US Marines Show of Force Day #9

Day 1,846, 12:41 Published in Poland USA by snake dr

Good day, everyone!

As, I guess, you already know by now, it's a habit for the eUS Marines to have this special day once in a while.

We dedicate our Show of Force to those among us and those passed who guided and made us stronger. It is especially dedicated to those who worked hard to destroy The Corps, but only did the opposite.

Semper Fidelis!

Stats from our most recent SoF:

Show of Force #9

Prior Day:
64 MU members, ranked number 7 with 3,325 kills, 5 Marines with 100+ kills and 0 in the top 100

Show of Force Day:
64 MU members
Ranked #3
8,107 kills
19 Marines with 100+ kills
6 Marines in the top 100 in the World

#1 John Largo 152,557,826 damage for 2,035 kills
#27 loordsteaua 34,341,304 damage for 817 kills
#35 Boone 30,899,160 damage for 315 kills
#49 Alexander MacArthur 26,191,138 damage for 256 kills
#78 rrevan 22,859,947 damage for 284 kills
#96 Chucky Norris 21,217,130 damage for 122 kills

Honorable mentions (>150 kills)
Kellman 313 kills
Ian John Locke IV 226 kills
Gryphon Skull 225 kills
NKBlue 198 kills
Allen Webster 189 kills
Klaudinho 175 kills
snake dr 164 kills

Semper Fi, Do or Die!