Tutorial - How to win all medals!

Day 2,814, 14:02 Published in Romania Romania by Bogdan Armand Sibrand

It's merely a coincidence I'm writing this article today, when the queen medal of all is at stake, the President title. I am even running myself for the race today, in my beloved Romania, but I know my chances. I can even tell you what is gonna be the final standing for the elections but I'm not putting myself in the fortune teller's robes. No. Today I'm putting the teacher's suit and after more than 5 long years in this game I'm gonna teach you some of my tricks in the sleeve.

How to grab all the achievements in the game

First I'm going to dissapoint some of you guys for not telling you tips on how to grab the most recent medals, Dictator Trainee, True Dictator and Liberator, but as I'm not having them myself I couldn't speak from personal experience on how to achieve them. So I'm only gonna give you tips on grabbing the normal ones, the old ones.
I know you're waiting for it, so let's go!

Freedom Fighter

This is a medal introduced in the late years and its getting can be mixed with the Mercenary medal and also the Resistance Hero medal, which I'm going to present later on. The rules on how can be taken can be found here.
When it burst out, there were many succesful RWs in the whole world, me being one of the lucky ones who were online and got the Frontline of Freedom decoration in a well populated and militarized country like Romania. Taking this medal for the first time is as simple as that, defeat 25 enemies (the equivalent of a DO) for 3 different countries in succesful RWs. Succesful RWs can be spotted by being active in the game, knowing or finding out which country is releasing which region or just go with the luck. Hints on how to spot successful RWs I will tell you when we get on the RH medal. Until then, keep on going/reading/learning.
Also, I will only tell you how to win each medal at the time one very single time. If you want to be an expert on a specific medal, you will try to find this alone. (exception could be CM medal, which I'm gonna arrive to it very soon).
So winning more than once this medal gives you tasks from hard to harder, like defeating more enemies (25, 50, 75) to defeat for more to more countries (from 3 to 10). When you defeat 75 enemies for 10 succesful RWs the counter resets itself, but you only need to reach that point 🙂

Hard Worker

Formerly the easiest medal of all to get, or anyway, one of the easiest, the trick of this medal is to stay active in the game. You only have to hit the work button for 30 days. That's it. All of it. Note that before, the medal was a bit trickier, because you had to work for 30 days in a row, but now admins have taken this burden. Some of the old of you probably happened to get the frustration of not working for a day and losing all the row until then. I, for one, confess that the first day I didn't work was in one of my top activity period, the first day at the office of my first ministerial job. I simply forgot to do this task of working (sheer irony, isn't it), but now the admins have put the 2 usual clicks (work and train) at ease sight.

Congress Member

This is a medal I can say I handle pretty good at it. So let's focus a bit more, shall we?
Like the previous medal, in the past you could win it a bit harder, and winning it for the first time was a bit of a headache, taking me 2 to 3 months. It implied sending electoral messages (spam), posting some of the dead old advertisements and creating a good political image all the way. Now (from September 2012, more precisely) it's a bit easier to get this medal. But still not that easy. You must first join a political party. One of top 2-3 should suffice I'd say but don't forget you must also feel in touch of the party's doctrine or agenda. Or not. It's simply your choice. But however, judging a party by its members and how they act on the game's (political) stage is a must, I'd say.
So, once you've joined a party, on 16th of the month DON'T forget to candidate for the congress elections. Even if you haven't much experience the Party President will probably admire your activity and willingness.
Being active in the media and in the game itself is one of the keys on how to become a succesful politician. Help younger players, comment on other articles (also, have pertinent comments) and join your party's activities. The one(s) in charge will surely spot you and your potential and give you better place in the candidates list in the elections. Also, it's helpful at the beggining to post electoral articles, telling in them who you are, your acomplishments and what you will do if you'll get elected (the good ole promises). Also, it would be nice to say something good about your party too, the one that put trust in you, bytheway.

More of them?

