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V for Victory: Farewell Address

Day 1,993, 21:24 Published in USA USA by Vanek26

Sup America?

Its my last day, and I'm packing up, ready to hand the keys over tomorrow. I'd just like to thank a few people for a strong effort over these last two months.

First off, Mazzy Cat and Othere did a fantastic job in Education and Interior. I never once had to bother myself with those departments because they handled it like pros.

Next, my drunkard CoS, Israel Stevens. He was drunk most of the time, and should be publically flogged for it. Also he wouldn't let me text him after 10:00 PM. But seriously, he kept everything on track, so once again, I wouldn't have to.

Cromstar and Artela get thanks for sitting through some CoT meetings for me. Cromstar worked hard with the USAF and deserves a gold star.

dermont did a great job on foreign affairs for me this month, and also sat in on a few meetings in my stead. I can't emphasis enough how much of a sacrifice that is. His deputy NewAzazel, also did a great job.

nose did his normal great job with orders, and I can tell he is looking forward to some time off.

Finally, John Largo did a great job repping us on many a battlefield. Internally, he provided a key voice and level head that was much appreciated.

Since we last talked, a few things have happened. First, Greece rejected a MPP with their long-time ally, Croatia. In reply, Croatia and the United States have agreed to a MPP. We look forward to new adventures with our old friend.

On the war front, Bulgaria and CoT continue to stand strong against the Serbian-Romanian assault on Bulgaria. Down 61-82, we managed to win two straight rounds completely to win the battle, 83-82.

On the alliance front, TWO HQ has announced that CUA member, Columbia, has been admitted to their junior alliance, ACT. Basically, Columbia is used by Argentina, so this is a clear sign that Argentina is a TWO member in all but name now.

However, Spain's government has issued a statement saying that they have not approved such a move, and that this is against the TWO charter. This is only the latest in a series of offenses against Spain's sovereignty and wishes by the HQ of TWO. Hungary seems to be in a similar position, and it remains to be seen what either country is willing to do about such disrespect.

On a side-note, from the fallout of the Saxony RW, the Romanian President issued this note to TWO. They are really working the shaft, eh?

Anyhow, thank you all for your support over the last month, and I hope that you will all see how the foreign policy I have established will play out over the next few months in fun and exciting ways. I'm disappointed nothing big happened war-wise during my terms, but these things take time to develop, and rushing it would only doom us to failure.



Kooguy Day 1,993, 21:30

Don't play me like a fool
that ain't cool
so watchu need to do is let me smell yo dick

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,993, 21:38


Othere Day 1,993, 21:38

Thanks for two great months! o7

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,993, 21:41


Princesa Serenity
Princesa Serenity Day 1,993, 21:41

🙂 Grande Vanek !!!
Viva USA!!
Viva México!!
Viva CoT !!!

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,993, 21:41

Thank you for your service, Mr. President.

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,993, 22:13


Great job!

Tyrannocopters Day 1,993, 22:32

the Romanian CP should open a "message" parlor imo. Serbians get free service.

Candor Day 1,993, 23:59

Well written and classy.

ligtreb Day 1,994, 00:11

Thank you for all your hard work the past two months.

IDEIAS Day 1,994, 00:46


congratz Vanek o/

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,994, 00:50

Nektari0s Day 1,994, 01:22

V! vanek thank you
You are wise

panpitoo Day 1,994, 01:35

Comment deleted

panpitoo Day 1,994, 01:36


stewy Day 1,994, 01:38

I think you did a damn good job overall the past two months. I'm sure the job's a thankless task, so thx

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Day 1,994, 02:24

Well done, Vanek. Thank you.

Viarizi Day 1,994, 02:28

Where are the 10/10 bonus promised?

Viarizi Day 1,994, 02:29

... Well at least you managed to rally up all major mus against the executive branch, good job!

Bucephalus92 Day 1,994, 09:02

Comment deleted

Viarizi Day 1,994, 11:22


Bucephalus92 Day 1,994, 11:23

Report me all you want, at the end of the day I'm not the one that has to fall asleep knowing I support a man that stalks and harasses women.

avrukh Day 1,994, 03:07

avrukh was here

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,994, 03:14

Vanek is Victory!!!

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,994, 03:30

*is pleased with Vaneks term*

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,994, 03:41

Vanek's terms were some of my favorites,
V for Victory

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,994, 05:05

Meh about the war, I was a bit dissapointed, and the 10/10.

But you did a fine job in the rest and kept the country aligned with sound policy.

I think it should be qualified as a win that you didn't do anything derp with the CP buttons this month, considering how much we saw before you came in...

ElvenCRO Day 1,994, 06:07

Thank you for two great terms! Vanek is Victory! o7

hive_cluster Day 1,994, 07:12

drinking is good

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,994, 07:15


Cubby Day 1,994, 07:58

You're a good dude, Vanek.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,994, 07:58

You did well, rest up now.

Unbias Day 1,994, 08:06

yeah, Its Colombia, not Columbia. just saying.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,994, 09:02

V for Victory!
Hail Croatia!

spiderwii Day 1,994, 09:39

V for Victory!

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,994, 09:49

"On the war front, Bulgaria and CoT continue to stand strong against the Serbian-Romanian assault on Bulgaria. "

If it was a Serbian-Romanian assault, you wouldn't be seeing Bulgaria anywhere on the map. ijs

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,994, 10:01


Oblige Day 1,994, 10:13

Great terms!

The Original Munchkin
The Original Munchkin Day 1,994, 11:05

Congratulations on two successful terms.

Also concerning Romania and TWO... Shaft = worked.

creitzell Day 1,994, 12:58

Great terms Vaneck.

Its Jose
Its Jose Day 1,994, 13:19


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,994, 16:14

thumbs up, boss!

Cristiano Rod
Cristiano Rod Day 1,995, 01:09

Vanek, a few more contries could use a wise and visionary CP like yourself to make this game a bit more fun. Thanks for your contribution and effort!


Sandukaani Day 1,995, 01:56


Fitisin Day 1,995, 06:13

You should have drunk attacked someone 🙂 other than that, thank you for doing that under appreciated job

Catatumbo Day 1,995, 09:17

Good Job Bro ...o7

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,995, 15:36

Doing nothing warwise is better that doing something stupid warwise, COUGH Taiwan COUGH.

Also, not his fault on the 10/10, Pfiffer said no bonus, so thats that, until some CP with balls stands up to pfiffer, then no 10/10.

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