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Day 3,130, 14:11 Published in USA USA by USAF Media
Russia Celebrates Bulgarian MPP with Green Mark strained through an Army sock.

USAF Newsletter - Day 3130

Dateline: Wednesday, June 20, 2016 (Day 3130)
Location: United States Armed Forces HQ, Denver

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: 1 : US Refuses to MPP Russia
: 2 : War Map and Analysis
: 3 : Caption This: Contest
: 4 : Straw Poll: The Propaganda Media War
: 5 : Vintage War Poster
: 6 : WHPR Promo
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Editor’s Notes: Aramec's hanging his Briefs in the forums again, and we've published his most recent in newspaper form.
Middletopia has published a new video, too, joining the propaganda war with Canada.

US Refuses to MPP Russia
by Secretary of State Wild Owl

Russia has traditionally been one of America's oldest allies, since we buddied up in TERRA. The two of us have operated together for over four years now, and the Russians have been the recipient of considerable US support, especially since the advent of COs in eRepublik. In our last wipe during the TWO era in 2013, the US spent heavily to free Russia and Mexico from Hungarian occupation. Since then, we have often waded into Russia, to protect them against invaders, which have varied from Argentina to Romania to Lithuania. 

It was disappointing to see that Russia was not there for the US for the first time when our cores were threatened since the TWO era, in the early months of 2016. While the Russians will be quick to point out that they did in fact put their official priorities for the US, Russian damage was often split, almost evenly between Bulgaria and USA. Furthermore, Russia refused to consider US pleas for direct help via a NE or an airstrike, as we lost several Western states to our enemies, which made us look towards the Latvians and the Greeks for help. 

What was even more disappointing was that the Russians were quick to re-sign MPP with our enemy, Bulgaria, who, if they had been successful, would have conquered our cores. The "two-chair" policy in which Russia receives aid from both USA and Bulgaria but doesn't really help either of these countries. In return, it has caused bitterness in both of them, especially in US, as you'd normally expect an allied country which is in the same alliance with you to support you in-case of war.
Russians will point to the US-Georgia MPP as an example of the US signing a MPP with one of its RL enemies, but eRussia and eGeorgia have been neutral towards each other for over a year and the two countries cooperated in the Resource Wars event which led to great resource sets for both countries.

As Russia has stubbornly stuck to its policy despite American protests the US Congress voted, and with four votes in favour, and twenty-six against, the Russian MPP was dropped for this month. However, if Russia is willing to drop the Bulgarian MPP, I believe that a Russian-US MPP should pass in our Congress with no problem. We wish Russia the best of luck, and will continue our cooperation with them as alliance-mates, but the decision of adding and dropping MPPs is in the domain of the eUS Congress, which has voted for the Russians to prioritize their allies, if they do indeed value their relationship with us.

War Map & Analysis
by NSC Chair Kalos Hoenn

Seems like the TW with Mexico is continuing for a tad bit longer. Enjoy the brawl with our Tequila Bros for a while.!

Here’s another great shot of the closure in our Training War with the United Kingdom. The NSC team is working alongside the UK government to get their regions back in one piece. Next to the other Island you can see the Wexford (RW) battle taking place, and that our TW with Ireland is still continuing strong.
We’re working with Mexico and the United Kingdom governments to see their country’s regions fall into place once more. We would like to thank our European friends again for working with us into surpassing and rekindling our relations with one another. Cheers to a bright future.

eUS Soldiers - be sure to continue this momentum of activity. When we can coordinate at the most efficient, we’ll continue to have our DST (Designated Strike Times) so we can group and attack to win key battles. Be sure to read the DoD Orders for more information.

Have questions about Arm America or Where to Fight? Message me or rainy sunday for more information!
We’ll see you out in the battlefield!

Caption This:
by OMFG Staff Writer Ilene Dover
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Last Friday's USAF Newsletter's Caption This: winner of 1 Gold is John Gregorson.
Luke Love, Mikhael Lemos Paiva, Garmr, Rican and even TemujinBC all got $25. 

Today's Straw Poll
by OMFG Staff

Is it Rylde, TemujinBC and the Canadian media, 
  or Derphoof, Middletopia and the American media?
Before you look at the results, what do you think?
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Here's the results of last week's poll. Were you with the majority or the minority?

Vintage War Poster
by OMFG Staff

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USAF Newsletter - USA Refuses to MPP Russia
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