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USWP - Taking Congress by STROM

Day 1,497, 18:12 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.

Yes, by strom.

Santa was very kind to our country this year, and delivered a majority of the seats in Congress to USWP candidates. I am so very proud of our party, and our election team.

SGTRock - My right hand (ewww, stop thinking that) and the man without whom these election days would not be possible. Thank you brother.

Now that that's done, on to the celebrating.

See that? Majority.

I'm not sure much more needs to be said, but I think it goes without saying that this has been the highlight of my four months at the helm of our party. More than any Presidential election or membership gain, electing a majority of Congress shows that our party is a force that cannot be ignored.

Thanks to all of our mobile voters, I'm much poorer for the tanks and food I sent to party members, but it's well worth it.

From Rock to the party: "If I had to pick one word about yesterday's victory it would be 'teamwork'. You correctly placed your faith in the PP/PAC team and it was our honor to help so many people get elected. We were able to do this by members thinking of party first over self with regard of where to vote. '

protip for USWP: nominate this guy for Party President.

To the other parties - See you next month. 😉



Pfeiffer. Day 1,497, 18:13


Kooguy Day 2,052, 12:53

voting random old comments?

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,497, 18:16

Credit where credit is due: good job.

Garmr Day 1,497, 18:17

USWP supah awesome, I even voted for one of their candidates.

y.a.g Day 1,497, 18:17

v + s

Waruda Day 1,497, 18:18

Gibe Gold

Jon Vontalmo
Jon Vontalmo Day 1,497, 18:21

On to the next one! \o/

3mBaRg0 Day 1,497, 18:30

Congrats to USWP for the election wins!

The.Dude Day 1,497, 18:38

One way to gauge a parties effectiveness is to view the relationship between Party President and the PAC Director. I can truly say Henry has empowered those around him to foster productivity and winning.

Who can argue with the results?

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,497, 18:39

requesting youtube of you doing your victory dance. do eet.

Congrats USWP!

Aersidius Day 1,497, 18:45

Awesome begat more awesome. USWP1:1

Kooguy Day 1,497, 18:47

41.82% of Congress isn't a majority, some of those people were 6th party members.
Regardless, I hate to say it, but congrats. You've once again proven that the USWP is the best when it comes to elections.

voted piç

bilavı esirgeme

frankis390 Day 1,497, 19:17

age: 13
underpants color : white
nose: snotty
masturbation: 9 times for a week
face: pimply

age: 13
underpants color : white
nose: snotty
masturbation: 9 times for a week
face: pimply


Pfeiffer. Day 1,497, 19:19


Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,497, 19:36

Well done, USWP, on a very successful month.

Arrden Day 1,497, 19:47

Voted. What a race!

Jelly9473 Day 1,497, 19:47


chonkey808 Day 1,497, 20:01


Animis Day 1,497, 20:23

what rainy said, but nekkid do eet!

GoddessOfDesire Day 1,497, 20:39


Astraeus II
Astraeus II Day 1,497, 21:29

I am running for Congress next month.

Oblige Day 1,497, 21:40

what Animis said, but with clothes.

Tiamati Day 1,497, 21:51

Interesting Developments all around; Nifty Inventory Display featured in the screenshot though.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,497, 21:53

What Oblige said, but without.

Cubby Day 1,497, 22:21

SGTROCK for President -- Party, Country, Whatever!

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,498, 23:02

what firo said but not

Nosyt Day 1,498, 23:57

~hyuu~ o/

Jamarcus Day 1,498, 00:50


PimpDollaz Day 1,498, 01:03

good job homeboy

also, gibe me some Q6 tanks. I iz poor

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,498, 04:33


CII venom
CII venom Day 1,498, 10:09

Congrats, but i still beat out your candidate in Nevada 🙂

Flashgun Day 1,498, 11:04


Kooguy Day 1,498, 11:49

Well, I was personally surprised that Mikhail Alexander received no support. I thought he would be more of a priority.

Schem Day 1,498, 13:52

congrats, and thank you. This team rocks.

chickensguys Day 1,498, 16:29

By Strom wonder who said that?

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,498, 17:23

/me tips cap

Relorian Day 1,498, 17:23

By Storm maybe... With out a little "help" from a various amount of bought old accounts and multi account bots... not likely. Well done to the honest USWP members, to the others Karma will eventually catch you.

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