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van Spijck V

Day 1,806, 14:04 Published in Netherlands Norway by M. de Ruyter


Beste burgers der eNederlanden,

Het is mij een eer U te mogen mededelen dat de Geuzen Partij Nederland mij opnieuw heeft voorgedragen als kandidaat voor de Lands Presidents verkiezingen.

Binnenkort zal ik mijn programma publiceren, maar het zal geen verrassing zijn dat ik de huidige koers wil doorzetten. Dat wil niet zeggen dat dingen niet beter kunnen.

Ik ben blij met de komst van nieuwe ideeën, en hoop dat we in de nieuw te vormen regering ook weer gebruik zullen kunnen maken van de inbreng van alle partijen. Ik weet inmiddels hoe belangrijk het team is waar je mee werkt, zeker nu de economische omstandigheden het nodig maken soms impopulaire maatregelen te nemen, zoals minder budget voor leuke dingen.

Om te beginnen zal de nauwe samenwerking met TPP’s Weekstrom, onze huidige, en hopelijk ook onze toekomstige minister van Financien voortgezet worden. Deze strategie zorgt ervoor dat onze bevrijding een stuk sneller dichterbij komt. Een bevrijding waar we voor sparen, die we plannen met onze vrienden en bondgenoten in de hele e-wereld.

Natuurlijk wil ik goede nieuwe ideeën gebruiken in onze regering, zoals het invoeren van een ministerie van evenementen; 2 dagen geleden zijn Missingno en ArtemIvanov daarvoor uitgenodigd vanwege hun constructieve ideeën.

Laten we niet vergeten dat we juist nu mensen nodig hebben met visie en doorzettingsvermogen. Iedereen heeft zijn eigen kwaliteiten, alleen samen maken we ons land sterker. U kunt op mij rekenen.

At your service
van Spijck o7


Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

It is my honour to anounce to You that GPN has selected me again as their candidate for the Country President’s elections.

Soon I’ll be releasing my program, but it won’t be a surprise that I wish to keep on the same course. Which doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement ofcourse.

I am happy with any new ideas, and hope that also in the newly to form government the input of all parties can be put to use. By now, I have learned how important the team is you work with, especially now that economical circumstances make impopular decisions unavoidable. Like less budget for fun things.

For starters the close cooperation with TPP’s Weekstrom, our current, and hopefully next Minister of Finances will be continued. This strategy will make our liberation become realistic a lot sooner. A liberation we are all saving up for, we are planning with our friends and allies around the eWorld.

Ofcourse I want to use / introduce Your good ideas into our government, like installing a ministry of events. Missingno and Artemivanov have already been asked for that mission 2 days ago because of their constructive ideas.

Let’s not forget, especially now we need people with vision and perseverence. Everyone has his own capabilities, only together we can make our country grow stronger. You can count on me.

At your service
van Spijck o7



Wolf Henrich von Helldorf
Wolf Henrich von Helldorf Day 1,806, 14:08

Voted, Sweden and Asgard support you!

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,806, 14:10

van Spijck for President! Let him go on with the job! o7

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,806, 14:13


Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Day 1,806, 14:15


2.D.G Day 1,806, 14:17

"Soon I’ll be releasing my program, but it won’t be a surprise that I wish to keep on the same course. Which doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement ofcourse."

I think you've said that about 4 times now, every month. As far as I know, the situation hasn't changed ONE bit, if anything it got worse. :>

FrutekXXX Day 1,806, 14:19

good luck my friend.....: )

Sedem.dva Day 1,806, 14:21

Voted and supported. van Spijck ftw.

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,806, 14:23

Please address the debate in the congress forum in which you randomly NE Norway.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,806, 14:25

An excellent CP, please vote for him

briepe Day 1,806, 14:27

vote spijckie!

DaanHQ Day 1,806, 14:32

I for one hope that you may continue van Spijck. And for people like 2.D.G. (must mean something?) I think you missed the fact that we're al most backrupt with incoming money of 100k or less while we had millions during earlier gov's that was all spent without a (clear) vision or but into gold in a, to say the least, unluckey way. I find it amazing we are still almost daily able to fight for a DO and receive weapons.

DaanHQ Day 1,806, 14:36

@Missingno; Where have you been last months? On another planet or so? Norway is the only neigbour that we can use for a TW, they gave us extra congress seats a few months back, made us do our latest missions and are asking for our help now. Congress has to vote on it to make it happen, so what is illegal? It's no one mans dicission as it was a couple of months back under Garmr if i recall correctly and he did NE a couple of times.
Must be politics in an attempt to gain power i suppose...

Weirdstuffs Day 1,806, 14:44

@DaanHQ its not like vS just had his first term. He had 4 terms already in which he didnt make eNL a better country. IMO he shouldnt get a fifth term.
On the other matter Missingno adresses, is about vS illegally holding a vote to NE Norway, while jeopardizing our country's safety, WITHOUT consulting congress first. Is that really the CP you want?

Gwom Day 1,806, 14:52

van Spijck you have my vote.

Broersje Day 1,806, 15:17

I applaud your willingness to continue the tasks set before us all.

