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Turkish - Irish brotherhood will be soon!

Day 1,710, 15:30 Published in Ireland Ireland by KhanAlves

Dear brothers;
Firstly, I want to talking about my congress member elections.I won congress member election but it was just with support my party.Thanks to all supporters to elected me in congress.Now,I want to work very hard for Ireland.I want to mention to Turkish brotherhood topic.I believe, I can improve friendship between eTurkey and eIreland.If Bulgaria-Turkey war will finish, Turkish people does not want to fight with Bulgarians again.Also, they does not want this kind of wars for a long time.Because they are bored to this wars and peace was delayed.Also, this wars started to damage Turkey's economics...If We will have an active part of this peace, We can wink them.I can lead to improvment of this relationships.Moreover,I can persuade Turkish people to support us more.But the most important thing is believe from our citizens.I have an idea like that and I believe that.But its just a idea.I care about your ideas.I want to learn about something like this ideas.I'm telling again,I can lead this brotherhood and persuade to Turkish people.I have many highest friends from there...We can close more with Turkey.I hope, It will effect to better economic,politic and military alliance for both of us.

Thank you



Virotutis Day 1,710, 15:36


Bhane Day 1,711, 01:25

I don't understand this.

Are you saying Turkey is behind the PTO multis this month in the TD elections?

KhanAlves Day 1,711, 01:29

Nop, I did not saying this.I'm telling about it should be more closer ties between these two country

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,711, 02:07

Buying votes much?

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,711, 02:12
lol, loser

mostates Day 1,711, 02:26

I see no problem with buying votes, although it is a bit unnecessary with dead eIrish media. And I think he is a bit over enthusiastic about Irish - Turkish issues.

And Bhane, no, fortunately Ireland is off their radar.

KhanAlves Day 1,711, 03:23

meow be happy i think you jealous will be decreasse 🙂) hahaha. I'm not a loser but you showing us what kind of a person you are 🙂)

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,711, 04:52

I failed to see you point. You are the one who buying votes for a lame articles then says i am jealous? lol, you don't know me for shit and believe me you won't. Move along.

KhanAlves Day 1,711, 06:22

I dont care with you.It's legal and you are jealous.If you have money you can buy vote...It's not illegal...That is just freedom and don't tell me what to do! I dont care you.This is just my freedom I warned you about that and I will buy many votes because of your ego! Nobody care about that! You are the one who care about my votes.That makes you jealous...Now you can go )))))

El3ssaR Day 1,711, 09:10


FoxRMT Day 1,711, 09:36


Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,711, 10:34

Keep buying moar votes for more lame articles brah

grainne grainne
grainne grainne Day 1,711, 11:31

please remind some fact that

where turkish belong to in past?
they leave macedonia, they leave the chance on one, etc

turkish always leave their allies after they can achieve some of their
off course they keep in stand with argen just like us, because argen quite good with bond and alliance
but do they...???

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,711, 13:14

Comment deleted

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,711, 13:31


BadMail Day 1,712, 01:43

Turkey PTO Ireland.

angky Day 1,712, 02:56

^^no man noo

Croatian for sure whoahahahaha

Sleep is for the weak Day 1,712, 06:54

Comment deleted

Damhnaic Day 1,712, 06:59

Keep Turkey out of eEire politics!

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,712, 09:16

eIreland is pto'd already

EBM Day 1,712, 10:57


A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,712, 13:16

Sorry but Turkey cannot be trusted. After the recent elections.. it's just not a wise thing to do at all.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,712, 14:56

Those were nice words, Khan! Congrats on winning your seat.
Hail Turkish + Irish brotherhood!

Ronisu Day 1,712, 15:02

What about the recent elections, Andrews?

Altario Day 1,712, 15:06


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