If you look at my profile you'll notice I've been a congress member for more than half of my elife, so this time only I can tell you how to win more of these medals.
First, I'm not going to give you illegal hints on how to get more votes or things like that. But I can tell you that joining a strong party is a key essential in winning more of the CM medals. Being a strong party will last more (or indefinitely) in the top5, the major league of the parties. Also, remain active in your party. Be involved. Always be at your best. You will probably get some Party President terms in the process, too. Maybe I will even make a tutorial on how to be a successful PP but that's another story. So, don't get bored in the meantime. I have a total of 36 congress terms, more than half of them in Romania, and I'm not going to stop at this number.
Also, note that in some countries you will have to donate the 5 gold won to the treasury, or, as it was the case in my current party, in the party's accounts.

Country President

Much like the CM medal, the CP is its next level. So all you have to do is to be a good politician.
Could that be all?

Yes or no.
And also a good politician is a very relative term.
Usually, even when a player starts his career in the game you can tell that he has or hasn't CP potential. You can tell this by activity, comments, articles and so on. So the CP medal is a medal that it's pursued the whole e-life; even from the begginning. Let me tell you, for example, how I got my (first) CP medal.
I won it in a foreign country, it took like 6 months but with the preparing of it took like 1 year. A huge lot of time, if you ask me, but in the mean time you could do funny tasks that can also help you in the process.
So I was Romanian ambassador to Singapore for a few months, time in which I studied their society, their main characters and also their military and politics. At a time when I got most of what can be done in the Romanian politics, I packed my bags and moved to Singapore, a place that I already knew, so I was common with the surroundings. But you can do this step and skip the preparing phase (like me being an ambassador) if you want to be a CP in another country or even in your own beloved country.
So at this point, join a MU, a party and let the fun start! Be active, nice to people, careful at enemies (foreign or not) and take part in national politics. I started as a deputy of the Immigration Office in Singapore and after a month, the player responsible to that ministry left so the Head of the State appointed me in his place. I remained in charge of the Immigration Ministry for 3 months to come until I moved to another level, becoming the vicePresident of the state. Also, in the meantime, I started publishing statistical articles and grabbed the people's attention in the media. You can publish whatever articles you want, but make sure you make yourself visible! In the media, articles, comments, forum, chat or where the community makes itself more active.

When you think you are hyped enough you can run for the mighty CP elections. Having a strong back-up line of parties is crucial. The more people are endorsing you, the better. Having the top party proposing you for the race is enough but I strongly advise to get the support of 2 or 3 more parties, just to be sure.
More probably, you will have to run against an opponent candidate or even more. So you have to surpass them, at least at votes.
When I ran against elbandido in September 2012, he was a better military man than me, well known in the Romanian society and has been keeping himself hyped-up with statistical-military articles in the media. Me, however, was coming from a term as MoFA and being known as a decent politician and media man, so to speak. We both have already had a CP medal, so we weren't running for the gold's sake, and as a pundit said prior to the elections, 2 strong candidates were running for the top spot. The pundit hoped that the next month, the losing one to candidate, so Romania not lose the chance to have an experienced and willing candidate, being either me or elbandido.
Finally, I won the elections, at a double score than my opponent's, and the difference was made purely by the number of supporters. I was supported by top 4 parties in Romania, nothing more nor less, and that made a huge difference. So that's why I'm saying being supported by the most people or parties you can get is crucial. It's also important for players to vouch for you, to endorse you in the media, through articles, much like cheerleaders.

A good campaign can make even a dark horse win, and I'll tell you how Bogdan Sabo won the elections in Romania in July 2010. He was running against Open_Minded, a top of the tops politician in Romania. Bogdan Sabo was a younger player and with less experience, but he was active as hell, and in his campaign he used all the weapons he could get. He even had a video spot with his candidature, and another spot taken from RL politics and immersed in the game world (Romanians will get this) and finally got the balance to his side by a margin of votes. Alas, Open_Minded had an ace in his sleeve but in my oppinion, he used it too late and with too low mediatization. He had 1000 gold, a huge amount by that times of V1, which he gave the Romanian army as equipment for taking the high-iron region of Podolia from Ukraine, right before erepublik Rising to come.

So this is arguably the trickiest old medal to get, so prepare a ton for it and remember there isn't a time as too late. Even too early can mean losing the elections but you learn from the defeat and also it could be a good chance to let yourself known to people and have some image for the next ones to come, assuming you performed well in the elections and didn't do large mistakes.