However, I think it's kind of a base act to publicly advertise the fact that some people were asked to assist your government, when they haven't responded yet. What do you hope to gain by doing this, other than opening a possibility to accuse them of unwillingness to help the eDutch people? I call it dirty politics, but I'm sure you would use a different description for your undoubtedly noble intentions.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,806, 15:29

@broersje: is this what our new political reveille has brought us? You questioning the intentions of the CP... Why on earth would van Spijck want to discredit Artemivanov or missingno? You should know better than to insinuate this. It is an open invitation to prove this gov is really welcoming new ideas for people that may not follow debates on forum. I am disappointed here.

Broersje Day 1,806, 15:35

Stating that people were invited is not an open invitation. It's public blackmailing. An invitation is what it is: an invitation, nothing more. Repeatedly stating that people have been invited is simply not right, it's simply putting pressure on them.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,806, 15:42

Oh, come on. It is just an example.

DaanHQ Day 1,806, 15:44

@weirdstuff; There is nothing endangering our country by that NE proposal. I would suspect a debate going on and congess does his duty. Waiting untill after the debate is finished is to late.
That would be like a fire alarm being started and then first start a debate if it's wise to start driving the firetruck or first await the fire being visible from the fire departments office. Is that the commander you would want near you're place?

DaanHQ Day 1,806, 15:46

And for you're statemant about 4 terms; Did it come to you're mind that structural changes need time and money? And that on both is being worked? The only comment I can come up with is that of the work van Spijck is doing to little is visible. But that's common in this kind of long term negotiations. It's no FPS game you know...

Broersje Day 1,806, 15:48

@zeeuwsmeisje: Well, it doesn't look like that to me. And I wouldn't put it above van Spijck, not after seeing him in a particularly foul mood the other day on IRC. Of course, having personal access to him, you probably know better, but appearances is all the rest of us have. And this looks ugly, at least to me.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,806, 16:30

@broersje. No idea what foul mood you are referring to, he can be blunt but he is not a political backstabber. I understand your personal interpretation of the alinea in the article, but I can indeed vouch for his true intentions. Though vouching for someone seems to cause a lot of issues these days...

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,806, 16:38

@weirdstuffs: as a congress man you should know our Law. The vote was not illegal, and the reason justified. Read up on forum please. I would expect this from a CP candidate as well, btw.

On your remark about the past 4 terms, you may want to take into consideration that the govs before us left us with a situation without sufficient financial funds to do anything, and programs that cost us more than our budget allowed. We have improved much, but not to a point that we can benefit from it yet.

Shtula Day 1,806, 18:47

Good Luck!! o7

Lucifel Day 1,806, 19:11

van Spijck V

Good Luck my friend!

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,806, 19:12

Norway NE was cleared up.
Good luck vS o/

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,806, 19:29

@Missingno; so you retract your accusations against van Spijck? And you are officially offering your apologies?

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,806, 20:06


jhonatan94 Day 1,806, 20:13


Clorofila Day 1,806, 20:13

best wishes!

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,806, 20:21

Most of the criticism towards vS is from either people who just came back to eNL or people who recently got CS and have 'coincidentally' aligned themselves with the people who criticize vS. There are only a few exceptions.

People need to realize that the state that eNL is in was from previous governments actions, some of the same who criticize vS still today.

Accusations flow freely and any and every little thing or problem is being blown way out of proportion these days.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,806, 20:23

Starting to think the vibe from Ireland is coming across the ocean and rubbing off on Netherlands.

Viridi Day 1,806, 20:31

I support. o/

TimberJack Day 1,806, 22:09

Van Spijck is awesome! Vote for him. 😛

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,806, 23:26


Battler66 Day 1,806, 23:38

I have two questions;
Will you publish more information on what you're doing for eNL the next term van Spijck? I'm convinced you're doing the right things and a good job for eNL but would like to see more information published. Could of course be forum only as MoF did.
Will Weekstom be you're MoF van Spijck and the one in charge of generating funds since the way it's written down makes that uncertain to me since you state that you hope so...

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,806, 23:46

@Battler66; yes, I'll publish more info, and yes Weekstrom will continue in my cabinet, if I'm re-elected ofc.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,807, 00:46

Good luck bro!

Goonie GooGoo
Goonie GooGoo Day 1,807, 01:10

with free weed for tourists xD

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,807, 01:33

good luck!

JohnCV Day 1,807, 01:49

succes met de nominatie voor het kandidatenschap!

DimlightHero Day 1,807, 02:18

Don't change horses mid-race! VanSpijck has my vote.

WhiteTemplar Day 1,807, 05:42

Good luck! o7

2.D.G Day 1,807, 06:50

Dimlight, I'm pretty sure the race was over 2 months ago.

Djoks Day 1,807, 07:23


Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,807, 08:25

Nobody wants a government propped up by Notie it seems, even most members of demNL even though ElGorro supported missingo as well. Hmmm

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,807, 08:52

Joshua, you realise notie and xyrrath (the two of three main members of libertas) are in vS's government?

NoTie112 Day 1,807, 09:34

Joshua what are you talking about? It seems GPN is currently 'propping up' a government with 'Notie' anyway.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,807, 10:48

Dear god..

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,807, 16:35


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