Vote Dominar Rygel XVI for President of the USA: The Last Dance....

Day 4,579, 10:09 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

This is it my fellow Americans. Like the Chicago Bulls of the 90's, I am ready to make the United States of America a championship quality team! The last dance we now face is to make Dominar Rygel XVI President of the United States. I have done a lot in my career, been Dominar to over 600 billion subjects, Vice President, Secretary of State, Party President, Congressman, and a host of other positions; you know the story! Although I am an absolute monarch as Dominar of the Hynerian Empire, I humbly ask for your vote on Friday, June 5th to be your President!

If you have not yet seen my platform, then be sure to check out my last campaign article.

Finally, I present to you my cabinet. I am keeping it basic and streamlined here. If you want to be a part of the administration, we still welcome all who want to make America even greater!
Vice President/Deputy Secretary of State: Monsieur Manchukuo
Secretary of State: StrideR 83
Secretary of Defense/Senior Adviser: Chickensguys
Governor/Secretary of Treasury: Toto Schillaci
Secretary of the Interior: Rimzan Hassan
Press Secretary: Wilker Nath

Remember, I am not a God, but I am your Sovereign.... so vote for me! o/