Media Mogul

Another hard one. Grabbing this one I followed some shortcuts so if you are willingly to take mines, listen closely.
Publishing a history of Romania in the game by mostly translating an international article of some more experienced player, me being a newcomer, took me fast to 100 subscribers. By having some subs, I got to a MM campaign for the Romanian army which got me to 500 subs. I was lucky to got there, but I continued to publish articles that were liked by some but more importantly, by me. The subs continued to come slowly but the number 1000 was reached by paying subs (I needed like 350 of them). I told you I'm not giving you shortcuts but here I am with this medal, so let me tell you another story, how I got to 2000 subs 😉

In the times there were many MM campaigns in the media (sub for sub) and there where some articles with newspapers links. So I took the articles alike, sent to each writer of them messages to sub for sub and that's how I got to 2000 subs. In total, I sent in two weeks about 3000 messages to players but I say it was worth it. And that was close before the admins to delete the subs of dead players, which got me to about 1400 subs. Now I have 1475 subs, some say I write good, but I don't think my writing skills match the number. Also, let me tell you one thing, your writing skills will hardly make you a media mogul. All you need is publicity! Articles to be viewed and most of all, enjoyed. Some players like the former Romanian Fremenul or the French Nanotik made sketches as articles, but so enjoyed by the public that with some luck, even one article could boost them the medal. So to grab this medal by fair means you kind'a have to be a genius, a media genius. Or to have one brilliant idea, which it's like the same.

Battle hero

Another medal that was made by admins easier to get nowadays, the BH medal can be tricky aswell. I'm not going to talk much about this medal, being already some articles with hints about it, but I can tell you this, tanking in early will lure out much of the competition, and if you really want to take the medal, you have to use the best weapons you've got to deal high damage. I can't say a number as damage as the damage level is fluctuating (at least on D4) and I don't know when this article will be reread in the future 🙂 .
So my advise for this is to store as much EBs as you can and follow the advise from older players, build up quickly the strength, leaving the xp points for later, as for lower levels you need strength more than experience. If you are D4, I think you have already a few BHs, but if you don't, just stock resources for the big moment.

Campaign Hero

The next level of the BH medal, the CH medal feels like an impossible medal for new players. (Although I have had a referral that could win this at lower divisions only with big bombs, but that is an exception). So my advise for this one is to stock up even more and wait even more. And also, when you're at it, make sure you follow this from the beggining to be sure no one else slips it from your fingers. Or you can hunt CHs, much like BHs, and deal high damage in the last battle(s) / round(s).
I left here some tips on how I got my first CH, in the chapter of the White Lion Order, but there you can find more stories than tips. However, war stories are cherished and you will also cherish them if you don't already have some, and I'm sure most of you folks have more battle stories than me. I have not even 100 BHs althought I am playing for 5 years and counting, but I have a good BH/CH record, so that when I ran for a BH medal, I usually dealt high damage to take the CH aswell, taking maybe another BH in the process.

Resistance Hero

Yet another medal who was made to be won easier by admins. It happened in times when empires were huge and small countries were kind of frustrated by the fact that big nation states were occupying their soil. This was somewhere in September 2011. I again told a story in the same article and the same chapter on how I won my first RH. Luckily you don't have to pass through all of that nowadays, being it easier now to win, RH medals being more common. (Before, not 10 but only one player started the RW and you didn't have to pay only 1000 cc but some dozens of gold).

So I promised you I'm gonna give you some valuable hints on the RH medals and on RW related medals aswell. The fact is you have to be very active. Much like a politician, but more like an informed player. And I'm going to give you a straight example that happened yesterday.
One of my friends (I have 3847 friends and counting, so having many friends it does pay) posted a shout about a RW to be started in a Belgian region occupied by Slovenia. I replied in the shout asking if it was winnable, and also checked his profile; he happened to be the MoFA of Belgium (so having influent friends is essential). He also replied that the RW is to be won by the Resistance so I rushed in to be one of the starters. I also posted a shout with the RW so other friends of mine to know for this RW. Some Romanians got my message and supported the RW too. After the RW was won, some of my fellow MU comrades, valistelian, thanked me and even wanted to give me 200cc as a thankful tribute. I accepted only his thanks but what I want to underline is the fact that being informed is essential in grabbing these medals, as in this example and in the one from the older article. And also it's nice to give the information back to other people so other people can enjoy the info aswell.
Also, being in high circles of players that have the power at hands, such as governments, can give you a head-sight on when a successful RW will be started.

