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Truth about coming to ePakistan!

Day 1,893, 13:34 Published in Pakistan Japan by OpaGangnamStyle

Hello everyone. I am here to write what i feel i should, so if it is not enough, i will, as i said, leave this eCountry.

Some of you saw my PTO article, but its not about this country, and its quite over idea cause just 5 or 6 friends are double-clicking in that country. We are more about playing FM13 online, we found it as more good fun. Every guy playing FM will understand it.

Well, my internet friend _Naqash_ came here and did some stuff, i was informed about that plan, but i know it wasnt just to destroy ePakistan, it was about good position of it too. I still have to admit nobody deserve to get PTO-ed. I was in Thailand, Serbia/Croatia country, and you know what? They have something special. They are there for fun and to help each other, even 80% of Serbs and Croats which live in that two countries hate themselves and fight in-game. I find Thailand as really special. Why am i this talking? Cause i believe ePakistan is cool country too.

So, point of talking is, that i want to be a part of, you have to admit, little force in this game. I always loved to help to people which need it. And as you probably know, Serbia will live pritty fine without me! The truth is, Pakistan will live pritty fine without me too, but i will give more help then i could do to Serbia if you watch how much people Serbia have, and how much Pakistan has.

Even all this stuff, i really want to be part of this! You can count on me to help with cash sometimes when i can, i already asked to donate 150q7 weps, and it wasnt to go in someone's ass.

I am ready to try here, if you need time, it is okay, i will not elect for congress or even something other(even i probably dont have chance even i do), to prove that my goals here are not to PTO this or something like that.

So, cause i cant watch my inbox anymore, i wrote quite all here. If you find it okay for me to stay, i will stay, i would like to. But, if you still dont want me here, i will leave!

Thanks for reading anyways, and, sorry if my english isnt best.




Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 1,893, 14:37

Even if what you've written is true, and I highly doubt that, you've out of any favor you might had when you've come to Pakistan.

You came as a PTOer, you did PTOer shit and now you're a party president of PTOer party whose member are other then you only multi accounts.

After all that I don't see any reason why we should let you to stick around. ATO is already in motion, and you will fail as well on the 15th when we take your party. Better leave like your PTOer buddies with any dignity you have left in this game.

Arfan-Khan Day 1,893, 14:56

Welcome to Pakistan!

OpaGangnamStyle Day 1,893, 16:46

I am president of Party cause of this:

Due to party president resignation, you have been selected to become the new party president for Liberal Democratic Party of PK. Congratulations!

And that multies arent mine, you can report me, admins will prove im right...

raao Day 1,893, 16:50

I am with Maximus and I do believe that our ATO team is one among the best and it can fail any PTO attempt in any elections.

Anyhow I hope what you are saying is true and you will help this country with all your positive approach.
WELCOME TO PAKISTAN from a Pakistani brother to a Serbian brother.

raao Day 1,893, 16:50


M.N.A Day 1,893, 22:57

Well agree to all of you.... But my opinion everybody deserves a 2nd chance, Even if his intentions are doubtful to you atm, he alone can do no harm to your or ePakistan but if he is right n really want to do something for ePak positively we should not take that chance away from him... I vote him to stay... Let him judge by the time....🙂

St0L3n1 Day 1,894, 01:30

It was a pure PTO attempt nothing else, and yes you are PP now coz the guy leave i suggest you to leave that party and join some other active party and support if you can. We will take care of this mess ASAP by ourself

OpaGangnamStyle Day 1,894, 07:30

I will leave it, but i dont want to do anything before i dont even know will i stay here... and if i want to join other Party, i want to hear a proper plan from that party, or i will be without a party which is cool, too... but it's not a problem, i want to hear is it okay for me to stay here

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,894, 08:18

no...go away ASAP

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