Troubled Freedom - Part 1

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This story is a fan-faction related to the resistance war of Victoria and the DropBears. I know it is a little late to be published, but it has taken me quiet some time to write (4 pages in word).

Troubled Freedom - Part 1

“Wow, never seen you in a suit before” said a surprised Tim09, “Likewise” smiled Zaney. “So who hired the limo for this talk?” asked Cottus Arci, “Probably the Indonesians” replied MM taking off his sunglasses.

The limozin came to a halt; a crowd of flashing lights was visible through the tinted glass. “Here goes nothing” said Zaney.

The Australian delegation exited the limo and the crowd of Indonesian press converged on them. They made their way to the doors of parliament house, where inside, the fate of a nation would be decided.

A month passed, Australia regained its freedom in the state of NSW. Victoria was the next state to be freed, but something happened…

“Is that the same suit as last time?” asked Tim. “Well yes, our treasury kind of went broke after paying for this freedom” replied Zaney. “The real question is, is this the same limo as last time?” asked MM, everyone looked at each other. “Oh here we are” announced Cottus, outside the window was a large gathering out front of Melbourne town hall. Situated at the top of the steps, a stage with the President of Indonesia and his delegates were waiting for the hand over of Victoria. Everyone piled out of the limo, and headed towards the stage.

Security was tight, Indonesian police were patrolling heavily. Even with a large support base from the Indonesians, a few still strongly disagreed with Australian freedom. “All clear here” the earpiece in MM’s ear transmitted, it was Secularist, “Roger, keep an eye out” replied MM. DropBears were to guard the Australian delegation through this acceptance speech, all DropBears were appropriately dressed in suits with sunglasses for the complete body guard apparel. “Damn I hate this suit, it’s so restrictive, not enough room downst…” MM muted the sound, sigh I really have to train patti on comm procedures he thought to himself.

The ceremony began. N3m0 the president of Indonesia stepped forward to the stand and began his speech in English (surprisingly), “For a long time we have held this land under our control, but today, we shall return what we have taken, and in return a prosperous friendship between our former enemies shall flourish. Today I would like to officially hand over control of Victoria to the Australian government”. The crowd cheered. Zaney stepped forward and shook N3m0’s hand. “On behalf of the Australian government, I accept this offer and pledge our friendship. The Australian people thank the government of Indonesia and its people for accepting our talks and pushing for a free Australia” BANG!

Time seemed to slow down, Scott Mitchell saw the distant sniper before he fired and was already diving to move Zaney out of the way. The crowd went crazy. “GET HIM OUT OF HERE” yelled MM into his mic. A car stopped at the bottom of the steps, an alive and well Zaney jumped in guarded by MM and Secularist, the car sped away. “Team A, lets move into the building with the sniper, Team B, help the Indonesians make a perimeter around the building.

Indonesian police cars blocked the streets; police were busy setting up road blocks around the building, the sound of panic filled the air. The DropBears walked towards the mobile armoury. “We need weapons” said Dweter to the Indonesian armoury guard, he shook his head. “Look we have passes” said MM showing his pass, the guard shook his head again. “Damn, I dunno about you, but my rule is to never bring a knife to gun fight” explained Dweter. A van rolled up in front of the DropBears beeping its horn.

“Well I’ll be damned, if it isn’t” “Corny-ratbag” smiled Corny, cutting in before MM could finish his sentence. “I presume weapons are on your menu” said Corny, “Indeed” replied MM. The DropBears and Corny walked to back of the truck, corny pulled up the back roller door to a large stash of cheap Chinese AK-47s. The DropBears looked at Corny with an unamused face. “What? Oh c’mon, this financial crisis hurt me as well, besides, this is all for free” explained Corny.

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of Troubled Freedom
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