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Upcoming Quiz Show Programming

Day 2,471, 16:00 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Lanthanide

And now a word from our host, Lanthanide, about an upcoming game show.

Ladies and gentlevirtualpeople, get ready for the newest, biggest hit in eRepublik Articles: The 5,000 CC Hot Seat! That's right, starting in three days, 6 random people will have the opportunity to win 5000 pounds. This will be the money tree:

15. 5000 cc
14. 2500 cc
13. 1000 cc
12. 500 cc
11. 250 cc
10. 100 cc
9. 50 cc
8. 30 cc
7. 20 cc
6. 10 cc
5. 4 cc
4. 3 cc
3. 2 cc
2. 1 cc
1. 50 ccp

This will be based on the popular quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, with the following modifications:
1. There are six contestants.
2. One contestant plays at a time.
3. Each contestant has two lifelines: 50/50 (which works as normal) and Pass, which allows you to move to the back of the line and give someone else the hot seat.
4. Walking away is allowed, but you leave with only half the current total. So for example, if there's 4 players left and you walk away on the 20 cc question, you receive 5 cc. If you have not used your pass yet, you are unable to walk away.
5. If you're the only person left, or one of two, and you walk away, you receive your full share of the prize fund.

Simple enough? If you want to participate in this new and upcoming series, leave me a comment below or shoot me a PM.

Here's the current quiz show lineup for the months of August and September:

August 26-August 29: MASTERMIND
August 29-September 7: 10,000 Hot Seat
September 8-September 17: Deal or No Deal

The game's top prize will be 2500 pounds. In the game, there will be 16 boxes, each with a dollar amount from 1 pound to 2500 pounds. After each round, the banker (me!) will make an offer to buy the contestant's box, and the question will be posed: DEAL OR NO DEAL?

The money tree:


September 18-September 27: Party Feud

On Party Feud, representatives from the eUK's top two parties (at the time of casting) will face off in a Family Fortunes-like battle. We will survey 10 people from outside the eUK and the top 3 answers will be on the board for 4 questions. The game is played in 4 rounds, and each round is split into three parts.


Part 1: Faceoff

I will ask a question to a member of each party. The first to respond to me with a PM with an answer will have control. If it's on the board, the other party will have the opportunity to try to give a higher answer. If it's not on the board, the other party will have the opportunity to try to give an on-the-board answer. If it's the #1 answer, we won't bother with the other party. The party with the higher answer will then decide whether to play or pass.

Part 2: We're Gonna Play, Lanthanide!

We then go down the line on the controlling party, each person giving me an answer. If it's there, we continue. If it's not there, the party gets a strike. Three strikes, and we go to part three. If they get all the answers before they get three strikes, they get all the points and we move on to the next round.

Part 3: The Steal

If a party gets three strikes, the other party will get the chance to steal all the points by providing an answer on the board. If it's there, they get the points. If it's not, the team that struck out gets the points.

Round 2: SINGLE

Repeat Round 1.

Round 3: DOUBLE

Repeat Round 2 but with double points.

Round 4: TRIPLE

This round only consists of a face-off. Whoever PM's me first determines the outcome of the game. If the answer's there, the team who answered it wins. If it's not there, the other team wins. Plain and simple.

So if you wish to sign up for any of these game shows, or have a suggestion for another one or a different one, comment below!




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