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Day 380, 10:46 Published in USA USA by Vladislaus Dragula

This is issue two of my newspaper and as promised, I am here to tell the average citizen how to make some extra cash with just one gold. Some of you might be skeptical but within 3 hours I was able to make 30 USD with only 1 gold. This might seem a little confusing for some, but I will try and do my best to explain.

Monetary market.

If you have checked recently the price of gold is roughly 61.5 USD and the price of USD is 0.017 gold. If you do the math you will find that these exchange rates are very similar to each other in value. This fact is true in the US but it is not true in other countries around the world. For my example I am going to use France, but other nations markets will also do if they are similar to France’s.
In France the price of gold is roughly 98 FRF for 1 gold, but it is only 0.014 gold for 1 FRF. What does this mean? It means that you can sell 1 gold for 98 FRF and you can then sell that 98 FRF for 1.372 gold.
1 gold costs 98 FRF
1 FRF costs 0.014gold
98 FRF * 0.014 gold= 1.372 gold

This may not seem like much but if you do it over and over again you can make a small fortune within a day. Warning: Market conditions can change and this opportunity may disappear or it might become even more profitable. Also this can be done in other markets that have similar exchange rates. I am not responsible for you losing money if you attempt this.
Side note: yesterday 1FRF was 0.013 gold. That means yesterday you could make
99 FRF * 0.013 gold= 1.287 gold
So day to day profits will vary.

Many people of you seem confused. Let me clear a fact up, you are suppose to be posting your offers on the market, you should never be buying anything. You must be the seller.


As you can see there are many ways to work the system even if you are a relatively poor person. All you have to do is look for things to exploit. I hope this helps some of you out there.

The Peoples Voice:
No one sent me any PMs with their opinions in them so this section is blank. In the future I hope to hear from you people what your thoughts are on whatever you want to say. This section will not be edited, it will be the exact words that you send me in your PM. I hope next issue we will hear from the people.


From: rockmusicfreak79
Hello everyone!
I'm going to sponsor a weekly professional sporting event during which all eUSA members can earn some extra USD. The more people that play the more USD you could win. The objective of the game is to correctly guess the score of the game. Each entry will cost 1 USD donated to rockmusicfreak79. You may guess as many times as you wish. You do not give a total score but a score for each of the teams. Then I will evaluate the winner based on closeness to total and separate team scoring. Then the winner/s will be paid after I take 5% from what is collected that week. For the first game I will wait until December 12th for scores to be submitted. Please pm your scores and money on eRepublik to rockmusicfreak79. The first game will be the Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys on December 14th. This will be canceled if I don't have at least 10 people participating for this game. Please do not submit scores and money at different times. Good Luck!
-ties in scoring will result in splitting the profit
-I will personally only be taking 5% of what goes in each week unless demand goes up
-what do you have to lose? a lot less than a days wage? that's not a big deal so just do it, the more people the more money you could get

From: The Monolith Corporation:

Invest in Monolith Today. We are looking for prospective investors. It costs 1 gold to buy a share in Monolith and you will have access to the Monolith forums and get to decide company policies. Monolith owns a Q1 defense company and a Q1 wood company. If you wish to invest in Monolith or have questions please PM T-Schultz.

From: rockmusicfreak79
Citizens of eUSA it has come to my attention that not many people are active in our country's forum and we need that to change. Our highest amount so far is .3% of our population. That is horrible. In our forums people can find detailed information on business, politics, military, and anything else related to eRepublik and our country. Here is the link:

This wraps up my second issue, I hope you found the information useful and maybe you will be able to earn some cash with it. Stay tuned for my next issue coming tomorrow. It will inform you what the word Pertamaxx actually means and its origins.
Ps: PM me with your opinions of whatever you want to say!
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