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Day 1,854, 17:05 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by Dytowi

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are again 😛

Hi eSaudi Arabia the new generation. Greetings! This time I want to give you tips and things you need to know at this eRepublik

please check my article tutorial part 1 😃

Tutorial eWorld is written based on the experiences that have been experienced and occurs by me (Original newbie) 🙂

As citizens eKSA, the state will provide capital money for 500 IDR, some company (companies) and 1 GOLD.

This game is a game that demands active players to participate in any activities organized by country, but the most basic thing to do is work - train - fight.
Work :
A. Working on another company : to produce a money

B. As Manager: generating production to help the war (food and weapons).

Train :

To add STRENGTH (strength) -> the greater the strength, the greater the effect on the war damage. However, use only once a FREE, Do not always use the train mode using GOLD. (Very LOSS for the Newbie).

Each player has the right to determine to use it or not, but it is recommended for new players , the economy is better positioned to advance new strength points.

Reaches first 50 strenght in order to use the facilities provided in their entirety. For example, selling / buying gold

Fight to defend your country / alliance. Each beat one opponent will get a rank bonus points, which increases damage per level rise also get bonus health bar. Fight many who do depend on the availability of health.

For Newbie "Do not Use Energy Bar", use only when fighting Important Battle Hero or War.

3. Make the most of SAR, and GOLD

Do not always use GOLD to things that are not necessary. Better Training Ground and Company upgraded, to a greater yield and value of your strength rapidly enlarging too. (Upgrade the Training Ground FREE first).

If you want to upgrade the company, hold it until the promo discount upgrade. In the promo, the upgrade cost reduced by 44%. Another alternative is to look for companies in the 'Companies For Sale'.

Every EXPERIENCE that we get, whether in or carry out orders daily FIGHT useful to raise the level. For Newbies, levels 1-20 will feel easy. This is where we should put the interests of smart, do not chase level, chase STRENGTH first before getting level 25.

In FIGHT, we can also increase our rank in the military units eKSA. The greater influence generated, the faster promotion.

ANY RANK INCREASE, INCREASE LEVEL, completion of WORK, TRAINING and DAILY ORDER (Fight) will get a prize Bazooka or STRENGTH.

The higher the division, the harder our struggle.
Following divisions:
Level 0 - 24 --> DIVISI 1
Level 25 - 29 --> DIVISI 2
Level 30 - 36 --> DIVISI 3
Level 37 - 37+ --> DIVISI 4

Every battle in WAR, we get appropriate division level each of us.

As Nubi good, you should be able to uphold this eKSA country. And do not forget your real life!

Finally, Wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Regards with friendship 🙂




Dytowi Day 1,854, 17:07


xenophob Day 1,854, 17:09

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hazem95 Day 1,854, 17:17

I am going to translate it 🙂
Nice work my bro.

Dytowi Day 1,854, 17:24

@hazem : thanks bro

Mr.Hassan Day 1,854, 17:32


simicers666 Day 1,855, 02:39

aq ra mudeng !!!!

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