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USA & Ireland - A Bond Unbreakable

Day 1,366, 07:16 Published in USA Germany by Martin Stettler
The following is an article published on behalf of the eIrish patriot King Connell

Good morning America,

After eIreland helped cut Poland's link to the US we were very grateful to be allowed to keep New Hampshire for a bit until the UK's wave of attacks subsided. This region is very important for us as it prevents us from being wiped in the near future as the UK would have to go through the USA to get to us there.

The ties between our two countries go deeper than skin in RL and we are bonded together here due to the fact that both of us have felt the sting of the wayward backstabbing country of the UK. We need your help in defending New Hampshire, the UK have sent many fighters and are fighting us here for the sole reason that they can wipe us again...
We’re less than a quarter of their size and we can’t compete alone. So I call on all you Irish Americans and Americans alike to come now and show our mutual enemy what it means to have allies and the importance of loyalty and trust.

It won't take much to stem the flow of battles from the UK and it will give them a message that they stand to pay for what they've done to our two countries. That eIreland and the United States of America are coming for them and they better get their butts propped and ready.

Pick up a pint of the black stuff along with your pike and join us in battle o7

Fight for Ireland

PS: this is a Guest article from King Conell so, changes, whishes and so on please to him ; )

and dont forget



MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,366, 07:20


King Connell
King Connell Day 1,366, 07:24

A bond unbreakable o7

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,366, 07:36

A bond unbreakable o7


FrutekXXX Day 1,366, 07:36


amal3k Day 1,366, 07:38


Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,366, 07:54


Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,366, 07:57

Hell, you border Canada now, so maybe we will have to come down and help you out as well.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,366, 08:08


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,366, 08:09


haughenator Day 1,366, 08:16

You guys are kinda 'locked into eachother'.

In a penis in butt way.

Oblige Day 1,366, 08:44


Brennender Day 1,366, 08:47


Seamus McIrish
Seamus McIrish Day 1,366, 08:57


Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,366, 09:23

Great article. You stole my pic. I guess that's karma. \o/

CelticTiger1916 Day 1,366, 10:10

Nice photography skills Chance, what type of lens do you use?

Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler Day 1,366, 10:10

Ask an American to point to Ireland on the map and see how much of a bond you guys have got. Mind you i'll be surprised if the Irish know its been so long since they've had it. LOL

Vettige Swa
Vettige Swa Day 1,366, 10:46

That's a nice unbreakable bond you have there.

Oh wai-

Norbengo Day 1,366, 11:38

Darn Brit trolls, we know a lot about Ireland.
I like'em leprechauns : )

Daniel Au Yeung
Daniel Au Yeung Day 1,366, 12:08

I am sorry that it seems Ireland lost Hampshire. USA should help Ireland to prevent she being wiped out by UK.

Fitisin Day 1,366, 16:58

A bond unbreakable o7

Blank Keating
Blank Keating Day 1,367, 17:10

cCc Ireland cCc

Maegalodonus Day 1,367, 18:23

Says the German, lulz.

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