Super Soldier

The medal that couldn't be won in erepublik Rising, the Super Soldier medal is, like the HW medal, one of the easiest in all the game. Having all the Training Grounds upgraded at a maximum level means you can win this medal in 3 days time. If you are newer to the game, you will also achieve this medal in some days, you only have to be active.
As you probably see from my profile, I haven't a good strength/level record (as we speak the top of the D4 players have like 120k strength) as I have not always pursued a military career based on strength and sheer power (I mostly involved myself in organizing military plans and such things). So not many things to say about this medal, just be active, stay in the game as much as you can and you will, in time, surpass players at the strength level that one day you were looking at them like David to Goliath (and we all know David beat Goliath in the end 😉 )

Society Builder

A tricky medal and also one of the oldest. Not as tricky as the CP or RH but still not many players have it. And I'm not speaking of players like junecaz who has hundreds of it.
For this one you need to be active in the Real Life. Posting your referral link to sites and making as much propaganda as you can on the internet is a good way to make yourself some accounts that you can also help on their first steps in the game. And also, in time they can prove a good source of gold. I only have 3 active referrals, but they brought me more than 200 gold each until now. But only one of them I cought on the web. The other two were friends of mine. And this is my advise on this medal. Convince 10 of your friends, brothers, sisters or cousins to enter the game and play until level 10. Promise them beer or something alike for them to make you this chore. If you haven't 10 trusted friends there is always the option of the web but I strongly advise you to make friends in RL, and not for making accounts into erepublik, as this is only a mere game. Also, as another personal note, afar from this medal, if you are in a populated country or region in erepublik, be present in RL meetings, it can give you a much more different vision than you had over the game, not only you can make RL friends aswell.


A medal whose rule is strict and can be a real pain in the ass if there aren't many campaigns in the new world. You only have to defeat 25 enemies (the number of the DO) for 50 countries. As simple as that. It implies much travelling but it can be linked with the FF medal. Not much else to say about this one.

Top Fighter

Besides the new ones, this is the hardest medal to get in the game. Even harder than the CP medal in my point of view. Not only you have to be in the top 100 heavy hitters of the day, but you must repeat the task in another 29 days, making it 30 days. Much like a HW medal, but with heavy tanking.
There are some that succeeded in winning this without the common Visa or Mastercard, some that maybe were economic masterminds but, anyway, they were playing for some time so they have had an imposing strength and a very good military rank.
However, we are playing in a time when investing money in a game, take this game, can take you higher and fill the lack of activity, so for this one I got a job, got paid and invested some in EBs to make this medal mine. Another shortcut you'd say but I'm not one of the players that made money out of this game, only brought in this game. I took something else from this game and obviously, I haven't got a job for the sake of this game but I think you know what I was referring to. If you want to take my shortcut, I advise you buying gold and EBs only when there are promotions, although giving money to Plato is still not a so good move.
PS: Also, when you try to make a day for this medal, try the ones right before a special tournament, when people are weaker on resources and damage is a bit lower than usual, but remember, avoid special events at all costs!

True Patriot

The last medal is a positive one. You also get this early in the game by fighting for your country. If you are in a country that hasn't direct wars, I advise you to wait for it, or move to a country that has direct wars more often, if you feel like it. After you reach a certain level, the maximum amount of damage that this medal is capped on is 100,000,000, so you will win a medal by each hundred million damage you deal for your country. As you can see from my profile, after this medal was introduced, I only dealt damage for Romania, as I've kept my citizenship.

That being said, I wish you good luck and have fun in winning the medals you wish and fight for. Don't forget that is not only about getting the medal, but also on how you achieve it. And that's what the play is all about, the community and the events that make the game, not viceversa.

I conclude like another player uses to, a player that I also met in RL, visator,
enjoy the game!