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Ukraine – a shadow with many faces

Day 1,634, 14:56 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Elnoor Asteros

Many of you will wonder why I have chosen today to speak about a single country, when I usually cover the entire world. Well, the truth is, talking about Ukraine is like talking about the entire world, because every action this country does, affects in one way or another all of us.

Unfortunately, if you are on the TEDEN side, the article today will displease you because you will hear some hard-to-accept truths, but if you are on the ONE side, you will jubilate as you will see how faith turns so much in your favor lately. I do not want to be understood wrong; this is not ONE propaganda, as I write as a citizen from a candidate to enter EDEN, Republic of Moldavia.

Many articles have been already written covering the problem between Russia and Ukraine, but in this one I will show you new information regarding that conflict, plus another view at Ukraine honor. Let’s start first with an older conflict of interests.

All started when the admins created True Patriot medal. The turmoil in my country was very high as we are known as a pacifist country, against any kind of war. Citizens in our country we’re afraid they will lose time and growth if they remain here, so they decided to flee. This put us in a dire situation, and appealed to our imagination to create war when we are between two allies.

The solution came just after a few hours of brainstorming, to bring Lithuania in Podolia, and start a war with them. To convince Lithuania to come in Podolia was simple, and we we’re already celebrating, imagining ourselves in Vilnius, with a Moldavian flag over their capital. Here, the Ukraine problems started.


23:02 Elnoor Asteros We convinced Lithuania to come at the border with us? Do you allow us?
23:02 Pan Xenochik Sure, friend no problem, anything for a fellow Edenite.
23:02 Elnoor Asteros Then please do not fight in Podolia and Polisia!
23:02 Pan Xenochik Okay, trust us!

We opened the NE law on Lithuania, and waited patiently for 24 hours. The RW in Polisia was started at the same time. We have thought that maybe mercenaries and medal hunter’s, and hoped that Ukraine will not fight in there. We we’re so wrong, as the mighty army of Ukraine fought so hard in there, instead of fighting in Subcarpathia to liberate it from Polish invaders. Of course, with Lithuania too weak to oppose medal hunters plus Ukraine army, the region fallen down, and our only hope was to not open RW in Podolia, before we attack. We announced everyone living in that region to not press support, inclusively the Ukrainian president. It was all a matter of seconds, but even the Ukrainian president pressed support, as we specially monitored his medals. We lost our hope then, as we worked so hard to get those Lithuanians at our border.

Now the pressure grew even bigger, with revolts in the country demanding war. We we’re in a bad situation, as this last two months we worked so hard to be accepted as members in EDEN. Even if people that left, we’re advising us to leave also or join ONE, we didn’t back down as our love for EDEN was far too great. We believed in EDEN, that they can be the ones to give our country a purpose on this world.

Then the fated day came, as Ukraine congressman declared war on us, and probably the same people that did that, hacked my account and declared war back to Ukraine. It was clear now for us, what their intentions we’re. As many people from high positions warned us, Ukraine was after us, in one way or another. It seems they chosen another.

We still didn’t startle. We listened to EDEN advisors, and decided to make the best out of this mess. A training war with Ukraine, while protecting them from western threats, was the plan. The plan that EDEN was informed and which the president of Ukraine agreed. Then, our congressman’s voted almost all Yes, and the war started with our attack in Bukovina. Ukraine knew that we lost all of our mpp’s, so the plan was for them to stop their citizens to fight against us. Ohh, and again we trusted them, and we regretted so hard. We started the attack, just after they secured the fight in Donbas against Poland, as the Ukrainian CP requested. The first round went well, not much damage wasted by us. Next round was a little hard but we managed. The third round already the entire Ukrainian army (NOT INFORMED BY ANYONE TO NOT FIGHT), fought against us, but with great loss of damage we managed to win this round too. I can attest you, that after this 3 rounds, was already morning and I was sleeping with the head on the laptop. The next rounds, not being taken care by anyone, we lost one after another. Even if we tried to stop them finally at the last round, they forced so much, that not even 20-30 million damage on our side, was not enough.

Then the worst came, they attacked us in Northern Basarabia, and with ease they took from us. Right now, they are attacking Chisinau, our capital, even if they could have waited 24 hours to attack or to attack the other region. But no, they wanted our cows. Those cows that even the Polish renounced on them, they decided to take them.

