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USGP PP Announcement

Day 682, 22:25 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero
From the desk of the Party President of the U.S. Green Party

Greens and fellow eCitizens,

First and foremost, I want to let it be made official, I am not seeking the Presidency of these eUnited States! To the Social Democrat party, thank you for your supposed support, but please support another candidate. Why is my name and picture up on the candidate screen you ask? The USGP POTUS Primary has not yet concluded, and I do not wish to garner similar criticism for changing allegiances as I did last election. Why am I not running? Well, as Astra Kat so eloquently put it, I'm not experienced enough to be POTUS, rather than any suggested incompetancy.

In concluding, anyone who was planning on voting for me, please don't. Please defer your judgement until the USGP has selected a candidate to endorse.

As always, onward!

USGP President


Gudridur Day 684, 07:28

A message of integrity.

Subcommander Marcos
Subcommander Marcos Day 685, 11:59

why is your avatar nader? you know he basically got ousted after 2000, a lot of people in the party thought he needed to endorse gore. but he ran on principle, and the world paid for it...

Kylero Day 685, 22:39

Really? That's your story...

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