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US-AIM interview

Day 1,993, 14:00 Published in USA USA by Darknight293

Hello Everyone! We have another interview today, and we hope to get you the other ones today as well. but for now, you'll have to survive on this one.

today we will talk about:
An interview with DMV3 about US-AIM

Let's go.. before this somehow deletes itself again...

An Interview With DMV3 About US-AIM
I'm sure you all know that US-AIM is a bunch of eUS MU's that are taking the fight to TWO, starting with Spain. This is a non-Government act which means the MU's are acting on their own free will.Let's get to the questions shall

Q:if asked, will US-AIM work with the government or USAF?

We are more than happy to work with the government on achieving a joint relationship that benefits everyone. The only requirement for this to happen is that government treats us as partners and quits antagonizing us as they have been on the forums.,26043.0.html
Neither the President Elect or the new Secretary of War have reached out to us as a group, if they are willing to work with us and treat us with respect we are more than willing to return the favor.
Artela, a candidate for POTUS, had this to say later today:

I think you'll find that between that interview and its publication that situation had changed : )

Q:Is US-AIM going to be more organized such as training mu, division 1 mu, e.c.t?

We already have great units that focus on these things, we will not be changing the way individual units operate. The key word in US-AIM is Independent, if we stop treating our member MUs as independent organizations this will stop working.

Q:Can any MU join or is their certain requirements?

Any US MU is welcome to apply for membership, membership is handled on a case by case basis. Right now the only keys to membership are no association with the AFA and they can not be a member of USAF.

Q:After Spain, what is next for US - Aim?

That has not been decided, we discuss all things as equals with input from all our member MUs.

Thank you DMV3. If you have anymore questions, we can ask him a few more. Otherwise, take a look at our Ads and we'll see you next time!

#eAMPR Rizon chat plus radio station on Mixlr. Discussion shows AND fun show requests/prizes are open to every party (except the AFA).
On Mondays it starts at 16:00 and Wednesdays starts at 18:00 and goes for about one hour.



Cubby Day 1,993, 14:44

Come join us at the table. US-AIM, Fire!

Technician Day 1,993, 15:13

eUS politics is big reason I left.
Maybe now MUs have got together to stand up against the monthly POTUS clown I should return?

DMV3 Day 1,993, 15:32

❤ Technician

sonix Day 1,995, 01:39

yes maybe you should. I have an open spot in my platoon ; )

MazzyCat Day 1,993, 15:17


Excellent and much needed interview! Good work.

Meow! ♥

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,993, 15:21

Nice interview, voted o/

ArnoldDjin Day 1,993, 15:24

Voted hard...

Kooguy Day 1,993, 15:26


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 1,993, 15:35

Last time we had a group of military units so separated from the government was a debacle... how will this be any different?

In a time when invasion is imminent, is this such a good idea?

When you fight against people that CoT are trying to get into the alliance, that's not a good thing for foreign policy.

Lastly.... F@#K CANADA!!! And that seems to be the driving force behind this whole damn thing.

Artela Day 1,993, 15:38

"Neither the President Elect or the new Secretary of War have reached out to us as"
I think you'll find that between that interview and its publication that situation had changed : )

DMV3 Day 1,994, 15:02

Yes, it has and we appreciate it Artela.

Animis Day 1,993, 15:47

I can attest that there has a great bit of outreach today on the part of our apparent next President Artela, including an open discussion in the US-AIM IRC.

I can only speak for myself but I hope this is a sign of good communications to come and see one of the great advantages of the creation of US-AIM as a way to have consistent communications not just between the various non USAF MUs but to share information between the MUs and gov't.

Strength and Honour

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,993, 16:42


sonix Day 1,995, 01:38


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