Upgrade for the MU Module

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I’m the 2nd Commander of a very active Military Unit for some time nw, and together with some of my brothers in arms i decided to formulate a list of what could improve the functions of the military units. I would be thankful for all of you to leave your comment and opinion about the matters that are being discussed in this topic.You can also see the sugestions on Forum Threat.

[Military Unit Inventory]

All Players (members or not) can send things to that inventory, but just the comander and 2nd comanders can send that to member acount's, like the market option, we chose the product, we chose the quantity, but instead or chosing quantity we chose the member to send it. That also should work with CC and Gold, to help new players on upgrades and dailly trains.

there should have a RAW Material bank too, then all can help the military unit production sending WRM’s to that inventory, and then Comanders can send that to the ones that have the military unit prodution.

There should be some option to upgrade that inventory too with the gold/currency on Military Unit inventory… then all can help upgrading the MU inventory.

[Military Unit Comander Permissions]

Comander / 2º Comanders should be able to remove all members, even those who are on military unit for less then 72 hours… just capitains should have that restriction. Also Military unit comander settings should have a Ban List… and the citizens on that ban list can’t join again the military unit.

Also, they should be able to move recruits to other regiments, because new players sometimes don’t fight, but they still are members of military units and captains need to move them to other regiment sometimes, and by invitation that’s harder.

[Military Unit Regiments]

Comander and 2º comanders should be able to Add regiments, Remove regiment’s without members and re-name regiments… to something better then regiment 1, regiment 2… or like some MU’s like mine, we just have Regiment’s 1 2 6 8 9 10… not even all numbers.

[Military Newspaper]

Commander and and 2nd Commander should have the ability to create a official newspaper of their Military Unit, being able to create, edit and post articles. The newspaper should be a integrated tool of the Military Unit.

There should be also a specific section for the Military Unit Newspaper, where all articles could be posted inside that category for a selected country.

[Dailly Order Rewards]

Adding to the usual reward from the daily order (bazooka parts and 1 energy bar) the Commander should be able to stablish extra prizes like for example:

-5Q7 weapons and 25 food Q5 for D1,
-8 Q7 weapons and 50 Q5 food for D2,
-10 Q7 weapons and 75 Q5 food for D3
-15 Q7 weapons and 100 Q5 food for D4,

When members of these divisions made the Daily Order they would receive automatically the extra prize that would be deducted from the military unit inventory.

[Military Unit layout]

Instead of appearing the region underneath the player’s icon it should appear the country where he is originally from since there is no sense in appearing the region in the Military Unit’s profile, instead the Country would make a big difference in their organization.

In the avatar that appears in the member list in the lower left corner it should appear the player level.

If the player dies or is banned, it should automatically appear all the information of the player in red. If he has only a temporary ban the color for that status should be orange.

All ideas that were presented are from the brilliant minds of the Havoc Legion military unit.
[Upgrade for the MU Module]

Best Regards