So, can we really trust them again after all these problems? I cannot imagine, that first I was supporting them in the conflict with Russia, until I saw a very disturbing shout from Pan Xenochik, ex-president mentioning that “Ukraine plus Sweden – true love, fight in Bohus”. Then I understood that the Ukrainians do not want Russia to be friendly with EDEN, and because of their hate against them, they try to destroy the entire TEDEN alliance.

Disturbing news I received today when I found out that there is no ruling government in Ukraine, and local “leaders” control the country. Their president, Olekandr82, was bluffing all the time and probably they guy we spoken with was not even him, but someone from Ukraine trying to keep the image that Ukraine is still stable. Nothing more wrong, something is very rotten inside Ukraine, and that disease can extend to all of us, if we don’t severe our links with them.

Elnoor Asteros,
Simple Citizen of Republic of Moldavia

P.S – Please come and fight for Moldavia. We do not deserve to be deleted from the map, by some cowards carrying 25 mpps in their backs, while we have just one, and that one with Uruguay. If you want free weapons, or gold for your damage, please come to #mdarmy, and offer us much needed support. If you are a diplomat, please come to #md.mofa to inform more about this situation.




Rhalli Day 1,634, 15:06

Voted bro.

SomurtkanSirin Day 1,634, 15:08

Voted 2.

qarapapak Day 1,634, 15:13


Drugabuser Day 1,634, 15:15


imamradyk Day 1,634, 15:16

Russian provocation

ILoveU2 Day 1,634, 15:20

^^ sure it is

Vigil Vox
Vigil Vox Day 1,634, 15:24

Please, remind me — was it Ukraine who declared Moldavia natural enemy? Oh, wait; it was the other way around.

SkiF UA Day 1,634, 15:33

you an announcement NE, and then my country will be guilty of that for a while Moldova will not be on a map? strange logic you have, I tell you. I do not know how you could count on winning the battle with one MPP...

Daemoner Day 1,634, 15:34

Russian provocation. Moldova wanted training war to get their patriot quest. They have this training war. Majority of Ukrainians ignore this war. But we need to close it as soon as possible. We never had any plans of holding Moldova regions. We need all our damage free in Siveria.

We do not want this war and we never wanted this war. Moldova wanted this war and they have it.

I do not understand at all. What else has Moldova expected from this situation? Did they expect to occupy Ukraine?

SkiF UA Day 1,634, 15:39

As far as I understand, they thought they could win the battle for Bukovina...

DrKaban Day 1,634, 15:44

Chile didnt forget Moldova, if you want, you can enter into our new allaince Circle of Trust with Bulgaria o/.

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,634, 15:47


Hail TEDEN!!!!

shveyk Day 1,634, 15:50

Молдоване нас защищают от угрозы, рашка освобождает наши регионы. Не соседи а золото просто, как почитаешь их статьи.

А вас кто то просил это делать? нет. а раз не просили, валите нах... со своей помощью.
вы НЕ нам объявляли спрашивали - у нас, хотим ли мы с вами устраивать тренировочную войну? нужна ли она нам? нет. вы поставили перед фактом. раз сами решили за нас, вот и расхлебывайте сами.

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 16:14

man, Dr. Goebbels proud of you

Rona1d Day 1,634, 16:18

true story

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,634, 16:20

Oleksa thank you! 🙂

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 16:26

Elnoor Asteros = ) you do not understand me, it's not a compliment, compared with Goebbels means that your article is false propaganda

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 16:28

you don't know who is Goebbels?

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,634, 16:30

ohh i know who is dr.Paul joseph goebbels! i sayed thank you for comparing me to such historic personality! that is all, it has nothing to do that he was a master propaganda!

Tejku Day 1,634, 16:36

LOL x1 - You want to join damagehood without damage?
LOL x2 - You want to trust Ukraine?
LOL x3 - uCRYine show their "power" only to such strong countries as Moldova (with no MPP). They learn a lot from their turkish and argentinians friends

direct x
direct x Day 1,634, 16:36

Oleksa....if Elnoor is dr Goebbels you are Oskar Dirlewanger.

