Troubled Freedom - Part 2

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As promised the next part of the Story "Troubled Freedom" is being released.
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Troubled Freedom - Part 2

“Team B reporting a secure perimeter around the target building” announced Ip Lockard (the new addition to the DropBears). “Roger Team B, Team A prepare to breach” announced MM.

The building was an old Victorian style building with 5 floors, built almost 50 years ago. The owners recently renovated the hotel and nice furnishings were visible from the outside. BOOM! “I hope this place has insurance” said Secularist; the once lavish furnishings were all but in tatters after the explosive charge to open the doors. “Move fast, top floor” ordered MM whilst shouldering his cheap weapon.

The team arrived at the top of the staircase to the 5th floor, MM signalled Dweter to move forward and check the hallway. Dweter moved slowly forward, he looked right, clear, looked left…BAM BAM BAM. “Crafty bastards, they set up an MG nest at the end of the hallway, 3 men” yelled Dweter over the suppressing fire. “Anyone got any nades” yelled MM to the team, everyone shook their head.

Iwarrior looked to the wall to his left, a fire alarm button. He smashed the protective glass and pushed the red alarm button. Immediately, sprinklers spat water everywhere. “GO” yelled MM. The team rounded the corner with weapons shouldered. The men manning the MG nest were busy wiping their eyes. The DropBears fired; a man in the MG nest fell back. Time slowed down again, MM watched the MG gunner’s hand move to the trigger, he dived into the room to his left watching a bullet miss his torso.

Secularist looked across the hallway to MM and Dweter who were in the opposite room to what he and Iwarrior were in. Seems everyone had the same idea when they saw the MG gunner snap out of it.

MM peered around the corner, only 1 man was remaining at the MG. There were many rooms branching from the hallway, the walls between each room must be thin. “GO THROUGH THE WALLS” yelled MM over the alarm. Iwarrior and Secularist looked at him puzzled. MM got up and kicked a large hole into the wall, Dweter helped; Secularist got the idea and did the same.

The split team snuck into the rooms on both sides of the MG. Secularist moved up slowly, popped up and shot off 3 rounds at the MG gunner, he fell to the ground. The rest of the team jumped out and peered over the sandbags from the MG nest. A man ran up a staircase to the roof, “GET HIM” yelled MM. The team raced up the stairs and flung open the fire door. A man in a balaclava was standing at the edge of the roof, the team stood ready to fire.

“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND” yelled Dweter. The masked man turned around and jumped. Everyone moved toward the edge to check what happened. The man was jumping down the hotel, latching onto ledges and sliding down pipes. “I didn’t know Indonesian rebels knew parkour” joked Secularist. “Team B, get a car and meet us at the alley 2 blocks north of the target building” ordered MM. “Sir, we cant get down there, I mean, sure if you know parkour go ahead but I don’t” said Dweter. “Just do what I do” replied MM, as he jumped off the roof into a conveniently placed mattress truck down below. “Oh” said Dweter.

The Dropbears pursued the masked man; he reached the end of the ally to the street, a Toyota Hilux pulled up with an MG mounted on the back. The man jumped onto the back tray with the gunner and the car sped off. The DropBears stopped on the pavement, panting from the run. “Where are you Team B” he asked into radio, “Just coming up now sir” replied Ip Lockard. Corny Ratbag’s van drifted around the corner. “All aboard” smiled Ip Lockard, the team looked at him disapproving his choice of transportation, “What? Oh C’mon there was nothing else” explained Ip Lockard. “I bet Corny isn’t happy” said Secularist, “No he isn’t” said Corny as he poked his head out the back door.

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