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Vote for Death & Taxes

Day 1,886, 14:34 Published in India Ireland by Death and Taxes

So, that's two of our favourite things right? I had to laugh as a certain eIndian friend pointed this out to me.....How do you get people to vote for Death & Taxes?

So. I'm going to use this article to launch - a grandiose phrase if ever there was one - my candidacy for congress through the party I am a member of, India United.

Those of you of an older generation may remember that not so long ago, people voted for the individual not the party. This was a tremendously exciting affair, as your ego was inflated or deflated, depending on your fortune. These days, things are a lot duller, we all vote for a party and you either get elected or not depending on how high up you are on the list.

That list is compiled by the party president, this why the PP is such an important post. Our PP is vigorius:

Can I just say that he is the best party president I have ever served under. Wise, erudite, diplomatically skilful, experienced in all aspects of the Kama Sutra, fluent in 45 languages, and possibly related to Gandhi. Recently arriving to eRepublik after his stint as a director and star of numerous Bollywood movies, we wish him every success here in India United.

On a slightly more serious note. If I am given the honour to serve in congress I will promise to ensure the following things:

Every week, and in times of crisis more frequently, I will give you a congress report, detailing the actions and decisions within congress. Notwithstanding that certain things cannot be reported owing to national security, I still think it's important that all citizens have the right to know what exactly is going on, and why.

A lot of people have discussed our baby boom, or a potential baby boom, but what people aren't talking about is something more important, and that is retention. One of the ways we do this is by education. Now I'm not sure what package we have for new citizens, but there is a dearth of articles aimed at educating them on what they could be or should be doing. I am 100% confident that BRATS does a great job, but we have to realise that a lot of citizens won't use or want to use IRC, so well written guides will help.

I have no intention of spending a lifetime doing this, so I propose to use existing ones published in Ireland, with the permission of the author whom I know well, and modify it for India.

But most of all, I intend to assist congress, and therefore our government, to start making decisive decisions on the future of our nation. As we know, the first part is applying for membership of CoT, the second is deciding our relationship with our neighbours Croatia (whether you like it or not) and China. the third is to put some sort of plan in place about where we want to be in eRepublik, who we want to fight for, who we want to associate with, and what kind of community we should have.

I reiterate three things about myself and my time in India:

1. I will never take a position of power here as CP, minister or PP
2. I am here for 6 months regardless of circumstances unless deported
3. My sole purpose is the betterment of India. You may not like what I say or do, but it is never done without reason, and that reason is to make you think. Thinking is good.

I ask all citizens to vote for India United in the next congress elections. I will write another, less ego-driven article about the party before then, in the meantime, I ask you all to work together for a better India.



Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,886, 14:54

Good luck,

Your safe enough they have not implemented the deport option yet, but certainly would be useful in some

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,886, 15:05

Thought this was a CP article 😛

You should make it mate.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,886, 16:00

GL mal

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,886, 16:19

Good Luck Mal - to a true gentleman and one of the players on my Most Respected list.

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,886, 16:38

i'm still trying to figure out if death looks so ratty because the taxes are so big, or what...

i'm sure more folks will vote for you if you tell them you're going to institute a tax on the estates of dead players. maybe tax parties and MUs for dead members. good luck mal!

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,886, 19:41

supported! o7

all the best D & T !! o/

Aks1010 Day 1,886, 19:42

Good luck o7

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,886, 19:44

good luck!

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,886, 20:31


off whisky
off whisky Day 1,886, 20:38

If you come to our party,I'll be glad to vote for you. This is our PP-
Although he is considered by some an "old man", he might still not be as skillful in KS and dirty dancing, but he knows some fair political tricks. 😉)
Your agenda is one that I would be more than happy to be Taxed to Death for!

Adhavan Day 1,886, 22:01

all the best o7

Lonqu Day 1,887, 00:21

This guy deserves to be in congress. Best of luck! o7

Uljanov Day 1,887, 03:04

GL friend!

ayush121212 Day 1,887, 05:41

good luck mate

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,887, 06:10

Death and Taxes for CP!

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,887, 13:55

Mr. Jack X
Mr. Jack X Day 1,889, 06:45

Good luck!

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