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Units of the eUK - Part 2

Day 2,038, 14:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Cygnus X1

Alright I got bored and wrote/published this a day or two early... Oh well

Funky Militia

Number of members - 33 (2.46% of the UK’s total population)
Number of fighters - 22 (4.11% of the UK’s total fighters)
Influence yesterday - 64,053,090 (5.71% of UK’s damage yesterday)

Funky Militia is a member of the eUK Armed Forces Group. It was established in October 2012 after changing it's name from HMS Funky. The unit is apolitical and encourages members to join whatever party they wish. It is led by Rory Winterbourne and gives supplies without commune work.

Supplies - Daily weapon drop of 10 Q7s

Requirements - N/A

Royal Navy

Number of members - 85 (6.34% of the UK’s total population)
Number of fighters - 58 (10.84% of the UK’s total fighters)
Influence yesterday - 50,488,740 (4.50% of UK’s damage yesterday)

Royal Navy started in November 2011 alongside the UKPP to protect the party from PTOs. However, the unit separated from the party and is now a part of the Armed Forces Group. There are 3 commanders, Mick Cain, Lady Macbeth II and Sambo112, who rotate command of the unit each month.

Supplies - 12 Q6 weapons a day, and 5 Q7 weapons per rank-up

Requirements - Activity

People’s Army

Number of members - 30 (2.24% of the UK’s total population)
Number of fighters - 15 (2.80% of the UK’s total fighters)
Influence yesterday - 15,094,090 (1.34% of UK’s damage yesterday)

People’s Army is the official unit of the People’s Communist Party and is led by Steeeev. PA came third in the MU competition just over a month ago due to some heavy tanking by a couple of players (most notably Mr. Val!) PA opened on the 27th November 2009, before Military Units were added to eRepublik

Supplies - 70 Q7 weapons and 400 Q5 food per week

Requirements - N/A

Tank Nation

Number of members - 15 (1.12% of the UK’s total population)
Number of fighters - 12 (2.24% of the UK’s total fighters)
Influence yesterday - 23,064,160 (2.05% of UK’s damage yesterday)

Tank Nation was founded by FragUK as an invite only ‘family unit’, but is now commanded by D I W. They give conventional supplies if you work in their commune but also have weekly giveaways and rewards, which differ depending on your division. It is an apolitical unit and prefers its members to keep politics out of the feed.

Supplies - 8 Q7s a day (Commune work required), weekly lottery in which up to 75 Q7s can be won, and Q7s are rewarded for rank ups

Requirements - Be active!

Liberty UK

Number of members - 55 (4.10% of the UK’s total population)
Number of fighters - 23 (4.30% of the UK’s total fighters)
Influence yesterday - 17,910,300 (1.60% of UK’s damage yesterday)

Liberty UK was founded by Max Blue and has had many commanders, the most recent being CptChazbeard! Under Max it was a unit consistently in the top 4, however after Max quit it began to slowly decline in rank until Irv Noyb took over, and with the help of Pat Harper and a few others, began to rise in the ranks again. Currently Liberty gets enough kills to reach the top 5 almost every day. It is a member of the Armed Forces Group.

Supplies - 10 Q7s and 600 energy (without commune work!), and random supply drops by others

Requirements - N/A

Thanks for reading, everyone. 🙂 Should I do an update on this once a month?



CptChazbeard. Day 2,038, 14:21

Liberty \o/

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,038, 14:22


Sambo112 Day 2,038, 14:24

Hail Royal Navy \o/

Steeeev Day 2,038, 14:48


Fataliix Day 2,038, 15:02

Libertyyy! o7

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,038, 15:05

Great article.Although the rank up part is wrong.
It's 10 Q6 weapons for a star and then 20 when the next rank is reached,so in effect it's 50 Q6 tanks in total for a full rank up:)

Voted though.....o7

Sambo112 Day 2,039, 09:20

damn my bad that one, i'd know better if I accepted them but I'm such a good commander I tell the other sailors have em 😛

WookieO Day 2,038, 15:12

Nice work o7

jensenn Day 2,038, 16:49

the liberty uk emblem is cool

jensenn Day 2,038, 16:49

the liberty uk emblem is cool

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 2,038, 16:56


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,038, 17:32

Copyist I object this article and shal bring thee to court.

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 2,038, 17:55

I copied nothing!

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,038, 18:07

Ah the accused pleads innocent, we shal see what the judge shal say to this!

Sambo112 Day 2,039, 09:21

I feel most qualified for this position, I claim cyggy to be gib sex

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 2,038, 21:23

Funky seems the obvious choice...

Nohjis Day 2,038, 22:02

Funky is the place to be ! A safe place for young and old.

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 2,039, 00:07

It's time to rebuild the British Empire with the Funk!

David Rotherham
David Rotherham Day 2,039, 00:35

Funkylicous o7

LongShotzZ Day 2,039, 00:53

Voted! o7

Kniki1990 Day 2,039, 01:58


Lord Cronosyn
Lord Cronosyn Day 2,039, 02:49

Every thing's coming up Funky! o7

BrockSamson Day 2,039, 04:38


Luke Van Serroz
Luke Van Serroz Day 2,039, 04:54

funky o7

Yossarianarc Day 2,039, 04:56


Dean Hardy
Dean Hardy Day 2,039, 05:36

Funk it up o7

G.Walker Day 2,039, 07:35

I think we all know why Funky is first on the list o7

countyair5 Day 2,039, 09:23

Funky all the way o7

ToniJR Day 2,039, 10:19

Go funky! o7

CottonPicken Day 2,039, 11:05

All this funky talk is disgusting 😛

Woldy's Warriors \o/

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 2,039, 11:40

Not even in this article >.>

CottonPicken Day 2,039, 11:43


Nohjis Day 2,040, 01:46

You just jelly. 😛

Alphabethis Day 2,039, 13:03

I hit hard yesterday

reti red
reti red Day 2,039, 13:34

funky o7

zzzhazza Day 2,039, 14:40


Azzy451 Day 2,039, 16:40

funky - punching above it's weight class as usual - and such a nice bunch too!!*
*yep I'm one of them - how else would I know there's nice peeps and no pressure despite being a small unit 🙂 o7

Friedrich Barbarosa
Friedrich Barbarosa Day 2,040, 13:50

Looks like flamming homosexuals

Boy Blue
Boy Blue Day 2,056, 18:22

Never heard Woldy's Warriors described like that before

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