend and right now you bum, lol! Calling poor old loft a PTOer!! This is all about stopping Domestic PTOs and denying folks their Civil Rights. I will bet you left S.E.E.S. because of your own opinions.

I am a long time S.E.E.S. Member and I love the Party. I see a few things that need changing. I feel I can do a better job in the month ahead. I am fed up with a few people telling me what I can or can't do when game mechanics allows me otherwise.

More than half the Country is frightened of my Party. I wonder how many of this silent, intimidated majority will quietly support my dissenting Voice and elect me as Party President of the S.E.E.S. Party. We shall see.

Best wishes,

xRoWx Triggers
xRoWx Triggers Day 935, 18:48

Why do you hate freedom???

loftedraptor Day 935, 19:07

I don't hate freedom this is all about freedom my friend.
Oh, why did you KB me from #SEES for posting the URL of this Newspaper? Is this the kind of freedom S.E.E.S. Represents and wants to be known for? Hey you guys have a right to troll me and expect a polite reply, so what gives??

Best wishes,


fingerguns Day 935, 19:10

SEES does a really good job of screening candidates already. I don't understand what you are wanting to change.

loftedraptor Day 935, 20:30

At Fingerguns

You are likely right, so far S.E.E.S. has done an outstanding job of keeping the bad guys out and I am not questioning this. I emphasized this only to point out I have hands on experience in spotting PTOers, especially Huns, Romanians, and Serbs. I threw that in so I didn't hear from some Bozo noob trying to Demonize me by saying I will let a Hun or a Serb run for our congress.

Here is where I stand.
My citizenship request

I wish to serve the USA to the best of my ability and be a good citizen. I am a warrior who is a Field Marshal with 27+ strength. I have never fought directly against the US or tried to attack the US in any way. I have a vested interest in the US as I own several companies in the US. I will not abandon the US and swear I have no agenda detrimental to the US. I wish to live and work and prosper in the US.

Respectfully submitted,


This is what I swore to do when I returned to take my licks for getting drunk and screwing up and acting without orders to stop a PTO in the Ukraine.

S.E.E.S. is totally out of control and could become a threat to our National Security. S.E.E.S. needs to clean up its act. If I am wrong, no major harm will have been done and the members of S.E.E.S. will be free to elect a Party President democratically.

Fingerguns, this is a solicitation of your support.

Respectfully submitted,


Glove Day 935, 21:18

Personally, I like how SEES behaves like a bunch of goons. Its entertaining seriously lol.

loftedraptor Day 935, 21:31

Yes it is Glove, but at what point does the fun end and we become a threat to the very thing we are sworn to protect. I am just saying we need to cool it a bit. We are scaring people. S.E.E.S. is the best Party in the world!

Best wishes,


Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 935, 21:36

wow mate...just a short while, we have seen you goign from eMalaysia training officer to SEES PP? WOWO

loftedraptor Day 935, 22:00

At Carr De Vaux Sorry about that. I am an old man from East Texas, USA. Malaysia was very kind to me, as was Ukraine, but it was time I went home where I belong. My worst fear was leading troops in battle against the USA. I was unfit for command.


Jefferson Lincoln
Jefferson Lincoln Day 936, 06:16

loftedraptor you are the man. SEES has been way out of control PTOing parties in the US. In the United States we are a DEMOCRACY and shouldn't have to deal with this dictatorship trying to take over the party.

A vote for loftedraptor is a vote for America!

loftedraptor Day 936, 06:31

Thanks Amigo! Yep, unfortunately, bad things can and do happen.


Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado Day 936, 20:25

Hmmm... your one crazy son of a biitch. But I LIKE IT!

Alexander II The Great
Alexander II The Great Day 937, 08:51

Good luck my friend, Ukraine is with you!

Guys, just VOTE loft - you won't be disappointed 🙂

loftedraptor Day 937, 11:15

At Alex

Thanks Old Friend!

loftedraptor Day 937, 12:03

@Anthony Delgado

Actually, I am a Cranky Old Man in his second childhood enjoying the hell out of this game, LOL.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Day 938, 11:26

SEES isn't about a fucking democracy or bullshit. It's about Emerick being the only leader of the USA ever. Get the hell out of here.

rolltidegopokes Day 938, 13:57

Hey...Cranky Old Man.....(you called yourself that) Looks like your avatar is an EVE Online character...true?

loftedraptor Day 938, 14:56

@rolltidegopokes Yes it is. I have several high level Eve accounts that are inactive for now. I spend all my time playing this now.


Arkasas Day 938, 16:01


SEES is a dictatorship made to defend the US from internal party threats. (ie: Ajay and the APF)

Not a democracy.

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 938, 19:39

pig disgusting

Rice Racer
Rice Racer Day 938, 19:58

Sorry I can't support your bid for PP. I like SEES the way it is and voted for JP.

loftedraptor Day 938, 21:36

Arkasas; Turd Fergusen; Rice Racer Cool, I respect your opinion. Vote for who you think is best. JP is a good guy.

Candor Day 1,125, 02:28

7 months later: I'm sad this is the last thing you wrote. But I'm glad you're still alive today.

Gaylord Q. Tinkledink
Gaylord Q. Tinkledink Day 1,282, 17:42

12 months later: I'm glad this is the last thing you wrote because you're clearly a ptoing fgt. Also, I'm still pissed you pto'd the nos.

gonna report me?

loftedraptor Day 1,463, 02:39

@ Gaylord: The Nos Party was the Republican Party SEES PTOed I just renamed it its proper name after the party fell into my lap because I was the biggest guy in it when the PP quit!

BTW I just ran across this 🙂

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