Kapetanoo Day 1,634, 16:43

We know very well the truth about ukrainians already!

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 16:50

listen the Moldovans, you are talking thousand times this is training war, what's the problem? We are not going to always keep your areas, I think within three days the war will be closed

Tejku Day 1,634, 16:56

Oleksa Dovbush: I LOLed again - You are great man! From your mouth comes only truth! You are true Ukrainian!

I could bet with you, that you will conquer all Moldovian provinces in less then three days and you will not give any of them back sooner than in a week. Do you want to bet?

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 17:03

I want to remind everyone that Moldova attacked the Ukraine, and our attack response
we are not profitable now fighting on two fornta and we never wanted and do not want this war now, agreement about the training war does not exist and never existed.

krum6 Day 1,634, 17:04

шо за нах, де йопте наша влада? ніякої реакції през туклікер бот, інші міністри ніби не існують, шо за нах

OIeksa Dovbush
OIeksa Dovbush Day 1,634, 17:06

and judging by the comments of Poles and Bulgarians, who are now in the ONET, obvious who benefit from this conflict of Artifical

Tejku Day 1,634, 17:16

Oleksa: what are you taking about? We have just read and comment.

Problem Ukraine? - we are glad to see this.
We did it? - no, you are so talented to create it by yourself - we are just watching and laughing. Thanks for great fun. I'm only sad because of poor Moldova, but they choose to be friends with Ukraine and Teden... such fail.

s_e_a Day 1,634, 17:46

why didn't you start a training war against Romania?)

Arctirus Day 1,634, 18:26

why didn't you start a training war against Romania?

Wildrunner Day 1,634, 18:43

we're commenting because we love laughing at ya and your fails, dear uKRAIne

but don't worry, soon you will be free again o/

LitoII Day 1,634, 19:06

uKRAIne - y don't u come at us, instead of fighting the mighty Moldavians? Oh, sry ... u r COWards : ))

Alex.L Day 1,634, 19:35


Ukraine is sooo big fail of a country I can't even describe it.

k0stek Day 1,634, 20:29

Don't worry we will return to our Ukrainian cores.

mometz Day 1,634, 20:41

we're coming for u dear ukranians tik tak tik tak

Just Dan
Just Dan Day 1,634, 22:03

Go mom probably angry that you hurt the Ukrainians)))

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,634, 22:12


lorne11 Day 1,634, 22:37

@he plan that EDEN was informed and which the president of Ukraine agreed. @

Not only with this plan happened so.
Condolences, you are not alone, whom @wise-ass@ Ksenochik try to betray.

Asirgitawe Day 1,634, 23:39

Voted from Lithuania

MartAlex Day 1,634, 23:51

Russian provocation

FreeEnough Day 1,635, 00:56

Go away with your suppositions about a russian provocation. At least take a look at our laws. Don't you see? We didn't sign a MPP with Russia beacause we know about the Ukr-Russia conflict. Now I start to think that it was a mistake

Vernydub Day 1,635, 01:13

Only I think that moldavians have a buttheart?

mogaba Day 1,635, 01:29

I believe turning down eRussian MPP was a mistake -).

Anyway, I don't think anyone outside the Ukrainian borders believes that Moldovian attack on Ukraine performed with total loss of MPPs was an imperialistic act of aggression or something. Bet it will be all settled and solved quite soon, either by EDEN HQ or by ONE one.

Bursucul Gras
Bursucul Gras Day 1,635, 02:11

Ukraainenii sunt mai indignati ca noi ca la ei nimeni nu a formulat sau luat o pozitie oficiala, din cauza asta si taraboiul asta, pe ei nimeni nu i-a informat despre un eventual TW, e si normal sa aiba asa reactii.

Stepan Hmara
Stepan Hmara Day 1,635, 02:39

stupid russian provocation

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,635, 03:04

Another groggy citizen of Mold-Avia

JyM22 Day 1,635, 07:49

Ukranians gonna uke. They are just being true to themselves.

Armanych Day 1,635, 08:00

just one more fail of ukrainian foreign policy, no wonder : )
I like pa(t)rr(i)ots crying about russian provocation without any idea of it. xD

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,635, 08:21

The Moldavians have the misfortune that the Ukrainians haven't issued an ultimatum to them.

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