Victory in Turkey

Day 573, 18:44 Published in USA New Zealand by WahooBob

ISLAMABAD - American forces today completed a week long deployment with an impressive battle victory in the recource-rich region of Central Greece. The battle, which featured a wall of over 112,000 points, stretched nearly an hour into "overtime" past the regular 24. Tanks from Turkey, Hungary, and Indonesia battled the forces of the American military, assisted strongly by Croatian units and heavy hitting tanks from around the former ATLANTIS bloc. Both sides pushed hard, each having runs of 10,000 or 20,000 points at a time. Despite the loss of 600 gold overnight from the theft of a Marines stockpile, the region was secured. Citizens were seen in the streets celebrating and tearing down the Turkish Q5 hospital.

This impressive battle was preceded by four smaller battles in the week supported by the American military. Resistance wars in Macedonia, Attica, Jerusalem, and Center District (Israel) were won with relitave ease, returning the last Turkish-held regions to Israel as well as liberating the majority of Greece. Three other resistance wars took place over the same time period in Turkey, but did not recive American backing and were secured by Turkey.

The timing of the battle could not have been better for the American forces and her allies. Today was supposed to be the day of the invasion promised by PEACE spokesman and infamous troll GLadDOS. Instead of an attack on the homeland, PEACE forces were forced to use extreme amounts of gold on the battle in Central Greece in an attempt to defend it. The region is of strategic importance to PEACE due to its high productivity in iron resources, and as such a large amount of gold has been invested in companies there. Reports also indicate that GLadDOS was forced to watch from the sidelines for this battle due to a temporary ban.

General Leroy Combs of the US Airborne spoke briefly on the battle, saying "It was a great day to be an American." Lt. General Armandez spoke with the troops as well, calling the battle "a helluva victory." "PEACE may have had their day at FER, but we whooped em today. BOO-YAH" President Scrabman kindly provided The Grapevine with a statement from his residence in Washington: "Watching the eUSA Military fight in that overtime was the most beautiful thing that I've seen since playing eRep! It truly was awesome! Then Harrison texted me Harlot's funding requests and I passed out additional funds from Ft. Knox and that wall just went on down into the basement! It was beautiful!" He adressed the nation hours later through his newspaper extending these sentiments as well as commenting on many other current events.

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